College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


14. ...Happy Feet

-Kyah's Pov-


“I thought you knew I was a virgin? My brothers, like, guard my virtue.” I answered not looking back at him. “No, I didn’t know. Your brothers don’t exactly discuss your sex life to people. I didn’t think they would know anything about that part of your life actually.” Justin replied. I shrugged. “Well, my only boyfriend in high school wouldn’t touch me because Dante made some very nasty threats to him.” I shrugged. “It doesn’t matter what age I am, they just don’t like the thought of me having sex.” I laughed but Justin didn’t. “You okay?” I asked turning to face him. “Yeah, I’m just realizing you’re still in your towel and after hearing the words virgin leave that beautiful mouth of yours, I have the urge to help you remove said towel. “ He replied not moving a muscle. My face heated and I looked to his knees. “Justin, we’re friends.” I whispered. “Do you not like me?” He asked. I looked to him. “I don’t want things to change between us.“ I answered him. “I don‘t either.” He mumbled with a shrug. For a strange reason I felt like an absolute fool for not jumping at the chance to have sex with him and I don’t know why. I was feeling very confused at the moment. “Things would be weird wouldn’t they, if we did have sex?” I said as he lifted his fork to eat his noodles, he dropped his fork splashed some of the juices at him and I laughed. He was surprised that I was considering it, I could tell by the look on his face. He wiped his chest with his hand and I found myself staring at it. Tight, lightly tanned, toned and a fair share of tattoo’s. The perfect body. “Are you checking me out, Kitten?” He asked with a smirk. “Yes.” I replied before I thought. He stopped smirking then leaded towards me, I quickly stood up changing my mind.




“Don’t.” I warned. He grinned. “Don’t what?” He said standing up and stepping towards me. I stopped just as my back reached the wall and Justin’s’ chest pressed against mine. “Do you want to kiss me?” He asked. “I don’t want things to be weird between us.” I repeated. He shook his head. “Do you want to kiss me?” He repeated. “Yes, I want to kiss you.” I said looking at his lips, god I wanted to kiss him. “Good, because I want to kiss you too.” With that said he cover his mouth with mine and a groan went from mine mouth into his. He swallowed it and kissed me hard. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him even closer to me, not that it was possible. In a flash Justin lifted me and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I was painfully aware that my naked crotch was pressed against his fully erect penis -through his pants of course. I wriggled my hips getting comfortable being there and Justin growled into my mouth. Christ, that was sexy. “Don’t do that, Kitten.” he groaned against my mouth. I wasn’t going to but I liked the sound of that growl. I did it again, I felt his penis twitch under me and I felt a wave of happiness hit me. “Kyah, stop that. God knows if you don’t I’m going to take you right now.” He growled out. I rotated my hips again and he snarled. I couldn’t think all I could think about wanting having sex, as blunt as that is it’s what my body wanted. “I want you too.” I whispered against his mouth. He pulled back and looked at me. “Are you sure?” He asked. “Yes, I want you.” I said and kissed him again. I felt him move and it was only when I felt the bed hit my back I realized he brought me into the bedroom.





“I thought you only have sex on the couch or on the floor?” I said as Justin leaned over me. He kissed my lips. “You’re not just some girl, Kitten.” He whispered then kissed me. Hearing that made me happy. It shouldn’t of, but it did. I felt him tug on my towel making me moan. “Can I?” He asked while kissing my neck. “Yes.“ I breathed heavily. With one hand he undid my towel and removed it from under me, he took in my body and I blushed. ”You’re beautiful.” He whispered looking at my naked body. He then leaned forward kissed down my star trail tattoo until I cried out a moan. “It finishes right next to your opening, that’s fucking hot.” He growled and he ran his hands up my naked body. “Perfect.” he whispered then quickly removed his own shorts and boxer shorts. I looked at his and I gasped. “What?” Justin asked climbing on top of me. He helped me under the covers and I bit my lip. “I didn’t think you would be that, well endowed.” I said embarrassed, I felt him smiled against my mouth. “Are you nervous?” He asked while rubbing the tops of my thighs making me bit my lip and moan. “Yes.” I replied truthfully. Before he could speak I reached out and grabbed a condom from his side table where he kept them and I bit open the packet. “We don’t have to do this, I can wait.” he said looking into my eyes. I smiled and brought my mouth over his but I didn’t kiss him. “Don’t make me beg you.” I whispered onto his lips and he squeezed his eyes shut and took and deep breath. He took the condom and placed it on himself. He placed himself in between my thighs. With his finger he lightly rubbed my clit making me wet and wriggle like crazy.





“Relax.” he said and kissed my mouth until I wasn’t tense any more then he slowly pushed himself me a little.bI gasped against his mouth. “I’m sorry.” He said kissing my lips. I never felt a pain like it before, he left himself inside me for a few moments letting me adjust to his size then he pushed in more and I cried out. I thought he was all the way in but he wasn‘t. “I’m sorry, Kitten.” He whispered again pressing into me more until he completely filled me. He propped himself up on his elbows so he could see me. “Look at me,” he encouraged, “look at me beautiful.” He said again nudging his nose off mine. I opened my eyes and when I did tears fell from my eyes. He leaned in and kissed them away. “Are you okay?” He asked, I could hear it in his voice it hurt him that I was hurting. I wasn’t okay but I nodded and he slowly pulled back out the pressed back into me and I cried out again. “I‘m so sorry.” He said softly pressing his forehead to mine looking into my eyes. “Shhh.” He cooed and kissed my mouth. He pulled out then pushed back in again, his mouth took my cries as he repeated this process. For more than five minutes he repeated this at a slow steady pace, he groaned a lot mumbling about hoe tight I was. Then the pain and un-comfort I felt suddenly stopped, it all faded away. “Justin.” I moaned when a new sensation took over. He knew by the sound of my voice and the moan that follow it that the pain was gone. “Are you okay?” He asked a hint of a groan in his voice. “Yes.” I breathed, opening my legs further.





“Don’t stop.” This got his attention because when he trusted into me and this time it was a little harder and I moaned out in ecstasy. “You feel amazing.” He said as he reconnected our lips. “Justin.” I moaned out and gripped his back. “What baby?” he said kissed my neck. “I think… I think. Ahhh.” I screamed as I threw my head back while arching my back. “That’s it baby, come for me.“ He panted. I moaned out loud as my inner walls clamped around him as I came. “Fuck, Kyah.” Justin moaned feeling it clamping on him hard as well. “Holy shit, you feel fucking awesome.” He growled out and I moved my hips to meet his because of growl made me even hotter. “You like that baby?” He growled out again. “Yes, I do. God, I do.” I cried out with each thrust. “Ahhh.” I cried out again as an orgasm struck me. “Fuck.” Justin growled when I clamped around him again. “Jesus Christ, that feels fucking amazing.” He said again with a moan of his own. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he took my right breast in his mouth. “Ahhh, Justin." “Good girl.” He said into my ear making me shudder. He pushed himself up onto his hands as he trusted harder and faster. I couldn’t contain my cries and I screamed out his name again, very loudly. “Keep saying my name from those beautiful lips, baby.” He grunted. I didn’t need to be told I was saying his name either way I couldn’t help it. I arched my back as another orgasm flooded through and this time Justin came with me. He growled out my name as he realised into the condom and collapsed on my chest.





We stayed that way for at least forty seconds panting. He slowly pulled himself from me and it hurt a little so I whimpered. “I’m sorry.” He whispered and kissed my lips again. He took off the condom and disposed of it into the bin in his room. I stood up off the bed and ran for the bathroom when I looked down at myself. “Don’t look at me.” I shouted to Justin who kind of chuckled at me. He knocked on the bathroom door when I slammed it behind me. “Kitten, that’s normal for your first time, it’s suppose to happen.” He said through the door. "I know it is but that doesn’t mean I want you to see it.” I shouted and he laughed. I opened the door and dropped my pajamas and some panties on the floor without looking in and closed the door again. “Thank you.” I called out. He shouted back your welcome. I cleaned myself up of the blood and put on my panties and pajama shorts and tank top and starred at myself in the mirror. “Oh God.” I whispered and covered my mouth with both hands. I just had sex with Justin, oh. My. God. I smiled feeling a little giggly but also felt scared that this would change this between us. Okay, it is clear I’m attracted to him but that was obvious from when we first kissed but after having sex with him the ‘liking him’ feeling just multiplied by ten. I don’t want to get involved with him though in case things don’t work out, that would be awful for both of us because we would be around each other a lot because of my brothers. Maybe having sex now was the best way to stop it from happening in the future when we’re even closer friends.






I turned and walked to the door when my vagina began throbbing. “Ahhh.” I winced. “What’s wrong?” Justin said from the other side of the door. “Umm, this is embarrassing but I’m sore” I called out and he chuckled. “Want me to carry you to the bed?” He asked. I shook my head even though he couldn’t see me. I opened the door and shook my head at him and forced myself to walk straight.  “Okay, that wasn’t to bad.” I said when I reached the bed and climbed into it. Justin laughed but turned off the lamp and climbed in beside me. He hugged me from behind and we’re quite for a few moments. “I’m glad it was with you.” I said softly. “My first time, I mean.” I added. His kissed my shoulder. “Me too, Kitten.” He whispered. “Are things going to be awkward now because you know you mean a lot to me.” I said and bit my lip waiting for his response. “No, it won’t be awkward.” He finally said a after a few moments and rested his head against his pillow. “Just don’t tell your brothers I took your virginity.” He said with a sigh. “They will probably kill me if they find out that we had sex and I wasn’t dating you.” I turned to face him. “But I knew that we where going to remain friends before we did it. I wanted to do it with you.” I explained. He smiled in the dark, I could see the faint part of his cheek rise. “That won’t matter to them, Kitten. I have one time sex with a lot of girls they will think that is what I had with you.” Justin stated. “Isn’t it though?” I asked. I felt him tense. “No, it isn’t. It was different with you. Good different.” He said in a whispered. I kissed his forehead.





“I won’t say a word.” I said and he pulled me into cuddle. “Rayne told me her first time with Dante hurt like hell and didn’t feel good at all… she lied.” I said and Justin burst out laughing. “I’m going to take that as compliment Kitten” He chuckled again. “Goodnight Justin.” I smiled and snuggled into me and doze off into a relaxed slumber.



 ~ ~ ~



“What’s wrong with you?” Dante asked jogging up beside me as I walked through the cafeteria to buy a cereal bar. ”Nothing.” I lied. “Why?“ I then asked, playing dumb. “Well, you’re walking funny.” He said with a shrug. I shrugged myself. “Fell in the shower last night, think I pulled a muscle so I’m walking with a limp. It’s not a big deal.” I shrugged again. ”Okay, as long as your okay..” He said while looking at me for conformation that I was okay. “I’m fine.” I assured him. “Okay, well, are you coming to sit with us?” He asked, his eyes hopeful. I quickly glanced to the table and seen my brothers, Justin, Rayne, Baila and other guys. “No.” I said and turned my head away. “Kyah, come on last night was stupid-” “I said no, Dante.” I said with anger in my tone. He shook his head and sighed loudly but eventually walked off over to the table without me. I paid for my bar and spotted and empty table near the side entrance so I sat there and played around with my iTouch until I had to leave when class starts. I could felt the heat of eyes on me, I looked up and seen Rayne pushing Dante back down so he wouldn’t come over to me. She got up instead and began making her way across the room to me. “Hola.” She said and sat across from me.






“Hey.” I mumbled while taking a bite of my bar. "Why are you sitting over here on your own?” She asked. “Eating my breakfast.” I shrugged. Say sorry for shoving her, I thought. She rolled her eyes. “You know what I mean Kyah.” She said firmly. “I’m sitting here because I want to, I do not need to be around my brother's twenty for seven. They will be happy to not have to ask questions about me every five minutes.” She scoffed. “You’re all they talked about since you walked in. I mean you left for campus awhile ago without Justin and Harley, that‘s not like you.” She stated. “I’m eighteen Rayne, I don’t need permission to do anything from my brothers or Justin.” I stated and pushed away from the table and awkwardly stormed out of the cafeteria. “Kyah?” Rayne called after me but ignored her. I went to class early and was happy when I found Harry sitting in his seat next to mine. “Hola, sexy.” I said as I walked up the stairs. “Um, hi there… Happy feet?” he smiled. “I know, I’m walking like a penguin.” I laughed and hugged him as I sat down. “What happened?” He asked taken his hood down. God, if he wasn’t gay I would kidnap him. “Okay, what are you just thinking? You're looking at me funny.” he laughed. “Which question should I answer first?” I smirked. He laughed. “Both of them.” “Okay, what happened was I showering last night, slipped and pulled a damn muscle in my thigh leaving me walk like as you say ‘happy feet’. And to answer the second question, I was thinking if your weren’t gay, I would kidnap you.” I shrugged. Lying about why I was walking funny turned out to be easier than I thought.





“Bummer about your leg.” He frowned but then grinned. “You want to kidnap but um, yeah. Wanting to kidnap me? That’s not disturbing at all, Kyah.” He teased. I smirked. “It’s not. I have though of a lot ‘what ifs’ in my head for if you weren’t gay.” I winked. “You’re filthy.” He exclaimed and I burst out laughing. I rested my head on his shoulder. “I’m tired.” I yawned. “Me too.” Harry said then yawned also which I smiled at. I don’t care what anyone says, yawns are contagious. “You ready for this exam?” He asked he and I nodded. “I’ve been studying with Justin for it so I’m pretty ready.” I shrugged. “He is hot.” Harry grinned. “Yeah he is and he knows it.“ I laughed. “He is my best friend before you think we’re dating.” I added and he laughed. “I didn’t say anything.” He said and raised his hands in defense. “Sorry, everyone just thinks we date because I’m his friend.” I sighed. “It’s because he doesn’t do the female friend thing that’s why it’s confusing everyone but they will get used to it eventually.” Harry shrugged. “I suppose.” I said, looking for my phone. “Damn, I left my phone in Justin’s room.” I groaned. Harry raised his eyebrows at me and grinned. “Oh God, no.” I shook my head. “It’s not like that, the pipes in my place burst and I have to stay at Justin and my brothers apartment. But then last night I lost a bet and have to stay there for awhile. I‘m practically going to be the maid.” I said quickly. “Oh, okay, that explains things.” He shrugged and I smiled, why can’t everyone be as understanding as Harry? “I have a date tonight.” Harry said softly after a few minutes of silence. I sat up straight very fast almost giving myself whip lash. “With who? Is he cute? Where did you meet him?-” “Kyah.” He cut me off laughing. He took out his phone and showed me a picture of a extremely hot blond. “Harry, he is beyond hot.” I said almost drooling. “I know, I met him at Starbucks yesterday, he bumped into me and spilled my coffee on me.” He smiled to himself. “Oh, oh, oh.” I clapped my hands together. “A Starbucks romance.” I beamed making Harry laugh. “Yeah, something like that, he seen my shirt was ruined from the coffee and offered to take me out for dinner to make up for it. His name is Toby.“ Harry grinned. “He must have had an awesome gaydar or where you drooling over him?” I teased.





“Definitely drooling.” Harry chuckled. “I don’t blame you. How can someone be that good looking.” I said while looking at the picture again. “You know I’m starting think I love you.” Harry said and I looked up to him. “Our relationship would never work, I mean, we both like penis’s.” I joked and Harry burst out laughing. “See this is exactly why I love you, you’re awesome and such a good friend.” He leaned over a kissed me. Like just pecked my lips. This is another perk to having a gay friend who is damn hot, random kisses like they’re hugs. “Okay, that’s our new greeting from now on my dear.” I pointed out. “Whatever you want, mamita.” he grinned. Yes, he has Mexican relatives but doesn‘t speak Spanish much unlike Rayne who is fluent. I learned this about Harry from a boring day in class last week when we talked non stop. It made sense because he was nicely tanned, and being part Mexican fitted why he was so good looking. Mexican guys are hot! “How are things with you and Jake?” Harry asked and I bit my lip. God, why do I keep forgetting about Jake? “Things are um.. fine, we have a date tonight. Things are still casual we’ve only being on a hand full of dates.” I explained and Harry nodded. “He is real cute.” Harry yawned. “I know he is.” I smiled. “You like him then?” Harry then asked. I nodded. “Yeah I do.” I said truthfully. I know I slept with Justin last night but only because Jake and I aren’t dating and I wanted my first time to be with Justin. I may only know him a few weeks but he knows me just as good as my brothers and Rayne do and that says a lot, I care for him a hell of a lot too and it just felt right giving my virginity to him. Except for now because I’m hella sore.





“What do the three musketeers think of him?” He asked bringing me out of my thoughts and I laughed at his nick name for my brothers. “The usual, they hate him for some reason that is unknown to me. Probably just because he is interested in me. They’re crazy like that.” I shrugged. “Well, I can’t say I blame them. I would be just as protective if you where my sister, bonita.” He stated. “The last thing I need is someone else being protective over me.” I groaned and he laughed., “Sorry bonita, I understand how Justin and your brothers feel. Once you care for someone the need to protect is something you can’t stop. But unlike them I won’t piss you off with it.” He winked. “Thank you, carino.” I said in my best Spanish accent. He grinned at me calling him sweetie and that I said it in Spanish. “That didn’t sound half bad, mamita.” I shrugged. “I know Rayne all my life, I know more Spanish that you dude.” I chuckled and he laughed. The room began to fill with students as the clock out closer to nine a.m. I spotted Justin coming into the room with his arm around that black hair girl aka the bitch. I was so angry at myself when I felt that feeling my stomach. Fucking jealously. Damn you to hell. I scowled myself mentally and reminded myself it was just sex and we where still best friends.I knew he was going to be with other girls again but literally twelve hours after we have sex is a bit soon. “Dickhead.” I said out loud and he heard it because he was only four rows down from me. I looked down as he looked up to me. “Who is a dickhead?” Harry whispered. “No one I was just thinking about something my brother said to piss me off this morning.” I lied. I felt bad about lying to Harry but I didn’t want him to know I was jealous of the bitch under Justin’s arm because that would lead to me telling me why I was jealous the whole we had sex would come out and then it would be hard to façade me as just his friend not a girl he slept with. Which in reality it was all I was, one of his whores. No, he vowed I was different. I mean he took me in his bed and he never did that. God, stop over analyzing everything Kyah, I thought again then shook my head clear of my thoughts as the professor entered room.





“D day ladies and gents.” He smiled widely. I snickered. “Why are you laughing?” Harry asked me. “He is trying to scare us about this class test, its not even important just to see if we understand what we’ve learned so far and he is making out like it’s a final calling it d day.” I laughed again. “Want to share the joke with the rest of the class, Miss. Edwards?“ The professor called out. I blushed. “No sir.” I said and sunk lower in my chair. “Okay good, you can come down and get the exam sheets and give them to each of the rows then.” He smiled. I groaned, loudly by the chuckles from the students. I pulled myself up and literally forced myself to walk normally down the stairs. “Sore leg?” The professor asked. “Uh, yeah.” I nodded. Damn my sore vagina making me walk funny and lie to professors. I took the exam sheets and turned walking to the rows give a handful of exam papers for each of the students. When I got to Justin’s row I didn’t look at him but heard the black haired bitch say “She’s walking like a penguin.” I gritted my teeth. “What was that?” I hissed. She smiled at me. “Nothing.” “That’s what I thought it was.” I said and heard a few oh’s which made me lightly blush as I handed out the rest of the papers and returned to my seat. “I don’t like that girl.” Harry said. “Me either, she is the definition of bitch.” I stated. I looked at Harry and we laughed but covered our mouths when people looked at us.




We took the test and as I suspected Harry and I finish early and handed our papers up. The professor graded them before we left. He called me up to his desk and gave me my paper. I got 97% percent on it. I frowned. “Something wrong?” He asked. “I’m just kind of annoyed I didn’t get full marks.” I said and he chuckled. “You’re your fathers daughter, Kyah.” He then pointed out my two mistakes. “Oh right, I forgot to write the limit. Duh.” I said and he laughed again. “Simple mistake, don’t worry you have the joint top grade in the class.“ He smiled. “Let me guess, Justin is joint top with me?” I said and he grinned. I knew it, the bloody dude is hot, great in bed and has brains to burn. “Later sir.” I smiled and he waved as I left the class room. Harry was outside waiting for me. “Lunch?” he asked. “Yessss, I’m starved.” I said dramatically as we linked arms and walked to the cafeteria. Half way there I was groaning with the pain between my legs but Harry though my legs was sore so he pulled me into him and yanked me up so he was giving me a jockey back. Now it hurt like hell, but I was happy that I didn’t have to walk any more. “Don’t let me fall.” I screeched as we entered the cafeteria, a few students looked at us while others didn’t pay any attention. “What was that?” Harry asked loosening his grip. “Harry don’t.” I roared through my laughter. “I’m kidding, relax the death grip.” He winced until I loosen my grip on him and he set me on the ground. I petted his head. “Thanks for the ride.” He laughed. ”You’re welcome, mamita.” He beamed and kissed my lips then turned and ordered us some pizza’s slices for lunch. I heard the murmured and rolled my eyes, do these people have other things to do than gossip.






Surely they know Harry is gay he doesn’t exactly hide it and hasn’t since I first outed him about it. He holds he head high as he should but I can guarantee because he pecked my lips rumours will spread we are either dating or hooking up. I snorted at the idea. “Are we not sitting with your brothers?” Harry asked. I looked to the table, Harley was watching him so I shook my head. “Nope, we’re spending some time apart.” I shrugged. Harry laughed. “You sound like a wife.” I grinned. “Shut up.” I joked as we sat down and began eating our food. “How was Jed’s last night?” Harry asked. I decided not to go into the argument with my brothers or Rayne so I shrugged. “It was fine, Justin won his fight.” I smiled. It was only then that it hit me, I didn’t freak out at the fight and I wasn’t really bothered by the violence. I mean I’m still not happy about it but I’m not exactly scared of seeing it any more… thank God. I was enjoying my pizza when something hit my arm and I knocked my drink forward and ruined my food.”I’m so sorry, I tripped.” A voice called out from my side. I gritted my teeth as I stood up. “You did not, you did it on purpose.” I hissed to the black haired bitch and she smirked. “Um, no, it was an accident, princess.” She smiled again. Princess, is she kidding me? I grabbed her arm lightly. “It was no fucking accident, you have being a bitch to me since the day we first met. Lay off me otherwise I will make you.” I hissed. I didn’t recognize my own voice when I spoke, it was like someone else took over my boy. “Do it then.” She snapped back. I got right in her face. “Don’t Kyah, she’s not worth it.” Harry said appearing at my side seeming scared. “Yeah, listen to your little boyfriend.” She smiled evilly at him. “Or girlfriend. I can‘t really tell with the fag” She shrugged while giving Harry a once over and pulling a disgusted face at him. She was making fun of him because he was gay? Hell. Fucking. No. I did it, I did what I cursed my brothers for doing. I let my anger take over and I punched her right in the face.“Kyah.” I heard Rayne scream from somewhere in the cafeteria.






My hand hurt like a bitch but instead of cradling it my head was yanked down. This bitch had me by the hair. She pulled me on top of her which was kind of stupid because even though she hand my hair I had easier access to punch at her which I did. Stop, fucking stop, I willed myself but I couldn’t Every time she yanked my hair hard I hit her harder, I even got a knee into her side at one stage. “Kyah, stop.” Jackson’s voiced called out from beside me. “Jessie, let go. Let go of her hair, now!” Justin voices shouted. So her name was Jessie, she will still be known as the bitch to me. “She’s hitting me.” The bitch exclaimed. Yeah, way to state the obvious you moron. “You have my hair you slut.” I growled and punched her again. I felt arms around my waist then hands over Jessie’s hand prying her off my hair. When she let go I was pulled back. “Say anything about me or my friend again and I will kill you.” I snapped at her while I pushed my hair back and tying it into a messy bun. “You crazy bitch.” She hissed at me, I noticed Justin held her my the waist and I burst out laughing. You have no idea how crazy. “Yeah, I’m the crazy one.” I rolled my eyes. “You can let me go now.” I looked over my shoulder to Harley. Of course he would have a hold of me. He shook his head and set me on the ground and walked me over to there table. “Are you okay?” Harry took a seat beside me when I sat down. “I’m fine.” I said rubbing my head where it hurt. “You didn’t need to hit her because of me you know.” he smiled a little. “The hell I didn’t. I won’t let her tease you because she has a problem with me. Fucking bitch.” I growled and he laughed then gave me a hug. “What the hell is wrong with you?” Jackson and Dante asked as they sat beside me. I shrugged my shoulders. “This isn’t like you.” Harley added standing beside me.





I shrugged again still trying to calm down. ”She made fun of Harry because she has a problem with me. Like I’m going stand there and not do anything.” I exclaimed. Harley groaned. “Kyah-” “Don’t.” I cut him off. “You three are the biggest hypocrites ever! Do not talk to me about not getting into a fights when I’ve grown up around it.” I hissed. They went quite but only for a second. “I don’t care, you’re a girl-” “And girl’s don’t fight? Is it not lady like, dear brother?” I laughed at him. “Why are you being like this?” He asked. “I just told you she teased Harry-” “No you are being weird since last night when you left the bar.” Jackson paused. “Is it because of that stupid argument?” He asked. “It wasn’t stupid.” I snapped. He shook his head. “I knew you where still pissed about that. Come with me.”He said and took my hand leading me out of the cafeteria’s side entrance where there where no people. Dante and Harley followed us. I winced because he was making me walk fast but I tried to ignore it. “Look,” Jackson sighed out a big breath, “I didn’t mean to shrug last night when you asked if we where embarrassed by you. I’m not, we’re not and never will be.” He stated. I rolled my eyes. “Yeah right, you cannot like me being around you three so much.” I said and looked to the ground. “Kyah.” Dante said as he put his arm around my shoulder. “I shared a womb with you for eight months and have being around you nearly everyday since we where born. I would feel weird if you weren’t around, like I did this morning. It wasn’t right that you weren’t sitting with us, am I right?” He asked my brothers and they nodded. I frowned. “You’re not just saying that to make me feel better are you?” I asked, they laughed and shook there heads. I hugged them. “Um, sorry about fighting, I guess.” I offered them a small smile. “I’ve said it before and I will say it again. You have a temper exactly like Harley.” Jackson grinned.




“I’m not proud of what happened in there. I wished I hadn’t of hit her but she got me mad talking about Harry when he didn’t even do anything.” I said through gritted teeth. “We seen you stand up to her and I honestly thought you would talk it out so Rayne said she would defuse the situation. Then the next thing I know your fist is flying into her face.“ Dante laughed. “You don’t punch like a girl, that’s for sure.” Harley grinned and kissed my forehead. “She yanked my hair like a lot.”I groaned. “I have pain pills in my bag come on” He said and I winced as I tried to take a big step. “How did you hurt yourself?” Harley asked. “I feel in the kitchen last night.” I shrugged. Dante stopped me. “You told me it was the shower?” He raised his eyebrows. “That’s what I meant, the shower.” I tried to walk away but Jackson stopped me. “You’re lying, I can tell.” Harley said with a set jaw. “I‘m not, I fell in the shower and banged my leg.” I forced myself to say. “Your walking funny on both legs not just one, it’s like your-” He cut himself off and his eyes flared. “You had….” He paused clinching his fists while his eyes and face flamed red. Oh my God, he knew. He fucking knew!

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