College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


6. First Day On Campus

-Kyah's Pov-


“Kyah, I think they are my three quarter length sweats you have on? These ones are way to small for me.” Dante said when he walked back into the living area with a grey pair of bottoms that looked like mine. I laughed. “No wonder these keep falling down.” I chuckled and took my pair so I could change into the and give Dante his pair back. “Are you calling me fat?” He shouted while I changed in my room, I laughed and shouted no. “We’re are you going?” Rayne asked Dante when I walked back into the living room leaving his sweats on the chair. “Harley and Justin‘s, few of the guys are coming round for a few beers.” He shrugged. “I’ll cut you if I heard about you and any chicas, papi.” Rayne warned. I had no doubt that she would do as she said. Dante laughed and kissed her. “I only have eyes for you, you’re my mamacita.” He growled in the voice he makes when his says Spanish words, Rayne eats that shit up like crazy and he knows it which is exactly why he does it.





“Mamacita, Ay papi, Ay dios mio… blah blah blah” I muttered making them laugh. “Kyah.” Dante said sounding annoyed, he was waiting for me to hug him. “Sorry.” I smiled and gave him a hug. “You staying in Harley’s or going home?” I asked him. “Back home, I’m hardly there.” He mumbled. “What? Seriously? You’re always here. I never knew that.” I said sarcastically. “Funny.” He fake smiled then turned and left the apartment. Rayne smiled. “Girls night, well day since its since it‘s only on six but whatever.” She clapped her hands together. “First one in awhile, and it‘s Saturday as well which is our usually girls night! Perfect.” I beamed as I ran and got our m&m’s and popcorn filling two bowls with a mixture of each, my phone vibrated. It wasn‘t Jake like I thought it would be it was Justin again. I didn‘t mind though he has some serious banter. “Pick the movie.“ I shouted. When Rayne and I have girls nights we pig out and watch DVD’s of actors we wish we could marry. I love it! 



~ ~ ~ 






I’m a little grumpy this morning, I haven’t gotten much sleep over the weekend, lets just say insomnia is a bitch. “Don’t lie to me.” I said to Rayne who huffed. “For the last time, I’m not lying. You’re wearing skinnies, boots, a top and blazer. You looked cute and causal. Stop over analyzing things please, it’s annoying.” She stated and pulled me out of my car. I agreed and tried to relax but truth was I couldn’t today was officially our first day in university. Classes started at nine and where twenty minutes early. So we strolled into the cafeteria to grabbed some fruit to nibble on while we waited. “Kyah, hey.” A boy called out from my left. I looked at since Jake jog towards me, I froze. He never texted me back when I texted him on Saturday so I felt kind of stupid. “Hi, Jake.” I smiled shyly. “Hey, Rayne.” He nodded in her direction. ”Hola.” She nodded back then turned picking out an apple she wanted. “Listen, I literally just seen your text message this morning, I went up to my parents house on Saturday for the remainder of the weekend and left my phone in my apartment. I don’t want you to think I was being dick not responding to you.” He explained. “I didn’t think that.” I lied. I kind of did think that. Rayne snorted when she heard so I discreetly stood on her foot with mine until she winced and moved away. She made an excuse to leave and walked over to Dante who was sitting at the table near the window with my other brothers, few jocks and there sigma brothers. Yes, they’re in a frat. When Rayne showed up on her own I seen Dante ask where I was and she nodded in my direction.






The whole fucking table look over my way. To make myself comfortable I put my back to them. “Good because I would have asked you out Saturday if I had of seen that text before I left.” He swore making me laugh. “Don’t worry about it, plenty of other nights for that.” I shrugged. He smiled. “So how’s tonight for you? I can bring you to dinner if you want. Do you like Italian?” He asked. I flushed a little, he was actually asking me on a date. “I love Italian food.” I gushed. It wasn’t a lie, I did love Italian food. “Awesome, so is seven good for you? I’ll walk up to your floor and collect you like I travelled from far away.” He said with his lip curving up. I laughed and blushed again. “Sounds good, see you at seven.” I smiled. “Sweet.” He grinned then kissed my cheek before he turned and left the cafeteria. I just stood there for a few moments then looked to Rayne, she was smiling at me. I scurried over to her. “He ask you out?” She asked. I nodded and smile wide. “He is so cute.” I beamed unable to control my excitement. “Where is he taking you?” Jackson randomly asked. “Good morning to you to my dear brother.” I teased my voice very chirpy. “God, she’s in that giddy happy mood because he asked her out.” Harley groaned. I shrugged. “Yep and you three, actually you four.” I corrected myself and pointed to Justin who has become a friend in the last two days. ”Aren’t going to change that, isn’t that right?” I asked. “What are you insinuating, Kitten?” Justin asked. “Don’t toy with me Bieber, don’t say anything to Jake and that goes for you three as well.” I pointed to my brothers. The guys laughed but nodded making me smile. “Kyah.” A familiar voice called out. “Here we go, the princess is about to be showered upon” Dante rolled his eyes.





I ignored him and turned. I beamed at my dad and walked over trying not to look to eager to hug him. “Daddy.” I said when I close enough for only him to here. I don’t really want everyone hear me call him daddy. “Nervous?“ He asked after kissing my forehead. “Uh huh, I actually think I might throw up before class even starts.” I replied. He laughed loudly making me chuckle myself, I loved his laugh. “Don’t be worrying Cookie, you will fit in perfectly here. Your brain exceeds half the professors here.” He smiled. “You lie.” I said and thumped his arm making him laugh again. “God, I miss you at home Cookie. How is the apartment?” He asked. “It’s great, we're settled in great. I love it.” I beamed. “I’m glad.” He nodded. “And your brothers, they’re looking after you?” He asked getting all dad on me. I rolled my eyes. “Yes, they’re being there usual selves. If Harley had his way I would be wrapped in bubble wrap.” I snarled a little. Dad laughed however. “Harley and I have that in common.” he winked. “C’mon dad, I’m not a China doll. I’m not fragile you know, growing up with those three thoughts me a few moves.” I said sternly. “That’s my girl.” He grinned. “Oh, I actually have great news. I’m going on a date tonight.” I smiled Dad frowned. “Who with?” He asked. “Jake Parker, he is a Junior here.” I replied still smiling. I seen my day nod his head but not at me. “Get to class before you’re late and throw up in front of the class for getting a tardy.” He teased. I gasped and turned to get Rayne. My brother’s where walking my way. I shook my head, dad nodded them over.





“I’m not in the witness protection programme you now.” I said loud enough for the four of them to hear as they talked. I heard them laugh. “What’s that about?“ Rayne asked me when I reached the table again. “The fact I have a date, they’re probably deciding who gets to put a pad lock on my panties.” I shrugged. Justin laughed so I narrowed my eyes at him. “Woo scary.” He teased. I rolled my eyes. “I’ve to go, I’ll catch up with you at lunch my dear.” I nudged Rayne who nodded and began talking to the guys at the table. “Let’s go Kitten.” Justin said and stood up picking up his bag pack. We have the same advanced math classes, I actually forgot. “This will be horrible.” I groaned as we made our way out of the cafeteria. “Why exactly?” He asked. “I’m the dean’s daughter, the only freshman in an advanced math class. Freshman get picked on as it is I don’t need the whole daddy’s girl thing being thrown in my face.” I shrugged. Justin laughed at me. “I’m glad my fears amuse you.” I snarled. “Easy Kitten.” He chuckled again. “You won’t get picked on trust me.” I rolled my eyes. “Why because of who my brothers are?” I asked. “Uh yes, and of course having me as your friend ensures more back up.” He winked. “Could you be more full of yourself?” I asked. “I’m not full of myself, just confident.” I laughed. “Same difference amigo.” I patted his shoulder. “You annoy and amuse me at the same time you know that?” Justin said as he opened the door to our class for me. “I think you just quoted Harley.” I grinned, he chuckled as we entered the room. The room was full, a couple of seats where empty though. I spot a few empty ones near the back. I was going to mention it to Justin but his eyes where focused on the group of girls that surround a seat in the centre of the class. “Your usual seat I take it?” He didn’t answer he just grinned. “Off you go Romeo.” I waved him on. “Meet you after class? You okay finding a seat?” he said then walked off without waiting for my reply.





Why ask that then walk off? “I’m sure it will be a struggle but I’ll manage, thanks for the help, friend.” I called out after him. A lot eyes landed on me when I said the last word. Literally it was like I announced I was a lesbian and wanted to bed each girl in the room. I awkwardly scurried my way to the first empty seat I found which was near the back. I sat next to a guy who looked like he belonged at a World of War Craft convention hidden behind his hood and glasses. But he said hello and seemed nice enough so I returned his hello with a smile and a nod. “I’m Harry.” He added moments later. “Kyah, nice to meet you Harry.” I smiled again.




“You look a little nervous.” He chuckled. I sighed. “Is it that obvious?” I asked and he laughed. “Kind of.” He smiled and took down his hood giving me a better look at him. He was very cute, like very pretty kind of cute. No he was actually gorgeous. To good looking to be straight that’s for sure. I have an awesome gaydar, I can tell them a mile away. Plus the fact he has a half naked guy as the screen of his phone kind of gives it away as well. “He is hot.” I said randomly pointing to his phone on the table in front of him making him laugh. “Agreed.” He smiled nervously. ”He your boyfriend? If you say yes, I’m going to be very jealous!” I said making him laugh again.




“I wish.” Harry exclaimed. ”He is some Irish actor, this is just a dream of what will never be.” Harry frowned but then chuckled. “Never say never.” I shrugged. Professor Thomas who Harry told me was a real pain when asked to repeat himself so I would have to pay attention. Ten minutes into the class the professor took the roster then looked up at me and smiled suddenly. “Miss Edwards.” he called out. “Oh no.” I said and shrunk down low in my seat. “Miss Edwards.” the professor repeated sounding annoyed that he had to repeat himself. “Yes.” I squeaked out. “Come here please.” He gestured me down with a grin on his face. Shit.

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