I was what?

Luna and Her twin brother Niall are famous. Nialls Famous for being in one direction while Luna is a solo artist. Luna hadent seen Niall since they were babys. Luna Was put up for adoption and was raised in England. She was raised with five other kids in Doncaster.


1. Record Label

Im Luna Tomlinson. I have Long black hair with bright turqouise on my bangs. My actual hair is Brown but i hated it. My eyes are a crystal blue. a bit like my brothers. Oh ya  my family.I have five siblings. My oldest Brother Louis (21), then Me( 19), Then Lottie (15) then Fizzy (13) then the twins (9). I hadent seen Louis since he left for the "X Factor". I never whched the show because i was always at college. I Was Singing in my dorm Room one night when i got a nock on the door.

"Hello?" i said after opening the door.

"Yes hello miss im Simon Cowel owner of the record label Syco Records. id like to give you a deal."

"I well uh geese im still in school." i said. "uh...Sure ill take it" i said after thinking about it.

"Alright wel heres my card howbout you stop by tomorrow?" Simon Said. 


"Oh and uh i never did catch your name."

"Luna, Luna Tomlinson."

Simon's Pov

Tomlinson! i do remember Louis mentioning his sister Luna. Hmm I actually though it was Niall singing in  that room.

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