College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


16. Brother Of The Month

-Kyah's Pov-



“Hello.” Harley said as he answered his phone. I was currently lying my head on Harry’s lap on the living room floor while we watched some Hockey game Justin wanted to watch. Him being from Canada means he is big on Hockey. “Cool… yeah okay… shit that’s any easy grand… okay, later.” Harley said then hung up. “Who was that?” I called out. “Mark.” He answered. “Who are you fighting?” Justin asked so I sat up waiting for the answer. “Toner.” Harley laughed. “Shit, bro that’s easy money.” Justin laughed with him. “You’re fighting tonight?” I asked Harley and he nodded. I turned back to the telly and tried my best not to sulk. I’ve been to two of Justin’s fights so far and none of Harley’s, truth be told I didn’t want to see him in that cage. “Kiki.” He cooed. “Are you worried about me?” “Why do you even ask that question? You know I do.” I said and Harry smiled at me probably thinking I was being cute sisterly cute to my brother.




“It’s an easy fight, too easy.” Harley grunted and I smiled. I was glad it was going to be an easy fight it meant he wouldn’t get hurt, to bad for the other guy but my brother comes first. My phone buzzed in my phone and I took it out. I had a text from Jake, I smiled and clicked it open.




From: Jake
Hey gorgeous, pick you up at eight? I’m taken you to dinner. ;)





“Are you coming to Jed’s?” Rayne asked me. I shook my head while typing back okay to Jake and telling him to collect me from my brothers apartment, he knew where it was. “I’m going out to dinner with Jake.” I shrugged.





She just nodded and I didn’t need to turn around to know they where looking at Justin then at me because they know we had sex last night. “Do you want me to go?” I asked Harley. He shook his head. “Nope it will be over in less than two minutes anyway. Go out with your boyfriend.” He teased and Justin clinched his fists together. “He is not my boyfriend Harley, you basically just called me a slut. You know what Justin and I did last night and you are calling Jake my boyfriend now?” I snapped at him. He leaned against the kitchen counter. “I didn’t mean it like that, Kyah.” He said and I just nodded then turned back around to the TV. After a while Harry had to leave and so did Baila so she could go home and get ready for Jed’s. Jackson kissed her cheek and said he would pick her up when she was ready. “I like her.” I smiled at him when he came back into the apartment. “Cool.” He shrugged.




He was trying to play cool. I heard Dante say one day a long time ago that if I didn’t get along with their girlfriends it would make it awkward to date them without me liking them so I know me liking her is a relief for him. “What she sees in you though is beyond me.” I shrugged and smiled sweetly at him. “You’re in for it now.” Dante laughed. Jackson grinned devilishly. ”I didn’t mean it, I was kidding Jackson - Ahhhhhh.” I playfully screamed as he lunged me. He began tickling my belly and I squirmed and kicked my legs like a mad woman. I heard the others laughing and thankfully after a few minutes Jackson stopped because my phone rang.




“Hello.” I breathed heavily into the phone. “Kyah?” “Mom?” I said and my brothers all looked to me.
Our mom is awesome but we don’t see her much she is very dedicated to her work I guess you could say. “Yes, it’s me, how are you and the boy’s?” She asked in a clipped tone. “We’re fine, I’m with them now at Harley’s” I explained. “I have a new men’s line in and have a ton of new clothes here from them.” She beamed into the phone. “Mom has new clothes for you three.” I said to them. Dante fist pumped, he loved new clothes especially since my mom has her own designer line it means they are very expensive and high profile. She deals with the look that my brothers wear, hats, beanies, baggy, jeans, high tops etc.




They are kind of her inspiration.
“Tell her thank you.” Harley said softly. “Harley says thank you. So does Jackson and Dante.” I added. “Oh, before I forget tell Harley I designed a new beanie he might like. I added his name onto my latest hat line in small print.” She gushed. I smiled big, mom and Harley never really got on so her doing things was big, very big. I repeated what my mom said to me to the boys and Harley dropped his jaw. “She did?” He asked, his eyes wide. I nodded and handed him the phone. He took it and talked for a few minutes I heard him say I love you too and I clapped my hands together. “Did you hear that?” I smacked at Jackson and Dante’s arms. They laughed and me and nodded. “Rayne, did you hear?” I asked and she giggled nodding as well. When Harley was finished he handed me my phone and he was smiling. Yes, finally him and mom aren’t bickering at each other. Praise Jesus.“She wants to talk to you about something you did.” He said to me and my jaw dropped.I asked what and he shrugged. “Hi, I’m back.” I said nervously into the phone “I received a phone call from your father today, young lady how dare you get into physical altercations on campus.” I frowned. “Mom I didn’t mean-” “Wait until I’m finished speaking.” She yelled my brother’s heard her and just looked at me. Mom was mean when she got going. “Yes ma’am.” I spoke softly feeling the tears build up in my eyes. “Now, as I was saying.” She cleared her throat. “You know better than to get into a speck of trouble on campus or off. How on earth did you end up in fight? You’re not good with violence. You’re lucky your father calmed that young girl down enough to not press charges against you” My mom hissed. What, when did this happened? “She wanted to press charges against me?” I gasped.





My brothers stood up as did Justin looking pissed. “You father resolved it, you however are having a meeting with him first thing tomorrow morning. Kyah you cannot get in trouble on campus, you or your brothers. As the dean’s children you have to set an example.” She sighed. “I am very disappointed in you, Kyah.” I bit my lip. “I’m sorry mom, I won’t do it again I promise. Take it back.” I cried into the phone.” She hung up on me though. “She said she is disappointed in me.” I said quietly.




Harley was the first one over to me, he knows what this feels like.

Because our mom is basically married to her job, I strided to get her attention with my good grades in high school and positive attitude. Hearing this was like a punch in the belly. “She doesn’t mean it.” Harley whispered hugging me. “She does, she wouldn’t have said it otherwise.” I cried again. He hugged me tightly. “It’s only because you’re the princess she expects you to be perfect but don’t try to be perfect for mom, don’t try to be perfect at all. Just be Kyah.” Harley mumbled. I nodded. “I have to see dad tomorrow, can you believe had to talk that bitch out of pressing charges. That slut had it coming.” I growled and Rayne laughed. We all looked at her. “I’m sorry but it’s kind of funny, you really have no idea how much like your brothers you are.” “I guess so.” I shrugged. Justin sat on the other side of man and nudged me. “Want to play Need For Speed?” he asked and I smiled wiping my cheeks. “Only if I can be the silver car.” I grinned. “Fine, I’ll pick any other color for my car but silver.” He teased and sat on the floor with me, side by side. I could hear Rayne talking about how cute we where but I shrugged her off and cleared my mind so I could play the game. When playing racing games or doing math, I’m in my element.




~ ~ ~






“What did Jake say about the fight you had with Jessie?” Rayne asked as we walked onto campus the next day. I shrugged. “Like my brothers he thought she deserved it but would rather I didn’t fight. I agree too, now that I’m calm but I don’t regret it.” “How was your date with him?” She asked, curiously. I shrugged again. “It was.. I don’t know.. different? I mean I like him but.. I don’t know.” I said and she smiled but didn’t say anything further about it. Was she happy that I wasn’t exactly clicking with Jake any more? “Are you nervous about the meeting with your dad?” Rayne asked and I groaned. “Of course he rang me this morning and told me not to bring Harley, Jackson or Dante with me. He doesn’t want them to witness something.” I bit my lip, she laughed as we walked into the cafeteria. I spotted Jessie and walked over to her. “Jessie?” I said and she glared at me, her face was slightly bruise with swollen lip and blackened eye. “I’m sorry for hitting you yesterday.” I lied. I didn’t want for an answer instead I whirled around and walked over to my usual table. At least now I could tell my dad I openly apologized to her. “What did you say?” Justin asked. “That I was sorry.” I smiled at him. “Really?” he asked. “Yup, just to tell my dad I said it without him telling me to say it later.” I shrugged and he laughed. “I’ve got a present for you.” Harley’s voice said from behind me. “Me?” I squeaked turning around “Yes, you.” He laughed and handed me a little black box. I clapped my hands together and took it off him opening it finding a beaded bracelet with a silver letter K and silver heart with Little sister on it.






“I love it.” I gushed and hugged him tightly. “Thank you, really Harley. I love it.” I beamed as he put it on my wrist. “Okay, we know who is getting brother of the month now.” I smiled again. “What the whole month? For a bracelet? That’s stupid.” Dante huffed and I laughed. “Why did you get me this?” I asked Harley he shrugged. “I seen it in a shop, it was practically made for you I mean come on it had a K on it and little sister. Coincidence? I think not.” He smiled and we laughed. “Plus, I had that money for the fight last night.” He shrugged. Yes, thankfully he did win his fight. “I hope you didn’t spend to much on it.” I warned. “I didn’t.” He assured me. “We’re going to have to get her something now.” Dante rolled his eyes to Jackson. “Eehemm.” Rayne said with her hand on her hips. “And for Rayne as well, how could I forget about my mamacita.” He added and she smiled. “You don’t need to buy me material things but this is much appreciated.” I beamed again. “Chica it’s almost nine.“ Rayne reminded me. “I don’t feel well.” I frowned.“C’mon, well go with you.” Dante stood up. I shook my head. “He said I’ve to go on me own. He will go easy if you three are there.” I sighed. “You will be fine.” Jackson nudged me off the seat. “I’m so scared.” I whispered before I walked away with every laughing and yelling good luck after me. I slowly walked to my dad's office and knocked on the main door. “Yes?” He asked through a buzzer. I rolled my eyes. “It’s me… sir.” I mumbled trying to be formal. “Come in, Kyah.” He buzzed me through. I opened the door and walked into his office. He was sitting behind his huge desk, his office was like a mini library it was stacked full of books.






“Hi, daddy.” I said and I sat in the seat in front of his desk. “Hey, baby.” He smiled, I smiled back. We went silent then for nearly two whole minutes and it was getting to me, I could feel his eyes boring onto me so I cracked. “I’m sorry I hit her, I shouldn’t have let her provoke me. I should have being the maturer person and walked away but daddy she teased my friend about his sexual orientation and that didn’t sit well with me. I hate violence, I swear it. I really do but not as much since I found out about Harley being a brawler - which I’m annoyed that you never told me about. But honestly I’m dealing better now than I have in years, I don’t freak out any more…. well, not much anyway. My point is I shouldn’t have acted out the way I did, I apologized to her this morning… so yeah. I’m sorry.” I finished while looking at my boots. I heard him snort. “You brother owes be twenty bucks.” He said with a chuckle. I snapped my head up to him. “Excuse me?” I said. “Jackson bet me twenty bucks it would take at least five minutes of glaring and silence to get you to spill the whole story. You did it in less than three.” He laughed. I looked at him horrified. I whipped out my phone.





To: Jackson
You absolute ass, I can’t believe you made a bet with daddy about me. You seen how scared I was coming in here, you could have told me he just want be to tell him everything that happened. Daddy said you owe him twenty bucks. I'm glad you have to pay it, jerk!






“Angry text message to Jackson?” he smiled. “Yup.” I said and put my phone away. “Did she really want to press charges?” I asked and he nodded. “Yes, but I talked her down. I checked the cafeteria CCTV she walked in and pushed you making you spill your drink everywhere clearly provoking you. I don’t agree with the way you handled it but what’s done is done.” He said and I sighed. “So what’s my punishment… am I expelled?” I asked. “Heavens no and not just because you’re my daughter, it’s only girl drama. That’s is not enough to be expelled especially since you both have seem to make peace.” Dad said, I snorted. Yeah, right. “Well that’s good.” I sighed. “So about Harley’s brawling.” I mumbled and he nodded.n“I knew you couldn’t take it if you knew, it’s not causing anyone any harm except the idiots who participate. Your brother and his opponents each train in some way for these brawls and it is constructed with rules so its not dangerous.” He continued. I knew all this but I listened anyway. “Harley seems to enjoy it, the owner of Jed’s is aware it is illegal but it is very well protected. He is a man off money and men of money make sure there income is well kept, so you don’t need to worry about the law being involved.” I sighed, that was one of my worries. “I’ve accept he does it, but I’m obviously not happy about it.” “I agree with you but he is quite the brawler, I went to one of his fights and he won me quite a bit that night.“ Dad smiled and I laughed. Typical guy.






“Oh, sweetie before I forget, your apartment will be okay to move back into on the weekend. All the pipes have being replaced with new ones. I’ve had the whole place inspected. It cost a bit so I just decided to buy the place in full instead of just renting it.” He smiled. “Omigod. Seriously?” I gaped at him. “Yup, you need a place to start off and that place is a fine apartment plus it is close to campus… and your brothers” “And his protective side shows himself again.” I teased. “Can’t help it baby. Did your mom call you?” he asked and I frowned. “Why the frown? What did she say to you?” He asked his jaw setting. “That she was disappointed in me.” I shrugged looking down. He muttered cuss words. “I’ll talk with her, she didn’t get all the details and jumped to conclusions. Damn woman.” Dad said while shaking his head. I nodded and stood up. He came around and kissed my cheek and hugged me. “Nice bracelet.” He smiled. “Harley got me it.” I showed him it proudly. ”Isn’t it beautiful.” I beamed. “Yes it is, just like you pumpkin.” he grinned. “Dad, I’m eighteen and I’m in university. I’m not your little pumpkin any more.” I smiled walking towards the door. “You will always be my little pumpkin no matter how old you are, what university you’re in or how many tattoo’s you get.” he called after me. “Daddy.” I said embarrassed flushing a little red. He laughed and waved me off. “Love you.” I called back “Love you to, pumpkin.” He shouted and I laughed closing the door after me. A student was outside gaping at me. “He is my dad.” I said to her putting a halt to the nasty thoughts she was probably thinking. “Oh, phew. Thank God for that.” She said then knocked on my dads door, he told her to come in a leave the door open. He had to do that when he alone with a student, it’s policy. I didn’t have to because he is my dad. I strolled to my next class which was advanced Calculus.







“Kitten.” Justin waved me over, he saved me a seat next to him. A lot and I mean a lot of girls glared at him as I strolled over to him especially after hearing my nickname. “So, you’re still alive then.” He smirked. “Looks that way.” I smiled. “Dad and Jackson totally made a bet about me, jerks.” I mumbled and he chuckled. I yawned and leaned over resting my head on his shoulder and I heard whispering. “They’re whispering about us again.” I sighed. “God, why do they have to focus on what two friends do. Do they not have lives of there own?” I said loud enough for everyone to hear. They mumbling stopped and I smiled. “Woo, scary voice.” Justin whispered in my ear and I laughed. “How was your date last night?” He said and lightly tensed his body. “It was good, I had fun.” I shrugged. “He brought me to dinner then back home. Just your typical date.” I said and he nodded. “Cool.” He muttered but sounded totally uninterested. I felt my phone buzz so I thought it out and seen I had text from Dante. It was much easier to text on my iPhone that I finally decide to start using.





From: Dante
You look guilty little sister!
Did you eat Rayne’s coochie at breakfast?




To Dante:
What? Ew no, I definitely did not!





From Dante:
Her chocolate coochie?




To Dante:
Rayne is Mexican, not black Dante!





From Dante:
I meant her chocolate cookie not her coochie!




To Dante:
Oh. My. God. I’m dying!!
But no, I did not eat her COOKIE.





From Dante:
Fucking auto-correct.





To Dante:
Best one ever. I’m showing Justin Hahahaha.'






I burst into laughter after texting Dante. Justin smiled. “What’s so funny?” he asked. I handed him my iPhone and he looked at the conversation I just had with Dante he and erupted into laughter as well. “Hilarious.” He said while still laughing. “Her chocolate coochie. I was thinking is he really asking me this question!” I laughed again. Justin was laughing to but he stop when the girl next to him whispered something in his ear. “Kitten, apparently the class thinks we’re dating.” Justin smirked. “My God, no Justin and I are friends. Understand the word friends? Fucking dumb-asses.” I spat. Some students smiled at me while others glared for being called names but whatever now they know.  “Right now?” Justin asked the girl who was still whispering is his ear. I tried to ignore them but honestly the fact she was trying to seduce him bothered me. “It’s nine thirty in the morning, I’m embarrassed for you.” I said. The girl pulled away from Justin’s ear and looked me up and down the looked away from me and Justin. Justin looked to me and I shrugged. “You can do better.” I spoke truthfully. He smiled and shook his head. “What?” I asked then looked back at the half dressed girl. “You can.” I said firmly. He nodded still smiling. “If you want to hook up by all means do just don’t let her touch my stuff.” I hissed the put my ear phones in. My phone then buzzed. I rolled my eyes reading who the text was from.





'From: Justin
Are you jealous? *'




'To Justin:
No, certainly not. And where did you learn my kiss sign? *'





'From Justin:
You sure? Because you don’t have to be and Dante told me. *'




'To Justin:
Figures. I’m not jealous though, what’s that suppose to mean? *'




'From Justin:
I think it’s obvious to everyone but you. **'




I looked at my phone then to Justin and took my earphones out just as our professor came in. “I don’t understand.” I said to Justin.
 He sighed. “Don’t worry about it Kitten.” He assured me then focused on the professor. I looked back to my phone and forwarded that conversation to Rayne’s phone asking if she knew what he meant he wouldn‘t tell me. She texted me back instantly.




From: Rayne
'Sorry chica, no clue. *'





I groaned silently when Justin leaned over to me. “It’s your birthday soon right?” He whispered. I nodded. “In less than two weeks, I think the guys and Rayne are bringing me and Dante to dinner. You of course are invited.” I smiled. “Good, I‘m there.” He smiled. And just like that it was like the phone conversation never happened ad the tension was gone. Thank god.

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