College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


35. I'm So Dead

-Kyah's Pov-




*Later That Night*


“I’m a thirty seven year old woman, I can’t be dressing like I’m twenty girls.” Pattie pointed out as we looked through her suit case for something she can wear to Jed’s with us.

I rolled my eyes at her comment. “Pattie, you have the body of a twenty year old and honestly jeans and a tee are fine for Jed’s. That’s what we wear most of the time.” I shrugged.

She leaned back against the wall in the guest bedroom and just observed us silently.

“These are perfect.” I said pulling out a pair of blue skinny jeans and a half length black sleeve tee that she could tuck into her jeans. "You can borrow and pair of my black heels, they will look great.” I beamed.

She smiled at me, nodded then went to take a shower since myself, Rayne and Jazzy took one at some point through-out the day.

“You know, your madre is pretty hot for an older chica.” Rayne said to Jazzy as we strolled back into her room and hopped onto her bed.

Jazzy made a funny face. “Dude no, just, no.” She shivered and made a disgusted face.

I laughed. “C’mon Jazzy, she has a great body and has been through pregnancy three times. She has like awesome skin and really long, thick hair. She’s hot alright.” I agreed with Rayne.

“Are you two secretly lesbian and wanting to hook up with my mom?” Jazzy asked in a serious tone that made myself and Rayne crack up laughing.

“No,” I chuckled, “you don’t have to be gay to say whether you think another female is pretty or not.”

She shrugged. “Okay, I suppose that is true but she’s still yke mom so no more ‘your mom is hot’ remarks. I get enough of the ‘your mom is a milf’ remarks off stupid boys back home.” She said and we laughed again but said agreed not to say it anymore to keep her happy.

“Okay, no more about your mom but dude your dad is smoking hot.” I said and she groaned loudly while Rayne bumped fists with me.

“Why do people think my mom and dad are hot? Seriously, it’s so freaking gross.” Jazzy shuddered and I laughed.

“Okay, I won’t comment further cause I hate when people think my brothers are hot it makes my skin crawl.” I shuddered myself and she smirked.

“You know Harley is very-” “Don’t finish that sentence.” I cringed and this time Jazzy and Rayne fist bumped and laughed.

“Okay okay, time to decide on what we are wearing out tonight.” I grinned.

Jazzy huffed and dropped her shoulders. “I have no clothes that would be worthy of wearing to Jed’s because, well, you heard my brothers and my dad, I’m not allowed wearing revealing clothes.” She pouted.

I frowned. “That annoys me when my brothers and dad say that crap because it’s not like you are going to freely show of your boobs or your downstairs.”

“Tell me about it. I would just like to wear something that makes me feel a little sexy, I don‘t want to dress like a slut but a bit of skin never hurt anyone.” She muttered.

I stood up and took her hand. “We are raiding my wardrobe for you.”

Jazzy squealed and practically pulled me to my room as I laughed.

“Okay, first things first. Do you want to wear a dress or jeans and a tee?” I asked, my eyebrow raised.

She chewed on her lip debating her head what she wanted to wear and she nodded to herself. “Jeans and a tee... maybe a crop top?” She asked still biting her lip.

I smirked. “You got it just run it by your mom first.”

She nodded and ran to the doorway. “Mom can I wear jeans and a crop top out tonight? It show's off my stomach.” She shouted.

Things wear silent for a moment. “Oh okay, but only because you’re eighteen tomorrow and your father and brothers are in a different state.” Pattie shouted back and Jazzy did a happy dance that made me laugh.

I pulled out what she need and lay it out on my bed. “What do you this of this?” I asked and she didn’t say anything but jump up and down and clap her hands together.

I laughed and took it as a good sign.

“You go ahead and get dressed while I pick something to wear, I’ll even do your hair when you’re ready, if you want?” I said to Jazzy.

"That would be awesome, thanks Kyah. I’m so happy you’re Justin's girlfriend.” She beamed.

I blushed a little. “Thanks.” I smiled then turned to my wardrobe.

Okay, what do I want to wear?

I tapped my finger against my chin and spotted a body suit Baila bought me for my birthday that I haven’t wore yet. I hesitated for a moment, the freaking thing was like wearing a one piece bathing suit and that’s it, if I wore it would definitely be the most revealing thing I have ever worn to Jed‘s.

I shook my head and decided to wear it even just the once since Baila paid money for it. I grabbed a pair of my black heels and my own white long coat and shrugged out of my clothes and pulled the suit on.

“What do you think?” I asked Jazzy when I turned around.

“Dayummmmm.” She said sounding like a boy and I laughed.

She smiled. “You freaking hot, does Justin not mind you wearing.. well.. hardly anything?” She asked and I laughed.

“Of course he minds, I usually wear jeans or a dress. He would probably flip a shit if he seen me in this.” I cackled a little.

I noticed Jazzy was dressed then and I nodded.

“Look at you, you look awesome.” I beamed and Jazzy smiled.

We wear applying our make up when Rayne’s voice shouted from the hall way.

“Ladies, are you decent? Justin wants to see his girls.” She shouted and tapped her hands on the bed room door.

I frowned. “Did she say he wants to see us?” I asked Jazzy who never got to answer because Rayne popped into the room talking to the screen of my iPhone with the ear phones in so we couldn‘t hear what Justin was saying to her.

“Holy shit, you both look amazing.” She gaped at us.

Jazzy and I froze and just starred as the phone was aimed at us. “Can he see us?” I whispered to Rayne.

She slowly nodded. “I hit the screen so the camera flipped around so I wouldn’t have to turn your phone… he is.. um.. very angry.” She winced then pulled the ear phones out of her ears.

His loud voice boom through the phone and Jazzy and I actually cringed a little

“Are you both fucking kidding me? Kyah, what the fuck is that thing on your body? A bathing suit? And Jasmyn, you were told no fucking crop tops and when did you pierce your belly button? I can also see your fucking pantie line. You’re so fucking dead when I get my hands on you.” He bellowed.

Jazzy covered her mid section with her hands in an attempt to cover but while I sat on the bed and pulled a pillow in front of me, trying to cover up as well.

“Don’t hide away now girls.” He said sarcastically.

Neither of us spoke we only cringed harder when my brothers voices where heard.

“Who the hell are you yelling at, man?” Harley voice said through the phone.

“Your damn sister, she’s wearing some bathing suit thing.” He grunted.

“It’s a body suit.” All three of us girls said in unison.

Justin growled. “I don’t give a damn what it is, why are you wearing it?” He snapped.

Rayne scurried over and handed me the phone so I could see Justin and my brothers faces on the screen.

“Don’t freak out any more than you already are but we’re going out tonight.” I mumbled.

“Out? Wearing that thing? Over my dead body! Where are you going dressed like that… oh, hell no! Jed’s?” He asked and I nodded.

“If you go to Jed’s wearing that then I’m going to fuck someone up Kyah, I’m warning you.” He snapped.

I gritted my teeth. ”Were do you get off telling me what to wear? I get that it’s revealing but it was bought for me, I’m only going to wear it once and probably give it to Rayne then.” I said.

“Sweet.” Rayne chirped making me snort.

“Let me see it so I know what he is freaking out about.” Dante voice asked.

I sighed and gave Rayne the phone while I stood up. She aimed the phone at me and I waited.

“No. Fucking. Way.”

“Get that off your body, now.”

“Are you fucking crazy? You’re not wearing that to Jed’s.”

All three of my brother's voice's bellowed and it caused me to rolled my eyes, I totally understand it shows off my legs and arms.. and shoulders but its not like I‘m going to be rubbing up on random guys. I‘m going to be in a group of girls and only girls. And I’m going to be put on my long coat to cover it up until we get into Jed’s.

When my brother's started barking more orders at me I sighed. “I’ll wear what I want.” I stated with a huff then sat back down.

“You will not and no fucking way are you giving that thing to Rayne, she’s not wearing that crap to Jed’s or anywhere in public.” Dante snapped.

Rayne raised an eyebrow then. ”Oh, am I not?” She questioned.

“Don’t start with me and no you're not.” He snapped again.

She smiled a little and I knew it was only because he was showing he cared in an odd, demanding sort of way. “Whatever, papi.” She said with a grunt.

He smiled a little. “So, I’m your papi again am I?

My brothers and Justineexchanged and knowing grin at their flirting.

She shrugged. “If you want to be.”

“Oh, I want to be mami.” He smirked.

Well, that break up didn’t last long, thank God.

“Yay.” I cheered and Rayne looked at me.

I closed my mouth. “Sorry, I’m just happy you're both back together.” I said with a little smile making her laugh.

“Me too.” She grinned.

“Yeah yeah, it’s awesome that Dante and Rayne are back together only after ten ours of being apart back, but to the situation at hand. Take that thing off your body.” Harley butted in.

I sighed again. “My God boys, no dude will approach me at Jed’s you have all made it damn clear we are to be left alone when in Jed’s or anywhere for that matter.”

“Wait, wait ,wait. When you say ‘we’ are going to Jed’s who is ‘we’?” Jackson asked.

I bit my lip. “Well, Anna is in work so she can’t come and Baila is on doggie sitting duty with Tibbles, remember she took him on Wednesday so she could play with him? But she is bringing him over to my place tonight so she can come out tonight with us. Rayne of course is coming and um…. Pattie and Jazzy.” I murmured the last part.

Justin laughed. “I thought you just said my mom and sister are going to Jed’s with you. Very funny.” He and the boys continued to laugh.

I however stared at the phone with a black expression and that soon stopped the laughing.

“No. Fucking. Way.” Justin bellowed making Jazzy jump. “That’s why she is dressed like that, you bringing my baby sister to Jed’s Kyah? What the fuck?” He shouted.

I frowned at his tone, he has never shouted at me so much before.

“I need my pills.” I muttered and handed Rayne the phone as I walked out to the kitchen and took my pills with some water.

“Jesus honey, nice outfit.” Pattie said from behind me.

I turned and smiled. “You look awesome too.” I beamed at Pattie then frowned.

“Justin and my brothers don’t agree with you on my outfit because you can see my legs and stuff.” I said.

She frowned. “Did he Face Time you?” She asked and I nodded.

“He is still on the call in my room with the girls. He is fuming that you and Jazzy and coming to Jed’s and at Jazzy’s outfit.” I explained.

“Bitches.” Baila’s voiced boom as she entered the apartment with Tibbles in her arms.

She stopped when she seen Pattie and blushed. “I didn’t mean to call you a bitch Mrs Bieber, I usually call Kyah and Rayne it.” She babbled while absent-mindedly petting Tibbles.

“Don’t worry about it hun.” Pattie smiled.

Baila smiled wide. “It’s lovely to meet you, Kyah told me you and your family where coming on a surprise visit. I’m Baila, Jackson’s girlfriend.” She offered a hug and Pattie took it gladly.

“You look beautiful.” I said to Baila while looking at her outfit for Jed’s.

Pattie leaned over and play with Tibbles making me chuckle. We heard Justin loud shouting come for my room and Pattie sighed.

“Let’s go and see what he is squealing about.“ She sighed then led me, Baila and Tibbles back into my room.

“She’s back... with Baila and Tibbles. Hey chica.” Rayne said and waved to Baila.

“Baby, I’m sorry for shouting I didn’t mean to upset you… did you take your meds? Hey Bails.” Justin forced out.

I knew he was still really pissed and just didn’t want me to have an episode. Baila waved at him while Pattie stepped into his line of view.

“Yes, she did take her medication.” Pattie said and things on the boys end went quite but only for a moment until Rayne turned the phone to us.

“Mom.. what are you wearing?” Justin asked, his voice sounded very strained.

We all looked to Pattie’s outfit.

“Jeans, heels and a tee shirt.” She answered simply with a one shoulder shrug.

“Yes but the tee is tucked into your jeans, you can see your… shape.” Justin finished with a shudder and she laughed.

“Is that not allowed or something?” She asked.

He furrowed his eyebrows. “You're really going to Jed’s with them, aren’t you?” He asked.

She nodded.

“I’m getting a plane home now.” He spat and she laughed again.

“Stop being so dramatic Justin, I’m your mother and that means I can do as I please.” She said firmly and he huffed like a school boy.

“I’m telling dad. DAD. “He yelled and we burst into a fit of giggles.

“Very manly, bro.” Jaxon's voice said from the phone.

Justin shoved him. “Shut up, I don’t know what else to do. I’m not there to stop them, am I?” He hissed and Jaxon shrugged.

“What’s all the shouting about?” Jeremy’s voice asked. “And why are you all huddled in front of a phone?”

We snickered again and the boys glared at us. “Mom and Jazzy are going to Jed’s, it’s the club where we brawl and Jazzy is practically naked.” Justin exclaimed.


“You dirty liar, I am not practically naked.” Jazzy yelled and Pattie patted her peg to clam her.

Jeremy looked on Justin screen and zeroed in on Jazzy and his eyes widened. “If you even think about stepping outside that apartment wearing that you will be very sorry, young lady.” He warned.

Justin and the boys smiled in victory and I scowled. “Sorry hunny, I already told her she was fine to wear it. She has a blazer to cover herself up, don’t be worrying.” Pattie said with a smile.

Jeremy’s eyes burned over and he flicked his gaze to Pattie. “Why are you clothes so figure hugging, sweetie?” He asked her.

I smiled when he licked his lips.

She shrugged. “I tucked my top into my Jeans, Kyah and Rayne suggested it.” She shrugged.

I looked up to the ceiling pretending it was an interesting view.

“You two have corrupted my mom and sister. God, you’re so dead when I get back there Kyah… you too Rayne. Baila‘s fine because I know she didn‘t have a hand in this.” Justin said to us and Rayne laughed while Baila beamed happily.

“Vato, your threats are empty right now. Remember you're all in a different state and we will be in Jed’s on our own having a chicas night and there is nada you can do about it so get over it, entender? She smirked.

“No, we do not understand, Rayne Maria Gomez.” Dante voice boomed.

I raised my eyebrows. “Oh, dude, he used your full name. You're in troubleeee.” I poked at Rayne, chuckling.

She swatted me away making me laugh more.

“Baila?” Jackson voice called out softly. “Yes, babe?” She answered blissfully.

“Come into view for a second baby.” he smiled.

I sighed, he totally just wanted to see what she was wearing.

“My God, baby, that dress is short.” He licked his lips and she smiled as she adjusted her blue thigh length boob tube.

“Don‘t worry, I have shorts on underneath like you asked just in case it rises up.” She answered and showed him the white shorts she had on underneath.

“Thanks baby, now try to rub off on my sister who thinks going to Jed’s dressed as a slut is a good look.” Jackson snarled while looking at me.

I rolled my eyes.

“Jackson!” Baila snapped. “Don’t call your sister names like that.” She said firmly.

He huffed. “I said she was dressed like one not that she is one, look just take that damn body suit thing off Kyah, please.” he spat.

I smiled and shook my head. I knew they where going to be pissed but if they were here it’s obvious I wouldn’t be let outside of my room wearing this so I’m taking advantage of the fact that they are in a different state.

“Look boys we have to finish getting ready, go to a club tonight yourselves and enjoy the game tomorrow. Love you all.” I sang and us girls waved and made kissy noises and faces.

“Don’t you even think about hanging up-” I cut Harley’s voice off by hanging up and we laughed.

“God, they will be so pissed when they get home on Sunday.” Rayne sighed and I shrugged.

“That’s two days away, we will deal with them and their temper tantrum's then.” I said she and she grinned.

“C’mon, let’s finish getting ready.” Pattie announced.

We smiled and nodded in agreement.


* * * *


“Holy shit, this place really is kept a secret.” Jazzy said as we climbed down the ladder.

Both she and Pattie didn’t believe there was a club at the bottom of the ladder because they couldn’t hear anything that was until we explained it was soundproofed. I opened the door to Jed’s and ushered them in then closed the door.

“Wow.” Jazzy said with a huge smile.

I chuckled as did Rayne.

“Pretty awesome, isn’t it?” I said to Jazzy who nodded.

“It’s so loud in here, I thought you where kidding about the sound proofing thing but hell, you can’t here a sound outside.” She squealed in excitement.

We laughed.

“C’mon, lets sit for a bit.” I said and lead them over to our usual table.

“Kyah.” Mark - the dude who runs the brawls - called out to me.

The girls went and sat down while I moved over to Adam. “Yeah?” I asked.

“I’m watching you.” He said and I looked him up and down.

“That’s kind of creepy, Mark.” I said and crossed my arms.

He laughed. “Sorry if it’s creepy, but myself and a few of the guys are on protection duty tonight.” he smirked.

I gaped at him. I didn’t need to ask who put him on protection duty.

“When did he call you?” I hissed and he laughed.

“About ten minutes ago via Face Time so I could hear all of them.” He shook his head laughing. “Justin'd sister is way under age, you and Rayne are as well but we let you both slide because of who your men are but you’re still lucky I gave the bouncers the go ahead to let the kid in.”

I rolled my eyes. “She eighteen at like midnight do dhr not way under age, only three years and whatever ever Terry and Jack - the bouncers - love me they wouldn’t keep me out.” I said with a nod.

“If your brothers or Justin told them not to let you in, they wouldn’t have.” Mark retorted.

I glared at him. “What are you? All their bitches or something?”

He burst out laughing. “No, we're just looking out for our bro’s girls and family while they are here.” He shrugged.

“We’re not children, we don’t need looking after.“ I said and un did my coat because the heat was getting to me.

Mark gave me a once over look. "I can see you’re not a child. “He grinned.

I slapped his arm. “Did you just check me out?”

He grinned. “No harm in looking."

“Men.” I muttered and he laughed.

I sighed. “Okay look, just don’t interrupt our night, it’s meant to me a girls night.” I said with a waddle of my finger.

He raised both his hands up. “Got it, boss.” He winked.

I laughed then turned away and went to the table. “What did Mark want?” Rayne asked.

I sighed. “Oh, just to let me know they are on protection duty.”

“No way, the guys actually rang in for them to keep and eye on us while we are here?” Baila gasped and I nodded. “God, they are so controlling its so freaking annoying. I mean c‘mon, what are we, five?” She huffed and I nodded again in agreement, I was quite annoyed that they called Mark as well.

“Well, let’s just have our girls night and forget about the guys for a while.” I smiled but frown when I felt my phone vibrate. I took out my phone and seen I had a text from Justin.

I told the girls to go ahead out to the dance for while I read the text.

From: Justin

Baby are you at Jed’s yet? If you are, go find Mark real quick, he wants to talk to you. *

I rolled my eyes.

To: Justin

Yes, I am at Jed’s and I already talked to Mark. How freaking dare you and the guys call in to ask your friends to keep an eye on us. We’re are not children, hell, one of the ‘girls’ you asked them to keep an eye on is your mom for Christ‘s sake!

Rayne and Baila are pissed off as well, don’t even get me started on how annoyed I am with you and my brothers right now. You four are such douche’s and you know what? You aren’t get any for a month! How do you like those apples, daddy?

I huffed anf clicked send. Let’s see how he likes that text. I sat still for a few minutes until my phone vibrated again.

From: Justin

Are you fucking serious Kyah? Your cutting me off because I want to make sure you’re keep safe! Look, I can’t help being this protective of you, this is the first time I have left you since we met and I don’t like it because of your bi polar, it’s making me more nervous so I just had to make sure the guys would keep an eye on you. I love you and I’m just worried I don’t mean to crowd you, Kitten.

I sighed reading the text, I know he and my brothers mean well but its still annoying.


To: Justin

I understand that but your still not getting any…. Bye :)


I chuckled as I click send. I really did understand what Justin was saying but hell let’s annoy him for awhile. I turned my phone off and went to join the girls on the dance floor.

“Everything okay, hun?” Pattie leaned in and asked me.

“Everything is great.” I assured her and took her hand as she playfully spun me around.

We laughed and danced around for a hour and it was kind of awesome without the guys there. I know the guys had Adam and a few other guys keeping an eye on us and they keep to there word and spoke to any guys who tried to dance with us so it was thanks to them everything went so great and smoothly.

“My feet are absolutely k-killing me.” Jazzy groaned and dragged me back to the table making me chuckle.

She stumbled a little and I frowned. “Have you being drinking Jazzy?” I whispered in her ear.

She put her finger to her ear. “Shhh, I took a c-couple of s-shots at the bar don’t tell anyone.” She giggled the said she had to pee so she went to the bathroom.

God, I’m so screwed if Justin finds out she’s drunk. Hell, Pattie might even kill me.

I waited five minutes and huffed and went to find Jazzy and what I did find freaked me out. “Jake?” I screeched and swatted him off Jazzy face.

They where totally full on making out with each other.

“Damn Kyah, that hurt.” He said and rubbed his head and pouted like a little boy.

He did look very cute but I kept my angry face on display.

He checked me out and smirked so I slapped him again for to make my point. “She is seventeen dude.” I said ignoring the fact it it was past midnight and technically her eighteeth birthday.

Jake is a junior and the same age as Justin putting him at twenty one.

“Shit, seriously?” He said and stepped away from Jazzy who was standing up with her eyes closed.

“She a friend of yours?” Jake asked me and put his arm around my shoulder giving me a side hug.

I nodded my head. “She’s Justin little sister.” I said.

Jake actually jumped.

“Hold shit, really? Fuck, do not tell him I made out with his kid sister, Kyah.” He pleaded with me.

“Kyah probably won’t tell but I most certainly will.” Mark’s voice said from behind us.

I squeezed my eyes shut, he was like a God damn spy.

I twirled around. ”Don’t you dare mention this to anyone, he didn‘t know who she was, you know Justin will snap if he finds out.” I said and Mark grinned, he knew exactly what Justin would do and so did Jake by the way he ran his hand nervously through his hair.

“If you tell, I’ll tell my brothers you tried to kiss me and cop a feel.” I countered.

Mark laughed. “God, you are such a sneaky bitch do you know that?” He said still smiling.

“Yep.” I grinned.

He shrugged. “I think your brothers won’t believe you on this one.” He winked then he smiled at Jake and turned and walked away with his phone in hand.

“He is texting Justin, isn’t he?” Jake said with a groan.

I sighed. “Yeah, I think he is.”

I turned back to Jake and Jazzy.

I kissed his cheek. “Go find a sober twenty year old to make out with.” I teased him.

He laughed. “I will, since Lana broke our thing off I’m on the prowl for a new female.” He chuckled a little.

I frowned. “Jake, I’m sorry about Lana-” “Don’t worry about what we had was just sex.” He winked and I smacked his arm. “Perv.”

He laughed hugged me. "Later baby." He kissed my cheek then disappeared into the crowd.

I hooked my arm around Jazzy's waist and brought her back to the table slowly but surely.

“Jazmyn Bieber.” Pattie gasped and did the motherly hand on hips disappointed pose.

I frowned. “Sorry, I didn’t see her sneak them at the bar when she went for some water but I think the where spirits she drank... she’s wasted.” I said to Pattie who scowled at Jazzy.

Both Rayne and Baila where still dancing and clearly drunk by their stumbling and laughing.

Lord, I hate having to always be the sober one.

Damn bi polar!

Pattie held up Jazzy and made her way out of Jed’s while I found Mark. “Can you help me get Rayne and Baila up to my car, they are, well, kind of drunk.” I pointed toward the girls who where singing out the wrong lyrics to the song that was playing.

Mark grinned. “Sure thing, doll.” He winked and I chuckled and I put my arm around Rayne and Adam grabbed Baila.

Baila was being difficult so Mark hand to pick her up and toss her over his shoulder. “Jackson is g-going to kill you for t-this.” She slurred while slapping his ass.

Mark laughed and help her climb her the ladder, her ass was legit in his face but he didn’t seem to mind. I however did mind when Rayne’s was in mine.

“Move your culo, Rayne.” I shouted as she got up the ladder.

She mumbled words in Spanish that I couldn’t hear so I just ignored her and help her out to the car. Ten minutes later everyone was huddled into my car and Adam patted my shoulder. “Good luck, chica.” He said in a crappy Spanish accent.

I growled at him as he laughed walking back towards Jed’s. I drove us back to my apartment, Pattie help Rayne and Baila while I grabbed Jazzy.

“I need to...” She paused in the back seat as I reached her for.

She turned her head and puked all over the back seat and floor. It was like a seen out of the exorcist, scary as fuck.

“Oh my God.” I screamed and covered my mouth.

I quickly grabbed her from the car. “That’s so nasty.” I almost cried, my beautiful car.

I frowned and locked up my car vowing to deal with it in the morning. “C’mon Jazzy, help me out here.” I said as I slung her upright.

“Ew, there is a yuck yuck taste in my m-mouth.” She slurred.

I chuckled a little. “Yeah, you just barfed all over my car, I doubt its going to taste nice.” I said as I hoisted her up the stairs.

I grunted wishing Jake was in his apartment I would call him to help me with her but he is back in Jed’s so I lugged her up the stairs by myself, which wasn't as easy as it sounds.

“My God, I have zero upper body strength.” I groaned as we stumbled into the apartment.

I heard a snap noise and looked down my heels that Jazzy was wearing, the right heel snapped right of. “My shoes.” I cried a little, a legit tear escaped my eyes.

Pattie came out and scratched her head awkwardly. ”Sorry.” She said softly when she seen the shoes that Jazzy now kicked off.

“It’s okay.” I said painfully and carried on down the hall..

“You settle Rayne and Baila and I’ll take care of Miss Jazzy here.” I said and Pattie nodded and headed into Rayne’s room.

We made it to the bedroom door before Jazzy puked again. “Aw, c’mon man.” I groaned and tried not to heave.

“Hey baby.” Baila’s voice shouted. “We just got home and I m-miss you a-a lot.” She slurred.

I heard a giggle. “No, y-you are drunk.” She said and I chuckled but stopped when I looked at Jazzy as she stopped moving. She applied more weight to me and we both fell over, she landed on top of me so I broke her fall which was good for her and bad for me.

“My God, Jazzy wake up, if your dad or brothers see you like this I’m so dead.” I said to her and shook her.

“Kyah?” Jackson's voice said from behind me.

I groaned and looked over my shoulder. Baila was standing there in her freaking bra and panties with her iPhone pointed at me and she waved like a goofball.

“This is not Kyah you have the wrong number. Put some clothes on." I hissed to Baila who giggled and twirled around.

Baila laughed. “Is it to you Kyah. She’s p-playing with y-you Jackson”

“Baila, girl, c’mon you’re seriously trying to get me in trouble here.” I said and screamed when Jazzy got sick again but this time on my leg.

“I’m going to puke.” I said and covered my mouth as I heaved, this was just to much fucking vomit for one night.

Baila laughed. “Ew, she got sick on you.”

Yes, thank you Baila as if i didn't know that.

Jackson laughed then called Justin but I didn’t have time to shout no before he came into view. “What’s wrong with her, is she okay?” He asked panicked.

“She’s fine, where playing a... game? It's called who can get a shower first.” I said awkwardly and didn’t look at the phone. “Goodnight.” I said and literally dragged Jazzy into the room then turned to shut the door but seen Baila ran towards us.

“Baila back away from the vomit… no.” I screamed when she slipped in it and landed on her ass.

I was so close to barfing it wasn’t even funny, I‘m actually surprised I‘m not spilling my stomach contents right now.

“Why are you all covered in puke? And why is Baila half naked?” Justin asked sounding amused and annoyed at the same time.

“I'm too warm and Jazzy barfed everywhere and-” I clicked the phone of and Baila pouted but I ignored her.

She was going to have me murdered.

“Pattie.” I called out.

She appeared in the hallway looking flustered. “That girl is a mean drunk, spitting Spanish at me that no doubt curses.” She said about Rayne then looked at us. “My god, you are covered in vomit.” She said and pulled a face which was of clear disgust.

“I know.” I grimaced and shudder at the smell.

“Can you like clean her up a little, I’ve got Jazzy.” I said and gestured to Baila, she nodded and took hold of her arm.

When I got Jazzy into the bathroom I legit tore the clothes from her body and put her in the shower in her panties and bra.

“We're going swimming? Yes!” She sleepily mumbled and splashed at the water like she was in a pool.

I squealed. “Stop. Jazzy. No. Stop it.” I said each word like an angry old lady. “I’m never having kids.” I said when she purposely splashed the water at me.

“Hold still while I hose you down.” I said and grabbed the shower hose and cleaned her off, I hosed off my own leg and arms while I did this.

I didn’t bother washing her hair she could get a proper shower for that tomorrow. I grabbed a big towel and wrapped it around her after I shut of the water. I helped her into my room and helped dry her. I grabbed some panties from her case and one of Justin’s tee shirts he left here.

“Okay,I’m going to close my eyes so you can put these on.” I said and handed them to her.

I closed my eyes then three seconds later I heard a thud then a laugh. “I tripped.” Jazzy giggled.

I shook my head but laughed a little. I help her put Justin’s shirt over her head then she undid her bra underneath and pulled it threw the arm hole. He did the same with her underwear and put a fresh pair on. Her bits her hidden because Justin’s tee was huge on her.

“Happy birthday, Jazzy.” I randomly said when I realised it was after midnight.

“Best birthday ever.” She cheered and fell face first on the bed.

I changed into a pair of pyjama shorts and a tank top and pushed Jazzy over to Justin’s side up the bed and climbed in beside her. Minutes later Jazzy was lightly snoring so I positioned her on her side in case she got sick in her sleep. When I got comfortable I sighed and closed my eyes. I was out within seconds.

What. A. Night 

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