I was what?

Luna and Her twin brother Niall are famous. Nialls Famous for being in one direction while Luna is a solo artist. Luna hadent seen Niall since they were babys. Luna Was put up for adoption and was raised in England. She was raised with five other kids in Doncaster.


3. Lulu Calls

Louis' Pov

Wait what! my mom had mentioned to me before about Luna being adopted. But is this a big cowinkydink her being Nialls biological sister. We share a sister. last time  herd from Lulu was before i left for the show. Normaly we were inseprable Lou and Lulu. but we hhad a small agrument before i left. Soon after Niall left i got a hone call. i puled out my phone checked the caller id.

Incomming call - Lulu

"Lulu!!" i yelled

"Lou!!" She yelled back.

"whats up with my little carrot?"

" Oh my god louis you wont belive this but i got a recording deal!"

"Wow i told you you were a good singer!" she sings just like Niall.

" Ya so um how did the X factor go. i never watched im very busy at college."

" So you have no clue about the guys?" 

"what guys?"

"LULU!!! ONE DIRECTION!!! for flaming carrots sakes. Tell me you at least listen to the radio!"

"oh ya um ive only herd one song though. i thought it souned like you!"

"An way what label did you get with?"

"Syco Records."

"Wow good old uncle simon."


"oh nothng we call simon uncle simon. he gave us our recording deal to."

"Really cool!"

"Simon did mention we would have an rising arist that e found yesterday, preforming and going on tour with us."

"And he told me id be going to tour with some one famous! So i guess its you guys!"

"Yea cool. well i gotta go Lulu i love you!"

"Luv you too Lou." she giggled at the rhyming in that.

"Bye love"


Gosh that was so hard knowing shes Nialls sister.

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