Two is better than one

Two girls, four guys, one problem


2. Meeting them, officially

 Ella's pov 

You know them!" I asked.
"Yeah, we're pretty close," she said like it was no big deal.
"Can you introduce them to me? Please please! If you do, I'll introduce you to Wesley and Zayn ;)" 
"Fine." She said to me, "Niall, Keaton! Hey guys!" 
They came over and she introduced us together. 
"Hi," Niall said, "hey aren't you the girl who works at Nando's, Ella right? Remember her Keaton?"
"Oh yeah, how could I forget this beautiful girl?" Keaton asked. I blushed.
"Thanks Keaton, and yeah Niall I am." I said.
"Yeah, we should hang out." Niall said.
"Yeah Niall that would be great! Well I gotta go guys see you soon hopefully." I said.
"Yeah totally!" Keaton said.
"Yeah, bye!" Niall said.
"Bye Jenna!!! Still on for is afternoon. I got the whole afternoon off because someone filed a complaint!" I said.
"Yeah! Totally! Wouldn't miss our annual single girls club for the world!" Jenna screamed.
"Well bye, once again!" I said  

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