College freshman Kyah Edwards is guaranteed to be popular when she enters university thanks to her brothers. Two of them are seniors & the 'it bad boys'. With her bestfriend Rayne by her side it will be a year to remember but not for all the right reasons.

Things happen & secrets outed, secrets that some people want off the radar. Mainly Kyah who has a huge secret that not even her brothers know about. When Kyah finds out one particular secret about her brother Harley it welcomes her to a world of alcohol, sex, violence - which she hates for a good reason - & of course more bad boys.

Welcome to college life.


7. Big Brother Talk

-Kyah's Pov-


“Harry, omigod help.” I whispered and he chuckled. “Don’t laugh help me, I’m going to puke.” I almost cried. “He will just ask you solve the equation, go on. He does this every year to new students.” He laughed and nudged me. I silently walked down to front of the class. “Everyone say hello to Miss Edwards.” The professor beamed, the class murmured hello’s and there was a whistle or two so I did the awkward half wave thing. “The only freshman to take on my classes ladies and gents.” He said proudly. I flushed red and looked down. “I take it your good with math then my dear?” I just shrugged not trusting myself to speak in case I got sick. “Can you solve this?” he gestured the equation that was bored. I already did out the equation in my notebook when he called the roster so that eased my mind a bit. “Sure.” I said, he smiled and handed me his white board marker. I repeated what I did in my notebook onto the board. “That’s meant to be two squared not just two and you forgot to carry your eight over.” I said quietly to the professor as I change his mistake and finished the equation and handed him back his marker. He let out a loud cackled laugh. “Right you are.” He said after he re-checked the board. He told me I could go back to my seat so I did very quickly, I got stares off the students but didn’t meet any of there gazes. I slumped down in my seat and received a side hug from Harry. “Well done.” He beamed. I smiled, I only just met this guy and he already seemed like a cool dude. “Thanks.” I whispered back with a little smile. The rest of the class went by and before I knew it, it was lunch. “Lunch?” I said to Harry as we walked down the steps. “I’ve no classes for an hour, I’m going the library for awhile. We have most of our classes together though, I’ll meet up with you later.” He assured. "You wound me but I’ll let you away with it because you’re good looking with great taste in guys.” I bounced making him laugh. He kissed my cheek. “Thanks for not being weird around me.” He whispered. I knew what he meant. “I like you the way you are.” I grinned. He smiled as he waved walking towards the main building. “Impressive Kitten.” Justin fell in step with me as I left the class. “Go away.” I said and quickened my pace. “Hold up”. he said and took hold of my arm. “What’s wrong?” he asked me. “You knew he would ask me to that equation!” I hissed. “He does it to all the new students, who am I to mess with tradition?” He laughed loudly then checked out a blonde who walked in front of him. I shook my head and turned away from him.






“Kyah.” He called after me still laughing. Asshole, I thought and made a beeline for the cafeteria. “Whoa there, pretty lady.” Jake said as he took my arm steadying me. I re-flexed a pulled it back. “You scared me.” I laughed a little. “Sorry.” He smiled. “I’m really looking forward to tonight.” “Me too.” I said gleefully. I was looking forward to it. “I think your brother’s want to talk to me first though, they’ve being trying to get a hold of me all morning at different times.” He chuckled. I flushed. “I’m so sorry, this is so embarrassing.” I said shaking my head.nFucking brothers. He took my hand in his and rub the back of it with his thumb. “Don’t be, I would be the same way if I had a sister.” He smiled. Thank God he was understanding of the protective brothers. “I’ll talk to them now when they come in, that way they don’t have to chase me down any more.” He joked. I blushed again feeling embarrassed. I felt a presence next to us and when I looked to my right I was correct. “Jake.” Justin nodded. “Justin.” Jake nodded back. “C’mon Kitten, I’m starving lets get to our table already.” Justin said to me. “Kitten?” Jake raised his eyebrows. Justin seemed amused with his reaction. “Its just a nickname he has for me, I don’t know where he came up with it.” I said laughing nervously. Justin draped his arm over my shoulder and it made Jakes face set to stone. “Are you two-” “Just friends, he enjoys aggravating me.” I cut Jake off and elbowed Justin but he didn’t move his arm. “Friends with a female?” Jake chuckled. “That’s a first Bieber.” He continued grinning. I felt Justin tense beside me. “Don’t start with me, Parker.” Justin said and Jake raised his hands. “You got a great girl for a friend that’s for sure.” He winked at me and I blushed. “See you tonight?” He said to me. “At seven.” I beamed. He smiled and turned walking to a table with some other guys from the basketball team, I heard some of them asking him if he had a death wish go after the girl Justin Bieber wanted. I rolled my eyes they where wrong, Justin and I are just friends he did want me.








“Justin.” I whined in a whisper. “What?” He chuckled pretending he didn't know what I was talking about. “You know what, you’re doing the protective thing. Knock it off.” I frowned. “Don’t frown Kitten, it will give you wrinkles.” He said to me what I said to the blonde girl in my apartment on Friday. “So funny.” I said and thumped his arm. He laughed and walked with his arm over me to our table where Rayne said. “What was that with Jake?” She asked while eating a sandwich. Justin sat next to me and ate his own food. “Justin being rude, and Jake being sweet. Nothing really.” I shrugged as Justin snorted. “Oh, I heard you corrected your professor today.” Rayne laughed. My eyebrows shot up. “I did not.” I gasped. “You kind of did Kitten, remember with the equation on the board?” Justin said while eating a sandwich.  I flushed. “I didn’t do that openly though, I just fixed the equation for him.” I shrugged. “That’s the same thing, you still corrected him.” Rayne giggled. “Shut up.” I mumbled making her chuckle again. “Oh, I met this guy.” I beamed thinking of Harry. “A new guy?” Rayne gaped. “Seriously first Justin, then Jake now-” “Hold up, there was no Justin. They where good luck kisses.” I pointed out. Justin snorted but didn’t say anything. “I have a date with Jake tonight which I am stoked about and Harry - the guy I sat next to in class.” I added that part for Justin who nodded. “Is so sweet, I like him a lot.” I beamed. Rayne frowned. “So you going on a date with him as well?” She asked. I laughed. “You have this all wrong, Harry’s typical date would look somewhat like Justin I presume.” I smiled. Justin coughed so I patted his back laughing. “Oh, he is… gay.” She whispered. “Yup and he is awesome, I’m bringing him to lunch tomorrow.” I smiled. Justin laughed. “He won’t come to this table.” Rayne and I frowned. “Why not?” I asked biting into an apple I robbed on Justin.






“He just won’t, trust me.” Justin said. I frowned when I realized its because he was a brawler and so was my brother. They and there friends where considered the bad-ass guys. “Well, I’ll sit somewhere else with him then.” I shrugged. “Whatever.” Justin sighed. “Yeah, whatever.” I said and bit the apple again. ”That’s mine by the way, Kitten.” He said looking at the apple in my hand. “Tough, it’s mine now. It‘s half gone anyway.” I shrugged. Before I realized what happened I was thrown over Justin shoulder and the apple fell on the floor. “Awe man, what was the point in that? Now neither of us can eat it.” I whined gripping onto Justin hips so I wouldn‘t fall. Justin laughed a swatted my behind hard with his hand and I yelped. “Ow!” I laughed. I seen people staring, some where laughing at us so I wriggled trying to break free. “Put me down, Justin.” I said. “Nope.” He laughed. I spotted my brother walking into the cafeteria. “Jackson, help.” I squeaked. He laughed as he walked to the table along with blonde some girl. I reached my arms out to him and hooked them around his neck. He lifted me down and I smiled in victory. “Ha.” I said to Justin like a little kid who got my way. “He won’t be there to help you all the time.” He winked and rubbed my ass. I raised my eyebrows and I froze in my spot.





“Are you rubbing my sister’s ass, bro?” Dante’s voice said from behind Justin. Justin laughed. “I had chalk on my hand from when I grabbed her, I’m wiping it off.” He explained as he removed his hands. He did not do wipe motions, he did rubbing motions the pervert. Dante grinned but nodded and sat down beside Rayne giving her a kiss. “I need to talk to you both and Harley.” I said to my brothers. “Where is Harley actually?” I asked glancing around looking for him. Justin laughed. “Behind you.” He said. I turned around and seen Harley talking to Jake. “Hell no.” I said and tried to walk towards them but Justin stopped me. “It’s the big brother talk, he has to give it to him.” He whispered in my ear. “If he scares him of I swear I will... never talk to him again.” I finished. Justin laughed at me then let me go so I could sit back down. Harley strolled over to the table moments later. “Do I still have a date tonight?” I hissed at him. “Of course you do, I just told him nicely that if he does anything against your wishes or upsets you in anyway and he won’t see his senior year.” Harley shrugged. My brother’s laughed and knuckle touch as along with Justin. “You threatened to murder him?” I gasped. “Just a little bit.“ Harley grinned and me. “He probably won‘t show up for our date now.” I frowned. “Hopefully he won‘t“ Harley muttered. I glared at him. “Harley do you care for me at all?” I asked. He gaped at me. “More than anyone.” He said flatly as if it was a stupid question. “And what about you two?” I asked my other two brothers. They said the same thing as Harley and looked at me to see where I was heading with his.






“Then why do you all continue to upset and embarrasses me?” I said and then stood up grabbing my bag. “This is why I ask you all lay off her all the time, you don’t realise how little and crappy you make her feel. Culo's.” I heard Rayne hiss at my brothers as I walked out of the cafeteria.

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