I was what?

Luna and Her twin brother Niall are famous. Nialls Famous for being in one direction while Luna is a solo artist. Luna hadent seen Niall since they were babys. Luna Was put up for adoption and was raised in England. She was raised with five other kids in Doncaster.


2. So the guys know

Niall's Pov

My mum decided to call me one day during the first tour.

"Hey mum!"

"Hello Niall. I have some news to tell you." My imediate reaction was Uh-oh.


"Well i guess...This isnt easy to tell you Ni."

"Mum Just Tell Me!"

"Well You have a twin sister named Luna. She was put up for adoption as a baby because your father only wnated a boy."

"So you just got rid of her!" i was gettign a it angry

"Niall, I loved Luna. I wanted to keep her so much but When i protested youre father hit me."

"but still."

"he took her out of her crib that night and rought her to an adoption center. When you were five greg mentioned Luna and your father grabed you and Greg and took you away from me."

"Mum, do you know where she lives now?"

"Well i do know that she was moved to an adoption center in england. And her adoptive mothers name is Jay."

"ok thanks fo telling me mum, i have to go we are recording now."

"Ok i love you niall."

Louis. i imedatly went to Louis. 

"LOU!!!" i screamed

"WHAT!!!" he screamed back

"so um your moms name is Jay right."


"And a sister named Luna right?"

"Ya why?"

"whens her birthday?"

"Spetem-, wait the same day as yours."

"Oh, does she look like anyone else you know?"

"Well you do remind me of her alot."

"Hmm, another question, does she happen to be adopted?"

"How did you-"

"Louis shes my twin sister!"

"No way!!!" Louis looked freaked.

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