The Crackling

The myths and legends are slowly but surely coming to life. She won't leave one alive. Her prey? Us. We have to escape her. Somehow cheat her? Trick her. With enough of us in the plan we can confuse her treat her like the prey. Although she is anyway. I mean seriously? Wants some demon child morbid monster running amok around a town or village? I might be speaking for myself but defiantly not me!


1. The Myths

He was weak. Nothing else was to be done. They couldn't of ever saved him. He caught it... The illness... The disease sent from the sky from Death. One that had no cure... But one. No-body liked the consequences of that though. Unless you had an ice cold heart, then you might. But you follow in your parents footsteps as they did in their parents and it goes on and on. Its no-body's fault but at the same time everyone is to blame for this infection. Its something that at some time in your life everybody will get. Its when you become weaker, less stable, lose your memory. You must rest, constantly. But what does that do? Apart from make it gently more painful bit by bit. And only the one who created it can stop it. Death. Death created it so Death is the answer.

Death follows you. Watches. Remembers every little detail that has happened throughout your whole life, any important ones anyway, like a grudge he could hold against you. One he could hold against for the rest of your human life. He never forgets. Any regrets? Don't worry death won't let you forget them he will send them and leave them to linger in the deepest darkest corner of your mind. And he will force you to re-enact these almost like your at a panto, but your the evil villain, stood, center stage, the one the audience is booing and jeering at, throwing their popcorn and soda at. Imagine if that was you. Your cheeks going bright red, tears forming like small twinkling stars in your eyes.

Then you wake up finally away from the embarrassment but your eyes remain closed, your body sits bolt up. You calm down, the fact that your living on you own now hardly helps your situation. You feel a slight breeze coming from infront of you. Directly infront of you! Wait! Your windows bolted shut and to the right of you! You hear a slight crackling and the 'breeze' becomes more intense, and more like a small arctic wind against your face. You keep your eyes firmly closed. You then hear more crackling followed by a small sly chuckle. Your not alone.....

Your heart begins to beat as loud as a drum in your head. You pulse is quickly getting faster, you mind is just a scribble of confusion now as you feel your eyes beginning to move hastily, your forehead begins to sweat and now you can feel your whole body shaking. Your bottom lip begins to tremble as your mind rushes back into the dark corner of regret. You can feel the blood surging in your brain as you pluck up the courage to open your eyes.

Your eyes open as fast as a bullet and you see two black eyes staring into yours  but these are staring right into your soul. Looking desperately for your dark side. The part of you that you don't know about yet, the part of you that you that secretly sides with the devil. This creature longs to find that side of you. The one who you have heard of in the myths, the myths of a young girl with skin whiter than snow and is cold as ice to the touch. And eyes as black as the night without the moon or the glistening stars. As well as joints which crack with every movement she makes and with every grin the longer her mouth grows and rosy red blood streams down her frozen cheeks leaving a trail behind it. 



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