This is rated yellow because it might be creepy to some people. There is nothing in here that is inappropriate though.

"Red." The word falls from my lips into the darkness surrounding me. "Blue." I utter the words as if they are gold, as if they carry out a command to end the world. But they are meaningless words. They are simple syllables that don't exist. At least that's what my mind keeps telling me. The messages I get say otherwise.


Emily lives in a world where nearly all of the world is chipped. That means that a computer chip is implanted in their brain. It provides them easy access to social media and it tracks them, ‘for safety.’ But Emily begins to get messages from someone outside of the government. The messages contain words and syllables that don’t exist. But Emily is intrigued by them. She finds out about Activation and soldiers. She also begins to fall in love.

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1. One

Chapter 1

I’ve never liked the ocean. It's taunting waves push you one way and then the next. You lose all sense of direction. The ocean plays various games of ‘who can I knock to the ground’ and ‘what do you think would happen if I threw salt water in this kids mouth?’ It punches you and knocks the air out of you. It’s even killed some people. But the ocean isn’t some horrible food you can quickly spit out. It has a bad aftertaste too.

I remember plenty of nights where I closed my eyes and was transported. The ocean invaded my mind. Waves rocked me back and forth. I could feel it. Salt water hit my face over and over. I could taste it. But I couldn’t see anything. Darkness covered my vision and intruded my thoughts. It was a nightmare but a reality because I was not yet asleep. My eyes would flutter open as my lungs heaved a breath of relief. But all I could do for the rest of the night was stare at the drab walls of my bedroom, as the unseen ocean rocked me.

I usually had a pounding headache the next day. I’d have to get my mom to look at my chip while I complained. A few button pushes on her programmer would fix the problem but a vile taste was always left in my mouth.

This year my mom is part of the 2069 project to save the ocean. She’s super enthusiastic and always trying to get people involved. I think she’s crazy. In my opinion there is no point to the project and we haven’t made ANY progress. No one even visits the beach or swims in the ocean anymore. Right now everyone wants the new technology coming out. Many companies have been inspired by the fact that more than half the world was chipped. They’ve come out with lots of new things. But this causes a problem for the 2069 project. People want the new technology, so they have to get rid of their old stuff. Their solution is to just dump it. They dump it on the beach and into the ocean. People may clean things up, but someone will always make a mess again.

Even with my great dislike of the ocean, I still have to help my mom. But I try to stay out of the water. My main job is to pick up trash. I’ve found crazy things! One time I found an old cell phone. Its slide out keyboard had sand in its cracks and its screen was frozen with the words ‘new message.’ I asked my mom if I could keep it but she said that we are fully committed to the chipped technology. In other words, the cell phone would be useless. Another time I found a speaker attached to an iPod. I held it up to my ear hoping to hear some music but only silence resided around me, silence mixed with the sound of the ocean gently pounding against the beach.

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