College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


12. MBF

-Kyah's Pov-

I frowned at my thoughts and took a shower changing into Harley’s top I brought with me and some shorts that the shirt swallowed. I brushed out my hair and dried it then tied it up in a high pony tail. I grabbed my fuzzy slippers and lazily left the room and went into the living room where the guys were watching a scary movie. “My God.” I squealed when a guy on the TV was being murdered in the film. “That’s not right, not bloody right at all. I’m going to bed.” I shouted then turned on my heel. I heard laughing behind me. “Scared Kitten?” Justin called out. “You have problems watching that, you to Harley.” I shouted back as I closed the bedroom door, I could still hear them laughing at me so I rolled my eyes and stretched. It was almost eleven so I climbed into bed on the right side and laid on my stomach put my hands under the pillow and snuggled into it. I left a lamp on and was to lazy to get up and turn it off so I figured let Justin do that when he comes into the room. Slowly I fell into a deep sleep only to jolt awake at what seemed like minutes later. “Sorry Kitten, didn’t mean to wake you.” Justin whispered. He was getting into the bed and the bed sinking woke me up. “Its okay.” I said in my sleep voice and fell back onto my pillow.




I turned on my side but whatever way I laid down I pulled at my own hair and I groaned. I sat up and undid my hair. I grabbed a fist full and tied it in a bun on top of my head again and fell back onto my pillow with a sigh. I felt Justin shift beside me and I jumped. “Why so jumpy, Kitten?” he whispered. I shrugged with my eyes and my back to him. “I’ve never slept in the same bed as some one before, it’s weird.” I yawned. I could feel Justin’s smile even though I wasn’t looking at him. “Well, I will make it a pleasant experience as I possibly can, goodnight Kitten.” He whispered then turned on his own side. I murmured a good night then fell back asleep. When I was next woken up it was by a loud pitched noise like a siren. Justin’s alarm, I inwardly grunted. I groaned. “Justin.” I said but he didn’t move. “Justin, your alarm.” I said again and he still didn’t budge. I let out a loud groan of frustration then got on my knees and reach over Justin’s body to knock off the alarm. I couldn’t reach it though so I had to cock my leg over him and because he was on his back I was straddling him, I could feel him pressed up against me even through the covers. I quickly hit the alarm clock with bang then fell back onto my side. I heard Justin chuckle and I sat back up. “You were awake?” I hissed. “I said I would behave and I did, you were the one who straddled me, not that I didn‘t like it.” He smirked at me. “Jerk, I was turning off your alarm. Which by the way is the most awful sound I’ve ever heard! It’s very high pitched.” I said as I stretched. I pulled back the covers and felt the cold hit my skin making me whine. I seen a little red mark on my thigh and I shook my head.




“You battered me in my sleep.” I said and pointed to my thigh. Justin smiled. “You spoon when you sleep. I was startled and bumped my leg against yours.” he explained. “I did not spoon you, you lie.” I stated and he laughed. “You do, you woke me when you draped your leg over mine. I’m not complaining but when you tensed in your sleep your thigh had a death hold of my legs and my cock.” He joked. “Lies!” I repeated. “And don’t say that word, I hate that word!” I said firmly. Justin stood up and stretched. “What word, cock?” He asked with a raised eyebrow. I flushed. “Yes, that word.” I said and he chuckled. “Are you blushing because I said co-” “No” I cut him off and he laughed. “You’re so annoying.“ I said as Justin put the over light on so we could see better. I leaned over my suitcase that I had yet to unpack and fished around for some shorts and a top. “I change my rating of your ass tattoo from a six to a ten.” Justin said and I squealed. I stood up and turned my butt away from him. I covered it with my hands and realized my shorts were not under my shirt any more. “What happened to my shorts?” I hissed while flushing crimson. “You don’t remember? You took them off complaining you were hot.” He explained and I groaned. I did tend to do that in my sleep. If I had nightmares my body would flush in my sleep. “Did I um.. say anything in my sleep? I do have nightmares sometimes.” I mumbled. “I know, Harley told me, remember?” he said and I nodded. “You tensed around me and murmured go away a few times but that was it. I looked away when you took off your shorts.” I flushed thinking of how he just seen my butt now.




“God, I’m so sorry.” I said and he chuckled. “Kitten I seen your butt, friends see each other like this sometimes. God knows Harley walks around less dressed than I would like so chill.” He laughed again. “You still have your panties on and I didn’t even look during the night. Scouts honor.” He raised his hand and I laughed. He then left the room and I flushed again. I was glad he thought my ass was rated a ten but I felt rejected again when he said he didn’t even try to look at me then I felt angry and annoyed at myself for feeling like that. I shook my head clear and pulled on a light blue wash shorts, a white tank top, red checkers shirt that she let hang open and some red converse. I popped my iPod in while I ruffled my hair and put on my make up. I began singing along with the Katy Perry song ' The One That Got Away' when i was finishing up the song i nearly got a heart attack. "You were the one that got away- Ahhh.” I screamed pulling my earphones out when I turned around and seen Harley and Justin leaning in the doorway. “Assholes, you scared me.” I panted. Harley grinned while Justin stared at me. “What?” I asked. “He didn’t think that was you singing, I told him ages ago you had a nice voice when you sang. Now he knows.” Harley shrugged. “Shut up, I can’t sing I was just playing around.” I spat. I hate when people said I had a nice voice. Apparently it wasn’t a voice that would sell out concerts but it was nice to listen to. Well that’s what my brothers tell me but they have to say stuff like that it’s practically sibling law.





“Nope, he’s right Kitten. You can sing, it was cute.” He smiled. Cute? Awesome just awesome he thinks my voice is cute. “Shut up.” I spat again, they laughed. “Can she take a compliment?” Justin asked Harley and he shook his head. “She thinks we’re teasing her.” He said and he turned and walked back down the hallway. I groaned and decided to change the subject. “I’m going to flunk this exam today.” I frowned. He gaped at me. ”Are you kidding me? You know our study book back to front. We’ve studied for ages. You’re just nervous.” He assured me. “I still feel like throwing up.” I pouted and he laughed. “Come on, I’ll quiz you on the way.” He said. I nodded grabbing things as we left the apartment. But I stopped then ran back in a brush my teeth not bothering with breakfast because my nerves wouldn’t allow me to contain food in my stomach. I headed back out and found Justin sitting in my car playing with the radio until he found a song he liked. Harley went ahead he told me and I nodded and I drove us to campus. “I have a fight tonight.” Justin said after he finished throwing random equations at me. I frowned at him when I parked in the campus lot. “Don’t look at me like that, Kitten.” He groaned. “I don’t want you to get hurt though.” I shrugged. I wasn’t lying, I really didn’t want him hurt, he was becoming my best male friend and I couldn’t have anybody hurting him. “Are you worried about me?” He teased. “Yes.” I said flatly and his face softened. “I’ll be fine Kitten, I promise.” He said and took my hand giving it a squeeze. “That doesn’t make me feel better.” I sighed as we stepped out of my car. “Come to Jed’s and you will see for yourself. Having your there will enable a definite victory, good things happen when I’m around you Kitten. You’re my good luck charm.” He grinned and I blushed. “You’re such a charmer.” I rolled my eyes. “Swag.” He randomly shouted turning his black Yankee hat backwards on his head. I laughed as we walked towards the main building so we could go to the cafeteria. “So will you come? If you don’t want to I understand, I know how you feel about violence-” “I’ll be there, I would feel worse if I was back in the apartment not knowing if you won or not.” I shrugged, he grinned and side hugged me. “I think we’re bonding Kitten.” He said in a serious tone that made me burst out laughing. “We’ve bonded already, you’re my MBF.” I smiled.





“I have no idea what that means.” He said confused. I chuckled. “You’re my male best friend, duh”. I stuck my tongue out at me. He pressed me hand over his chest. “Don’t cry Justin, don’t cry. Be a man.” He said to himself in a fake girly voice making me laugh again as we entered the cafeteria. “You’re so dumb.” I poked his ribs. “You tell me I’m your best friend and then go ahead and insult me?” He sighed. “This will be a love/hate relationship Kitten, I can tell already.” He joked and I laughed. “Kyah.” Jakes voice called out to me, I glanced to the table he sat at as waved me over. I looked to Justin. “I’ll be right over to you and the guys.” I said and he nodded but didn’t look happy as he walked over to the usual table he, my brothers and his sigma brothers sat at. “Hey, you.” I smiled as I walked over to Jakes table. He pulled me onto his lap and kissed my cheek. I flushed a little, where not official or anything we’ve only gone on a handful of dates. But things were going well.




I noticed people looked at me and Jake then over at my brothers and Justin. Awkward. “What are you doing later?” He asked resting his hand on my thigh. I shifted a little but smiled. “To Jed’s, Justin has a fight tonight.” I answered and he tensed a little but nodded. “I’ll see you there then.” He grinned at me.




“What’s the deal with you and Bieber?” A red headed guy sitting at the table asked me. “There’s no deal, he is my friend.” I answered.



“Just friends, or friends with benefits? God knows he‘s banged every girl in here.” He said and snickered along with a few people who where also at the table. I gaped at him. “Um, no just friends and he hasn‘t ’banged’ me!” I replied a little firmer. “Todd back off, leave her alone.” Jake defended me and I smiled a little in appreciation. “I’m teasing her bro, chill” He raised he hands in defense. The guy paused then smirked. “I still think Bieber is hitting that though.” He said with a loud laugh and gestured to my body. A few people over heard him and looked at me making me look down, I didn’t like the attention. “This was your own fault man.” Jake said and shook his head. I didn’t understand what he meant until I looked up spotted Justin behind Todd yanking him up by the collar. Todd tried to get his footing so his could run but Justin hand a grip on his shirt and punch him in the face twice.





Hard punches too! “Talk about her in that way again you little fuck and I’ll break every bone in your body.” Justin hissed then released Todd letting him slump on the table. Justin glanced around making sure no staff seen the scene and he offered me his hand. “I’ll see you tonight.” I said and kissed Jakes cheek, he nodded as I took Justin hand as he helped me up. I then walked over to my own table with Justin. “Thanks.” I said to him and he nudged me.




“Don’t sweat it, like I’m about to let him talk about my FBF like that.” He grinned and I fell around laughing. Female best friend, he cracks me up. “Did they not hear what he said?” I asked gesturing to my brothers as they walked over. He nodded. “Yep, but the conversation involved me so I took the lead on this one.” He said and banged on his chest like a gorilla.




“My hero.” I sighed and he laughed. My brothers patted Justin’s back and bro hugged him when we sat at the table. “Could that guy have being a bigger douche?” Rayne and shook her head. “If Justin hadn’t of hit him unconscious then yeah, I reckon he would have.” I chuckled as did she. “What did Jake want?” She asked me, my brothers where listening so I decided to play with them. I shrugged. “He asked me if I’m sore from the other night.” Rayne bit back a laugh. “What?” My brothers and Justin said in unison. I laughed. “We went paint-balling on Thursday. What were you four thinking?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. “Nothing.” They muttered and went back to there conversation. “He asked what I was doing tonight and I told him I’m going to Jed’s because Justin has a fight and he just told me cool and he would see me there. I think he was going to ask me to go but settled for seeing me there because he knew I would be there with them lot.” I said to Rayne and nodded towards the guys. She nodded. “That’s cool, I’m so excited. I have the perfect outfit for you to wear.” She clapped her hands together and I laugh. “I’m getting an apple.” I said standing and walked to the food counter section of the cafeteria. “Excuse me.” I said nicely when a girl directly bumped into me. “Watch it.” She said with a shrug.





I stopped her from walking with my arm. “Sorry but you walked into me, so you watch where you’re going.” I said not liking her being a bitch for no reason. “Make me.” She grinned but stance herself as if I was going to hit her. I rolled my eyes but stepped closer to her ready to defuse this maturely with the power of conversation. “Listen-” “None of that.” Jackson voice interrupted us and put his arm between us making us step back. “We were just talking.” I smiled at him. “Didn’t look that way, little sister.” He said not believing me. I sighed, I would not have fought this girl regardless of whether he thinks I would have or not. “Whatever, I just wanted an apple.” I said stepping around the black haired girl and picked and apple, paid for it then walked back to my table. The black hair girl was on Justin lap and she was smirking at me. “Justin you have dirt on your lap.” I smiled as I said down. “Now now, play nice Kitten. “Justin said to me. I laughed then turned back to Rayne when two girls came over and flirted with Jackson and Harley soon more girls came over hitting on the other guys. This was what sucked about sitting at the ‘bad-ass’ boy and jock table. A girl even played with her hair while she talked to Dante. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, chica.” Rayne said with no emotion in her voice. Dante laughed and kissed her when the girl turned her attention to a different guy. I heard kisses noises and looked to my left, Justin was making out with the black haired girl and I fake gagged. “I’m about to throw up that apple.” I said and made a disgusted face. A few girls glared and scowled at me. I’m definitely not going to win a popularity contest here that’s for sure. I decided to be a little bold and ruin there fun. “You’re just a hoe, hoe, a hoe, hoe, hoe.” I sang to myself bopping my head to the beat in my mind. I heard this on YouTube before, a guy made it up about his cheating ex girlfriend but I could only remember that line so I made sure I was heard when I sang it. “My God.” Jackson groaned when the girl is his lap stood up and walked away from him.






“What?" I asked innocently. “It’s a song. YouTube it if you don‘t believe me” I smiled and he sighed and went back to eating his breakfast. The other girls new quite well I was aiming it at them as well. “Nice to meet you err,“ I glanced at their bodies, “ladies is it?” I said and smiled when Rayne laughed. “Kyah!” Harley whisper/hissed. Yes, I was being rude but you try sitting around shameless girls scamming on your brothers and friend everyday. “What?” I laughed pretending I didn‘t know why he was mad.




“Just shut up.” He said and shook his head. “Remember that piece of advice when your about to say something in front of Jake.” I smiled and he just glared at me.




I hated this, it was okay for them to hook up and embarrasses me but if I mention hooking up I get scowled like I’m ten. Justin stood up with the black haired witch and so did Harley and his girl of the hour talking about heading home. They are so stupid, we haven‘t even been to our first class yet. “Excuse me boys, but I live at your apartment as well now. I meant it when I said I wasn’t living at a whore house.” I smiled wide winking at the girls. Yes, I’m aiming the whore part at you two I thought. Dante was chuckling at me because he knew I was getting to Harley and now it seemed like I was annoying Justin to, good.




“Kyah.” Justin said my name like it was venom. “Yes roomy.” I replied with a chirpy voice. He growled at me, yes growled! It was a sexy noise but he was mad at me so I couldn’t help but laugh. “Respect your room mate guys.” I said loud and proud. “You’re only staying with us because of the pipes at your place, we where nice enough to take you in.” Harley hissed. I gaped at him, he spoke towards me like I was a stranger and he was doing me a favor. “Okay Harley, I won’t stay at your place if that how you‘re going to be.“ I said and stood up. “Don’t be stupid, where will you stay if not our place?" Justin added with a raised eyebrow and his arm draped over the black haired girl who I conclude was a bitch. I shrugged as I began walking away. “Jake might help me out.” I smiled over my shoulder and walked away with Rayne who was laughing non stop beside me. “My God chica, that was brilliant. I think they lost their erections.” She laughed when we left the cafeteria, I bit my lip to laugh with her. “They’re jerks, I mean come on did you see the girls they where with? Sure they where prettyish but they might as well have had easy stamped on their foreheads.“ I shook my head in annoyance, Rayne laughed harder and had to stop walking so she could compose herself. People where looking at use with amused expressions as we walked down the hallways.





“Stop laughing.” I snorted when she began crying with laughter. “That was just two funny, you had them by the balls in there. I’m proud of you, amigo.” She high fived and wiped under her eyes. “Girls.” A group of sophomores called out to us. They were in bikini’s on campus, that’s strange. “Yes?” I asked with a raised eyebrows. “You’re lit classes is out for first two periods, we are having a car wash to raise money for a group of charities around the area. Care to help us out?” A tall pretty girl asked us. “Um.. where not exactly dressed correctly.” I said and she laughed.
“Don’t sweat it, we have new bikini’s. We got they donated from a local store. They’re bloody nice as well so you get to keep the one you pick.” She beamed. “Sure we will help.” Rayne answered the girl and I turned gaping at her. “Dude.” I said in shock. “Do you know who my brothers are?” I asked and she laughed. She grabbed us bikinis and pulled me towards the ladies room. “Just change, it’s for charity.” Rayne said and throw and purple bikini at me. I groaned but did at she said.




“Oh my God, Rayne, you can see my tattoo’s.” I cried when I stepped out and looked in the mirror. “Same here but not all of the star trails on your pantie line one or the swirls on my pantie line one.” She pointed out then seen my face and sighed. “Kyah, you haven’t worn a bikini since you got the damn tattoo’s. You can’t hide them forever. Let’s go.” She said and pulled me out of the ladies. Wolf whistles where heard and I flushed while Rayne embraced it. “I’m so embarrassed.” I muttered and she rolled her eyes. “Why you’re hot, flaunt what your mamai gave you.” She said and smacked my ass getting cheer from any guy who happened to see it as we walked out to the car park. I went silent as a lady voice sounded through the school. “First two periods are out this mornings, our very caring female students have decided to hold a car wash in aid of varies charities in the local district.” The lady then began naming the girls who where helping out. “And two last minute volunteers are Kyah Edwards and Rayne Gomez. The car wash commences right now so if you would like your car washed make your way to the car park, thank you.” The lady finished speaking. “We’re screwed now.” I said and Rayne nodded knowing Dante would obviously come out after hearing her name and mine. The whistles grew very loud as people poured out into the cafeteria. I was assigned to a small silver car owned my some freshman guy. I spotted my brothers walking towards the car park with Justin and there friends - minus the girls the where with in the cafeteria - and I turned my back to them feeling scared and amused at the same time. “My God, Kyah.” Dante cried out in horror. “Rayne.” He then hissed, they weren’t allowed step near us though so we had that bit of protection. “Its for charity, papi.” She smiled. He groaned then anger flashed in his eyes. “Looking at something man?” Dante said to some random guy checking out Rayne, the guy backed off making my other brothers chuckle. “You have my car next Kyah, take care of her” Jakes voice called out. I laughed and winked at him. “No way.” Harley said. “Sorry man, I already paid.” Jake shrugged then turned his back to them which I laughed at. “Naked, she is practically fucking naked.” Harley groaned and rubbed his temples.






You swore I was walking around naked with a sign on my back saying 'bang me' the way they where carrying on. “At least people like my tattoo’s.” I smiled and he snarled at me. I laughed.
You could see the kiss tattoo on my behind the bikini didn’t cover it well and the star trail was visible but disappeared under the pantie line of the bikini. My brothers didn’t look at me they checked out the other girls there. Justin looked at me and other girls switching it up every few minutes, I think he liked my bikini because he keep starring at it. “Ahhh.” I screamed when cold liquid hit my back. “Rayne, you bitch.” I laughed.




She soaked me with her hose so I grabbed mine and did the same back to her. “Hell yeah.” A few guys hollered and my brothers threatened the ones they heard.



"Do you want to keep all your teeth." I heard Jackson shout and I snickered. We stopped wetting each other and finished washing our current cars. I was soaked from head to toe but would dry under the sun soon enough so I didn’t mind. “That. Was. Hot.” Jake said in my ear as I moved to his car. I laughed and nudged him with my elbow. He placed his hands on my hips and leaned down kissing me, I kissed him back. He got very bold and gripped onto my ass, even the parts that weren’t covered and I had to pull away. “Jake, my brother’s are looking for a reason to hit you.” I laughed. “Don’t give them one.” I added. “Too late.” He grinned. I turned around and seen Harley glare at us. “Stop.” I mouthed to him. I turned back to Jake. “Don’t worry, he won’t do anything.” I smiled. “It was worth it if he does, do you have any idea how gorgeous you look right now?” he asked and I blushed. “I’m not joking, I didn’t think you had tattoo’s either.” he winked.





“Shut up.” I mumbled and thumped his arm making him laugh and hug me again. “Your brother and Justin look like they want to kill me, so I’ll just see you tonight.” Jake said and gave her another hug and walked back into the building. I didn’t turn to the guys I inside washed Jakes car and ignored the wolf whistles and perverted comments. We I finished Jakes car, I was tired and placed my hands on my hips and let out a breathe of air. I smiled at how clean his car looked but the smile fell when I heard my dad’s voice. “Oh no.” I squeaked and jumped behind Harley. “You want to walk around half naked then show him the tat’s you’re so proud of.” Harley smirked. I pinched his hips. “Give me your hoodie.” I pleaded. He shook his head and laughed. I looked to my other two brothers and they said no as well.




“Oh my God, worst brothers ever. He will kill me.” I whined then jumped at Justin. “Justin.” I said sweetly and wrapped my arms around his waist. “Help me.” I pouted, he sighed. “Fine.” He gave me the light hoodie he had on and it swallowed me. “Ha.” I said to my brothers. They laughed at my childishness even when there dad came over to them. “How many car’s did you clean, Kyah?” Dad smiled. “Just two, but the Mercedes took forever to clean. “ I shrugged and gave dad a quick hello. “Well, you have my car next.” He grinned. “What?” I shrieked. “The Phantom? Daddy that will take me forever.” I complained. “A bit of hard labour will do you good and consider it me getting back at you.” he snorted. “Getting me back for what?” I asked in confusion. “The ink on your body, that’s right I seen them.” He said with his face a little hardened. “Um… I’m an adult now. Besides I just did it because Rayne wouldn’t get hers without me so technically this is all her fault.” I rambled on making him laugh. “Love you too, chica.” Rayne yelled. I shot her a what-the-hell-am-I-supposed-to-say look. “Great friend you are little sister.” Dante laughed, I gave him a dirty look that said shut-you-face-before-I-put-my-fist-in-it. “I’m not a little girl any more the sooner you all realize that the better.” I muttered. “I can’t believe you’re making me wash the Phantom.” I groaned and turned and walking towards his car. “Oh and I froze your credit card account.” He called out and I stopped in my tracks. I slowly turned around. “What? Why?” I asked feeling like I just been slapped. “You where seventeen when you got the tattoos, under-age and you did it behind my back-” “Eehemm.” Harley coughed. “-and behind your brothers backs, so your account is frozen for one month.” He smiled then turned and walked away.






“That’s so not fair, daddy.” I called after him. “Oh, princess got burned.” Dante laughed. I stomped over to him and kicked his shin hard. He laughed at me because it didn’t hurt him because I was bear foot. “I hate you.” I sneered at Dante then took the hoodie off and handed it to Justin and turned and walked over to my dad’s car. “A month?” Rayne asked. “A month.” I repeated with a nod. “You hardly ever use your card though, you’re not spoiled even though you have money to spend so it won’t be that big of a deal.” Rayne shrugged. “I know but still he actually froze it, I have money in my suitcase in Harley’s but the fact he actually froze my account to prove a point is not fair. I get picked on to much for being the only sister.” I frowned. I heard Harley laughing to Jackson about my account being frozen so I grabbed my hose and unleashed it on them, it happened to soak many other students on the process. When I stopped I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee. “You think that’s funny.” Justin called out and set his sights on me. I screamed as he ran at me and picked me up. “Stop.” I laughed as he spun me around and slapped my bare ass making me squeal. “I have to go home and get changed now.” He whined. He set me back on the ground. “Sorry.” I smiled and gave him a hug. “Are you not upset about your account being frozen?” he asked and I shook my head. “I rarely used my credit card, its just the fact he froze it that bugs me. I never get in trouble by dad he likes me to much.” I chuckled. He grinned at me. ”Will you help me move my stuff out later please?” I asked. I was totally messing with him right now but I wanted to see what way he reacted. His grip tightened on me.





“No.” He said flatly. “I won’t.” I frowned. “Okay, I’ll do it myself-” he cut me off. “No, I don’t want you to move out yet. I like having you in the apartment and being around so much. You’re rubbing off on me, Kitten.” He smiled. “That sounds wrong.” I laughed. “Only because you thought of it wrong, dirty minded you are.” He winked. “Fine, I’ll stay.” I dramatically sighed. “As much as you try to deny it you are like every other girl in this place, swooned by me.” He grinned. I thumped his arms. “Conceited much? I am not swooned by you, you’re my friend. Friends don’t get swooned by other friends, so there is no swooning taking place here.” I stated. “The word swoon is starting to sound weird to me now.” I said and Justin laughed and hugged me. “Too cute Kitten.” He cooed. I rolled my eyes. “I’m cold.” I pouted. He laughed and put his arms around me and rubbed his hands up and down my arms a back. It made me warmer ever though he was soaking wet to. I noticed a few people where looking at us including Rayne who was smiling like a moron. “People are looking at us.” I whispered to Justin.




He looked up and they looked away. I laughed. “I’d love to look at people just to make them look away, you and my brothers have that power.” I snickered. He cuddled into me and I sighed. “You give nice hugs.” I murmured. He chuckled. “Do I?” He asked and I nodded. “Has no one ever told you that?” I asked. I felt him shake his head. “I don’t hug people much.” He said. “You’re hugging me now.” I laughed. “You’re different, Kitten.” He said and I smiled in spite of myself. “Well, I think I just found my forth cuddly bear.” I grinned. He laughed. “I’m honored.” He said in a soothing voice still hugging me. “Uh, bro.” Harley said interrupting us. “Sup, man?“ Justin said pulling away from me. “Nothing, you where just wrapped around my little sister.” Harley grinned.





Justin laughed. “She was cold, but apparently I’m her forth cuddly bear.” He smiled. “Whoa, she promoted you and she has only known you for nearly four weeks. Nice man, she will have you wrapped around that little finger in now time.” Harley growled at me.




“I don’t have you wrapped, Harley.” I stated. ”Yes, you do.” Harley and Justin said in unison.
“How?” I asked placing my hand on my hip.“You are my number one girl and I put you before anything including girls, that’s how.” he answered. “C’mon, you like being over  protective and if you wanted a girlfriend you would have one but you like going the whole nine yards with a girl then move onto the next. You both do, Jackson as well. You are man whores.“ I laughed and walked away from them cackling to myself. “Rayne, help me clean my dad’s car.” I yelled and she nodded shaking her hips as walked by Dante. “Damn mami, don’t have me to drag you to my car.” He warned and she laughed.





“Bro, look at my sister again and I will blind you. Yes you, look away.” He then began shouting to some guy who was looking at me. “Wow,” I shook my head in embarrassment. “It’s a miracle how Jake is interested in me with them stupid brothers of mine.” I growled and she laughed. “Oh, dude.” She randomly said looking behind me. “What?” I said and turned around. Jackson was getting his flirt on with a Junior named Tess who I heard does hard drugs. Hell no, she’s not corrupting my brother. Nu uh, no freaking way. “Tess.” I shouted and she and Jackson turned to face me. “Walk away from my brother.” I said firmly. “Your brother?” She asked with raised eyebrows. “Yes, the dude you’re hardcore flirting with is my brother now walk away.” I said flatly. Jackson had his face in his hands, clearly embarrassed that his little sister is being a cock block but whatever. “Are you kidding?” She laughed. I narrowed my eyes and tapped the inside of my elbow where junkie’s shoot up from, she glared at me when she seen what I was doing and walked away. “Kyah.” Jackson mouthed to me and I could tell he was pissed so I walked over to him. “She shoots up.” I said bluntly. He looked at me then back to Tess who walked away. “Oh.” He said in a shocked tone. “Yep, see I look out for you too.” I patted his arms then went back to washing my dad’s car.




“Good looking out, little sister.” Harley yelled from behind me.
I looked over my shoulder and seen Harley and Justin talking to Jackson, he obviously told them about Tess and her shooting up.
I nodded. See I can look out for them as well, two way straight here people!

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