College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


20. Girlfriend?

-Kyah's Pov-




When I opened my eyes, light attacked me causing me to squeeze them shut again. I groaned. I used my hands to push myself up into a sitting position. After about twenty seconds of confusion, I realized I was in the bathroom of my apartment. I passed out on the floor? Jesus, I can’t remember anything after the tenth shot I took. “Ugh.” I groaned at the thoughts of the shots. “I’m never drinking again.” I mumbled then heard a chuckle. I opened my eyes wide and seen Justin rubbing his eyes. He to was on the floor with his back against the wall. “What happened? Why are we in here?” I asked taking deep breath to try and relax my stomach. He yawned. “Awhile after your last shot you could barely stand. I was looking after you in here when you started puking violently into the toilet.” He shrugged. I gaped at him. “You seen me puke?“ I asked and he nodded. “I bet that was attractive.” I said shaking me head. “Well, if it helps even with our head in a toilet you still looked beautiful.” he smiled. I blushed and tired to hide my face, he seen it and chuckled but didn’t say anything. “I doubt that very much but thank you.” I said and dragged myself to my feet, Justin followed my lead. I turned and brushed my teeth for five minutes straight until my mouth was minty fresh. Justin used a new tooth brush and did the same until his mouth was fresh as well. “Omigod.” I gasped when I looked in the mirror. My mascara was ran down my face, lipstick up my cheek, eye-shadow smudge everywhere. “I look disgusting.” I whined grabbing a wet wipe and taken all the heaviness off my face. I then ran the taps and scrubbed my face clean.








“Ugh, I’m just going to get a shower.” I whined. Justin smiled. “Go ahead, I just want to wash my face. I won’t look don’t worry.” He mumbled and turned around and began washing his face. I didn’t argue instead I striped down until I was in my underwear then when I was in the shower I took them of. It was only then I realized I need to take my tampon out. ”Um Justin I need the toilet first… sorry.” I mumbled. “No problem.” He said then left the room. He was being weird, I decided to ask him what was wrong when I was out of the shower. I quickly took out the dirty tampon and wiped myself then flushed the toilet. I then got into the shower and I literally only spent less then five minutes in it mainly because I felt so sick with cramps and the fact I was hung-over wasn‘t helping either. When I got out I grabbed a towel from the counter dried myself and grabbed a tampon from the box on the sink and put it in, instantly feeling cleaner. I wrapped the towel around myself, picked up my dirty clothes and put them in the wash basket. I strolled out of the bathroom and went into my room. Thankfully nobody was in my bed, I was about he shake my hair out when I felt someone behind me. When I turned around Justin was standing so close I got a fright and jumped back. The worst thing happened, my towel fell off my body and to the ground leaving me butt ass naked. I gasped but when I tried to cover myself Justin grabbed my wrists with his hands. “Are you embarrassed?” He asked me. I gaped at him, thankfully his eyes never left mine. “Yes, I am, I’m naked and your standing right there.” I exclaimed. “I’ve seen you naked before.” He smiled and let his eyes fall to my boobs. He licked his lips. “Justin.” I hissed and pull my hands away from him, I bent and grabbed my towel wrapping it around myself again. “Don’t act like you don’t like how I look at you.” He smirked. “Excuse me? What are you talking about? What has gotten into you? Why are you acting like this?” I asked. “I know you like me.” He said flatly.









I gaped at him. “As a friend-” “Don’t give me that crap, Kitten. You like me as more than a friend!” He snapped. I stared at him for a moment not sure about how to respond. “Where has all this come from Justin?” I asked feeling shocked by his sudden out burst. “Don’t change the subject just admit when you’re sober that you like me.” He shouted. I heard nuzzling from down the hall, I bet you any money that is Rayne and Baila or my brothers listening in. My money is on the girls. “When… I’m sober?” I paused thinking back to last night but I couldn’t remember much. “What did I say when I was drunk?” I asked nervously. He stepped towards me. “You told me you liked me, that my face and body where hot, that you don’t want to have more than friendship with me because things would be weird.” He said and I turned bright red. “Um, I… was… drunk.” I managed to say. Hearing him say all this to me when I haven’t even admitted it to myself is quite a news flash. He glared at me and I frowned. “You don’t like me like that Justin. You do don’t the girlfriend thing remember?” I managed to say again. He laughed. “Rayne is right for someone so smart you can be so stupid. I didn’t do the girlfriend thing you‘re right, but my opinion on the girlfriend thing changed when I met you.” He said and grabbed my arms lightly. “I like you, a hell of a fucking lot. I hate when you go out with that Jake douche bag. I like when stay with me at night, I like having stupid arguments with you, I like you being my good luck kiss at Jed’s, I like that you can handle youself, I like taking care of you and rubbing your belly when you have your period cramps and I even fucking liked holding your hair back when you where throwing up last night… so don’t stand there and tell me I don’t like you when you’re the fucking one who won’t admit that you like-” I kissed him. I needed to shut him up so I could process what he was saying and I also got the sudden urge to kiss him, so I did. Hearing his rant hit home with me after a few moments. He did like me, he was still my best friend but he did like me.











For me and not for who my brothers are. His arms wrapped tightly around my waist and he lifted me up into the air as he kissed me back. My arms went around his neck and I literally melted in his arms. Why the fuck didn’t I piece together all the little feelings I’ve been having towards him a legit feelings and not just hormones? Because I didn’t want to believe it, that’s why. He pulled away and just stared at me. “Will you be my girlfriend? I want everyone to know you’re mine, Kitten.” He said panting for air. I didn’t hesitate. “Yes, I will.” I smiled. He smiled back at me then reconnected our lips together. “Finally.” I heard a voice scream. Rayne and Baila where in my doorway clapping there hands together but stopped and covered there heads like the where sick… hangovers. I knew it was them lurking about in the hallway. “Why didn’t you say anything to me?” I asked Rayne when Justin set me back on the ground. “Eh hola, any time I mentioned how cute you where together or how you could be more than friends you would brush me off. I was trying to keep you away from guys at Jed's and if I recall you shoved me. It was plain as day light that Justin liked you, you where just protesting against the idea so much you began to believe that you didn't like him when you did.” She explained. Baila waved her hands in the air. “It doesn’t matter now, you are together.. right?” She asked. I looked up to Justin as he pulled me into him. “Right.” I said looking into his eyes. “Estoy tan feliz.” Rayne beamed. “Huh?” Baila and Justin said at the same time. “I’m happy too, Rayne.” I smiled. “God, just speak in English please it‘s so confusing otherwise.” Baila groaned. “I can’t help it, it’s comes out just like when I speak English. You will eventually pick up the basics everyone else did. Mainly Dante and Kyah.” Rayne yawned and rubbed her head again. Out of nowhere Baila was lifted up and flung over my brothers shoulder.












She screamed and he laughed setting her back on the ground. He kissed her lightly and I smiled. “What’s with all the yelling, bro?” Jackson asked then looked at Justin's around me. “Are you both-” “Dating? Yes!” I cut him off quickly. “Let’s go bro, I want to talk with you.” Jackson stated. “Jackson.” I stomped my foot on the ground. “It’s okay, remember I told you the brothers have to talk to any guy dating their sister? This is that talk.” Justin smiled and kissed my forehead. He walked out of the room and I heard Jackson kick something in the living room, then Harley shouting in protest of being woke up. Jackson then called Dante from Rayne’s room. God, I could imagine them acting out a scene from the Godfather. Baila closed my door, she and Rayne sat on my bed while I pulled on some panties, one of my brothers tops I always robbed and climbed into my bed. “You’re dating Justin, chica. “Rayne squealed. I laughed. “If you would have told me that yesterday I would have slapped you right across the face.” I joked and she laughed.n“It was so obvious to everyone you liked each other, I mean like crystal clear” Baila stated and Rayne nodded. “When I think back now of all the little things I felt, like the jealously and anger about other girls or the little bubbles of happiness I felt when I was with him I realise I actually did like him. I just never admitted it to myself- “Because you where thinking how it would affect your brother’s if it didn’t work out?” Rayne cut me off and I nodded. Truth be told that still scared me. “Well, only think about you and Justin now, only two people are in your relationship not five. Your brother’s will back off.” Baila stated and I laughed giving them both hugs. “I feel like crap about Jake though, I do really like him still but after I slept with Justin I absent-mindedly placed him in the friend zone without really knowing. He is so nice and he thinks we will still be going out on dates.” I frowned. “Just explain the situation to him, if he is as nice as your say he will deal with it.” Rayne said and I nodded. Baila went to the bathroom while Rayne went back into her room after thirty minutes of talking. I got under my covers and smiled to myself as I laid on my side and closed my eyes. I must have fallen asleep because I awoke when the bed sunk down to my left. “Hey.” Justin whispered in my ear. I smiled and turned to face him. “Hi.” I whispered back and without warning I leaned in and kissed him. He moaned.
















“I love that we can do that whenever we want now.” He smiled into the kiss. “Me too.” I frowned slightly when I pulled away. “Don’t get me wrong when I say this but I really feel terrible about Jake, I feel like I led him on. I mean he bought this necklace last night and kissed me.” I said and Justin nodded faintly. “I understand but he never made anything official between you to. Mostly they where casual dates, babe.” He said and I giggled. “You called me babe.” I smiled as did he. “You’re my babe and my Kitten, my everything.” He said never taken his eyes off me. I blushed and he laughed then kissed me. “Why do you call me Kitten?” I asked and he propped himself up on one elbow looking at me. “When you think of a kitten you want to cuddle them, love them and protect them from any danger because the are just so small and adorable, right?” He asked and I nodded. “Well, I feel all those things when I look at you. You’re my Kitten.” he said and I smiled so wide I swear it touched my ears. “That’s so sweet.” I said and kissed his cheek. “Don’t tell anyone that.” He smirked. “Oh, heaven forbid someone thinks Justin ‘bad boy’ Bieber has a sensitive side.” I teased. “Shhhh.” He said dramatically and I laughed. He pulled a face then tickled me and I laughed hard and loud. “Justin, what did we just fucking say to you?” Harley screamed from the living area. Justin chuckled. “I’m tickling her bro, relax.” He shouted back. “What did they say to you during your 'talk'?” I said leaning over and resting my head on his chest. “I won’t give all the details but lets just say your brother’s have a plan ready for a clean murder if I do you wrong in anyway. Also no sex or groping you when they’re around otherwise then will gladly knock me out unconscious.” Justin said with a serious expression. I was right when I thought about the Godfather. As much as my brothers love Justin, I know they mean every word of it.











“Wow.” I mumbled. Justin nodded. “Yep, they're serious too.” “Ugh.” I groaned holding belly moments later. I felt Justin kiss my shoulder. “Belly rubbing time?” Justin asked. I smiled in spite of myself. “Definitely.” I said pulling up my top. “Just panties’ underneath? You’re testing my self control, Kitten.” Justin groaned as he placed his hand on my belly and began rubbing it in circles. “Mmmmm.” I moaned and licked my lips absent-mindedly. “You’re so lucky you’re on your period Kitten otherwise I would be ripping that top and panties from your body.” Justin snarled and I smiled with my eyes closed. “I have it for another four days, can you be strong until then big boy?” I asked a smiled remaining on my face. “God knows I’ll try, but no promises” He sighed and I laughed. After a few minutes I felt myself drifting off. I was so tired I couldn’t fight it any longer and when I fell asleep I felt Justin eyes watching me. It made me feel all tingly and warm inside.




~ ~ ~








“Wake up, beautiful.” Justin voice filled my ears. I felt his lips touch different parts of my body and I smiled blinking my eyes open. ”Hi.” I said while yawing. “You have class in an hour.” He smiled. I jolted up right. “What?” I gasped. “I’ve being asleep a whole day?”I asked. Oh no this is not good, not good at all. I can't be over sleeping again, I thought. Fuck. “Yeah, I had to make sure you where breathing like every hour just in case.” he laughed. “You where out cold. At least you’re well rested.” “I don’t feel rested. My belly still hurts.” I frowned. “I’m not going to class.” I said and lay back down on my pillows. “But I’ll miss you if I don’t see you until I’m finished in class.” he pouted. Yes, he actually pouted. I kneeled up on my knees facing him, he was standing front of me. I leaned forward and sucked his pouty lip into my mouth and he moaned and ran his hand down to my behind and squeeze it hard, I lightly bit his lip then let it go. “Why do that to me?” He asked. I smiled and reached down and rubbed him through his jeans. “Kyah.” Justin groaned biting his lip and I smiled. “You better get going before you’re late.” I whispered. He opened his eyes and narrowed them at me. “That’s not nice.” He stated and I laughed. “I’m sorry.” “No, you’re not.” He snarled. “You’re right I’m not.” I smiled again. “I’ll see you later.” I said lying back down in my bed. “Drive over to my place.” Justin said while he adjusting himself inside his jeans.









“What? Why?” I asked. “We still have a bet to fulfil my dear. I have over two weeks left of having you in my room.” He smirked. I rolled my eyes. “The bet, jeez how could I forgot about that.” I said with sarcasm dropping from every word. He snorted then leaned down and kissed me long and hard then turned and walked out of my room. I turned over and squealed a little feeling very happy. I lay there for twenty minutes and realised I couldn’t go back asleep, Justin was right I was well rested. I threw the covers off myself and stood up from my bed. I grabbed my black skinnes, and a blue tank top that curved up at the front showing off a little of my mid section. I grabbed some flat shoes and shook my hair until it was messy wavy and curly. It didn’t look back so I grabbed my foundation put it on the did my powder and blush and mascara. I put clear lip balm on and grabbed my phone, car keys and bag pack and left my room. I knew I haven’t eating since the day of the party so I had some cereal in the kitchen which was clean like the rest of the house. You would have never of known there was a party there two days before. When I finished eating, I brushed my teeth then left my apartment. When I reached the school I still had twenty five minutes until class and I was hungry again so I walked into the cafeteria to buy an apple. “Kyah.” A voice called. I turned and seen Jake stomp towards me. Fuck. “Hi, Jake.“ I said “Is it true?” He bellowed. God, did everyone know Justin and I where dating already? Just when I was about to say yes he grabbed my wrist.











“Did you fuck Justin after I left your party?” He asked. I could feel everyone stare at us as we spoke. I felt my breathe catch in my throat as when grabbed me. “No, I did not!” I stated because it was the truth. He snorted and I frowned, he was being very different all of a sudden. “Have you ever let him bang you? Because if you have, you’re just like the other sluts his bedded.” He looked me up and down. “I thought you were better than that but I guess you really are no better than your brothers.“ He hissed in my face. I seen my brothers table was empty but Baila spotted me and ran outside, she was telling them what happening, I just knew it. “Don’t talk about my brothers!” I said yanking my arm away from him. “You have no right to come at me like this. I did not sleep with Justin the night of my party, whoever told you I did falt out lied to you.” It was my turn to look him up and down. “I’ve never seen this side of you. I don’t like it, you’re being a jerk.” I spat. He laughed. “What can I say, it’s true. Slut’s do bring out the devil in a man.” He grinned. Just when I was about to say I was not a slut, Justin appeared in front of me. I looked to my right and my brothers where off to the right. Baila was in front of Jackson and Rayne in front of Dante. Harley was stood like he was about to charge but they where leaving it to Justin because he and I were together now. “Call her a slut again. C’mon, tough guy, say it again.” Justin said and shoved his chest making Jake stumbled back a little. I felt my hands tinkled and I shook them trying to get rid of the feeling that was creeping up on me. “Call her a slut again. I dare you.” He snarled. I reached for his arm.











“Don’t, he isn’t worth it.” I said softly. Justin held his ground and his stare but I did felt him loosen up and little. Jake laughed. “You and him now. Really Ky?” He looked around Justin to me. Justin moved and blocked his view of my face. “Don’t you look at her or call her that, look at me you little prick.” Justin snapped. “I have to say bro, I didn’t think it was possible, you to settle with one girl. I never got the chance to find out but she must be a good lay.” Jake said and a few of his friends laughed. I left go of Justin’s arm, I wasn’t going to stop him now. Whatever he did to Jake was fine by me or at least I thought it was okay. It only took a second for Justin to put Jake on his back by landing a solid punch to the face. I flinched and gripped my chest when I heard the noise of Justin’s fist connect with Jakes jaw. “I promise if you even breath in my girl’s direction again, you will regret it because I'll fucking dismember you.” Justin spat then kicked Jakes thigh. “Wooooo.” Rayne and Baila hooted making a few other students join in. “Deserves you right.” A random girl shouted out to Jake.










 “Fucking culo.” Rayne shouted again. I ignored her because I was breathing very heavy now and I wasn’t even in the fight. I tried to catch my breathe back but it felt like a cloud of hot air was around me crushing me. No, no not again, please not now. It didn’t work though. No matter how much I willed or prayed for it to go away it wouldn’t. I turned and walked quickly out of the side entrance of the cafeteria and managed to stay on my feet for a few seconds until I fell forward onto my knees gasping. “Harley, get a paper bag.” Dante voice yelled out. “She’s having an attack.” He added. I almost felt like I was going to go limp my legs where starting to feel numb. He picked me up and stood me against the wall. ”I’m here, look at me. You’re fine, just breathe. Think of cold air nothing but cold air.” He said trying to help me visualize. For an odd reason I could only hear Dante whenever I was freaking out like this, no one else could get through to me. Must be the twin thing again. “Don’t… leave me. Please… Dante, help me.” I gasped out clutching his arms. The weight on my chest was getting heavier, I couldn’t tell if I was having a heart attack or not, I was legit freaking out.











I knew I was hyperventilating because I could feel how fast my chest was moving. Almost triple its normal speed. I tried to focus on Dante’s face but it was like I took a knock to the head, I could make out his eyes but the rest was like a flashing of light. “Harley, Jackson, Justin and the girls are here. Look at me. Relax. I’m here I’m not leaving you Kyah, I promise.” Dante said loudly but it sounded like he was away in the distance. I felt like I was trapped and I tried to get away from where I was being held, I couldn’t help it I had to get into a clear space where I could breathe. My face and neck suddenly felt like they where on fire and I let my body droop. I heard a female scream then Dante’s voice again. “Call 911. Oh God, Harley, get dad.” he cried/screamed. Then I blacked out.

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