College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


17. I Hate Ovaries

-Kyah's Pov-


“Justin!” I screamed in anger while stripping the sheets for the bed we shared. “What now?” He yelled from the living area. “This room is a disgrace. You are a pig, I’m rooming with a pig. A big fat sloppy slut of a pig.” I screamed out again. I heard laughter so I stopped into the living area. “You two are like a married couple.” Harley joked. “Well, I want a damn divorce.” I hissed. “You wound me, Kitten.” Justin chuckled with his hand placed over his heart.




“Find this funny do you?” I asked holding up and used condom.
I had tissue on it obviously so I didn‘t touch it. “Um..” Justin just stared at me. “Nothing to stay now big man have you? Fucking disgusting.” I spat then put it in the bin then stomped back to the bedroom. Calm down. I thought to myself, they will know something is wrong with you. They will figure it out if you keep freaking out. I took big breaths to relax. “Bro, you bagged a chick this week?” I heard Dante ask him. “Yeah, the other night when Kyah stayed out late with Rayne.” Justin replied quietly. I felt sick, so unbelievably sick. Why the hell did this bother me that Justin had sex with another girl? It Justin, it‘s what he does! Man whore! “Why is she so mad?” Justin asked obviously bothered. There was silence while I cleaned around the room. “Well, maybe its because you.. I hate thinking about this but you had sex with her and now you bagged a new girl. Girls are weird about shit like that man.” Harley suggested. He was right about that. “Kitten?” I heard Justin say getting closer to the bedroom.





“IF YOU EVEN THINK OF STEPPING FOOT IN THIS ROOM, I WILL PUNCH THE TEETH OUT OF YOUR STUPID FUCKING HEAD.” I yelled and felt my body tense up again. “Oh my God.” I heard him mutter as he turned around. “She’s lost it man.” He then said to Harley.“Just let her cool off, I wouldn’t doubt her threat man she’s gone a bit loca lately-” “I can hear you Dante. Stop speaking Spanish, Rayne isn’t here for you to impress you just sound like a cocky ass to everyone else.” I shouted again. My God, who is this person controlling my voice? “Wow. Someone unleashed a beast.” He muttered and I hear the other two snicker. “Fucking idiots.” I screamed. I was absolutely livid. The fact Justin sleep with another girl annoyed me and that he didn’t tell me, I mean I slept in this room that night, he could have told me. I went into the bathroom, when I pulled down my panties blood was on them. “Ohhhh.” I said out loud. I get it, I’m PMSing, that‘s all it is. Huh, figures. I looked for my tampons and forgot Dante used up the box the other day sticking them up peoples noses and my fresh box was in my bag in the kitchen. “One of you dickheads get me my tampons out of my bag on the counter. NOW.” I yelled, I felt myself shaking and I willed myself to came down. No, no not here. Not now go away please, I thought praying the feeling would pass. “We're her brothers, that’s just wrong, we cannot deal with that shit.” I heard them argue with each other. Minutes later the door opened a little Justin poked his head and arm in but he cover his eyes. “Okay, leave now man whore or I‘ll slit your throat.” I snarled as he shut the door. “She called me a man whore and threatened to murder me.” He mumbled. “God, she is mean on her period.” “I can hear everything you’re saying, you pricks.” I shouted as I cleaned myself up and popped in a tampon. Like clock work as I stood up cramps attacked me with fury. I grabbed my water bottle from the side of the bathroom sink and hunched over as I walked into the kitchen. None of the boys would make eyes contact with me. Clever. I filled my water bottle up with hot water and grabbed two packets of cookies, a bottle of 7 up and two Moro bars and I walked over to the couch Dante was on. I silently placed my stuff on the chair went back into my room put my house coat on and grabbed the duvet to wrap myself up on the chair with.







No way was I lying on the sperm infest thing. When I walked back to all wrapped up, Harley and Justin faintly smiled at me. I laid down next to Dante placing my head on his lap and my water bottle on my belly. Dante absent-mindedly played with my hair and scratched my head which felt so damn good. I opened my first cookie packet and chowed through it within five minutes. I washed it down with some 7 Up then got working on my bars. Chocolate is so good, snaps for the man who invented chocolate. “Ughhh.” I groaned with the pain from my cramps. “Call Rayne,” I snapped to Dante, “tell her to get me some feminex.” I groaned.





“She’s in class, what are they?” He asked. “Pills for period pain.” I cried out gripping onto my belly.
“Um..” He softly not knowing what to do with me. “Switch with me.” Justin said. Dante did as he asked. I wasn’t talking to Justin but I did lean on his leg. “Dante, go to the pharmacy and get her the pain pills.” Harley said. Dante protested but looked at me then sighed before he grabbed his keys and went on his went to get me the pills. “Fucking ovaries.” I hissed and Harley laughed. He changed the station on the telly until Teen Mom came on. ”Leave it.” I warned. He rolled his eyes but left it on mumbled something about how I wouldn’t be one of those girls who got pregnant young. With how protective they are, I’ll never get pregnant, I thought. “Ow, ow, fuckdy fuck, ow!” I cried out. Justin didn’t say anything instead he lifted the blanked a little slipped his hand down and pushed the water bottle to one side. I was about to asked him what he was doing when his hand lifted up my top and rested on my bare stomach. Then he slowly rubbed my belly in circles and other different patterns. “Hmmm.” I moaned slightly. And just like that the manic feeling I was having left and comfort and tiredness took over me. I frowned to myself thinking about my constant mood swings… this is not good.  Not good at all. “Did you just moan, Kiki?” Harley asked. “Justin, where is your hand?”  “Rubbing her belly man sit back down. I seen this on the TV before.” Justin explained. I would have laughed but tiredness was taking our while Justin rubbed my belly. It relax so good and calming on my cramps. “Just watch, bro.” I heard Justin mumbled as it came out in a whisper. I felt my eyes getting very heavy as my body relaxed. I closed them. “Holy shit, you put her sleep.” Harley said just as I dozed off into a peaceful slumber.




~ ~ ~





“Is she okay?” I heard some one ask. “Yep, she’s been out about four hours. Thank God, you should have seen her Rayne. Evil was not the word, she threatened us.” Dante's voice exclaimed. I stirred and I felt the hand on my belly begin to move again. “Shut up man.” Justin hissed. “Sorry.” Dante muttered. I blinked my eyes opened and yawned but the groaned. I still have my cramps so I pulled my knees up a little while Justin stroked my stomach. “Does it actually feel better what Justin is doing?” Rayne asked. “Tons.” I said in my sleepy voice. “That’s your new job Dante when I’m on my period.” Rayne smiled as she plopped down on the soda across from me. He groaned but didn’t object and Harley called him pussy whipped. “That’s not a bad thing, bro.” Dante snorted as did Justin. Someone knocked at the door. Harley opened it and in walked Jackson and Baila. I think they’re dating but I haven’t actually asked them if it’s officially of not yet. They’re always together, it’s kind of disgusting how stuck by the hip they are now. “What are you doing?” Jackson said in a firm voice to Justin. Harley laughed then explained to him why Justin was rubbing my belly and he went all awkward. Jackson is no good for a period talk with his sister. “You poor thing.” Baila cooed. “You look awful Kyah.” Jackson added and Baila thumped his arm. Thank you, Baila. “Gee thanks bro, love you too.” I mumbled and he laughed.  “You know what I mean, you just look ill.” He said and I nodded. “That’s what having ovaries does to a girl.” I stated. “Amen.” Rayne and Baila said in unison then laughed. “So you’re not coming to Jed’s tonight then?” Baila asked and I shook my head.






“You all go ahead though, I’ll be fine here watching TV.” I yawned again. Dante frowned. He was about to say something when Justin spoke first. “I’ll stay and take care of her.” He offered. The girls both awed at him and he smiled. The boys mumbled something about him being a bitch but he ignored them. “I’m looking after her all day the rest of the night will be a breeze. Beside she keeps sleeping.” he gestured to my half opened eyes and everyone laughed except me. “Okay, feel better soon, chica.” Rayne kissed my head as did Baila as then walked on out of the apartment. My brothers leaned down and awkwardly hugged and kissed my head then they left.
“Do you want anything?” Justin asked me. “Some chocolate would be nice.” I stretched. “Here, you still have a packet of cookies left.” He said and handed them to me. I opened them and ate a few, I offered Justin some and he ate a few as well while we watched Troy. “Why are you mad at me?” Justin asked when things went silent again. “Because you are a disgusting pig.” I said flatly. “It’s because I screwed that girl isn’t it?” He said calmly. “It’s not that you ‘screwed’ her it’s the fact you did it sneakily while I was out with Rayne. You didn’t have the balls to tell me when I got home. She could have being on the bed I sleep in for all I know.” I said raising my voice. “Okay, one) I was drunk that night with Harley when we hit the bar, I didn’t plan it. Two) I didn’t want you to be annoyed but I guess that didn’t work and three) I had her on the floor. I told you that you are the only girl I’ve ever had on that bed.” He said getting annoyed too. “Well, whatever, I don’t care.” I said turning my head away from him. “Funny but I just don’t believe you." He said smugly. “Don‘t start with me Justin, I will punch you.” I warned. “Don’t tease me Kitten. I like it rough.” he purred and I elbowed him but he didn’t make a sound.







“I hate when you’re like this.” I snapped. “Like what?” He shot back. “Like an arrogant asshole, a cocky bad boy who thinks he is all that.” I side as I sat myself up straight. “Don’t kid yourself Kitten, you like that about me.” He smirked. I shook my head at him a stood up from the sofa pulling my throw over blanket with me. I grabbed the pain pills Dante got me popped two then walked into the bedroom. ”You’re on the couch tonight, you should feel at home there.” I yelled. “The hell I am Kitten, I’m sleeping in my bed.” He yelled. “Fine, I’ll just take the couch.” I stated walking back into the living room. He however hopped from the chair, grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder with my blanket and went into the bedroom. I kicked at him until he put me down. “Asshole.” I yelled but got into the bed and turned on my side. Justin turned everything off in the apartment and came back into the room. I heard him strip off and climb in beside me. I wanted to be so angry but my cramps where only making me feel sore. ”Ughhh.” I cried into my pillow praying Justin wouldn’t hear me but of course he did. He slipped his arm over me and I swatted it away. “Back off.” I sobbed. He didn’t though. He reached over again and pulled me into him. My back was pressed against his chest and again he rubbed my belly. “I’m sorry.” He whispered. “I never meant to hurt or upset you.” For an odd reason I knew he was talking about that girl he hooked up with and not that fact that he didn't tell me about it. “I don’t like fighting with you, Kitten.” He added then kissed my cheek.I answered him by resting my head against his neck and he rested his head on mine while he rubbed my belly. For the second time that day/night he rubbed my belly free of cramps and put me to sleep.

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