I was what?

Luna and Her twin brother Niall are famous. Nialls Famous for being in one direction while Luna is a solo artist. Luna hadent seen Niall since they were babys. Luna Was put up for adoption and was raised in England. She was raised with five other kids in Doncaster.


7. FOOD! and Fans.

A/N Ok guys im kinda stuck at a bump in the road here and i realy have no clue what to do with this story. Im sorry i took me so long to update but at least i did right? Well sorry that it sucks but ya!


Liam's Pov.

WHY! why did i tell her. I barley even know her, but i cant bare to see her hurt. 

"Liam, i dont know how i feel about you, i mean we just met and all."

"Ya i know but i cant help but feel like we are ment to be together."

She just hugged me. "Liam, you're crazy." she whispered into my ear.

I forced a laugh, "Ya i guess i am." i said.

we decided to go to the kitchen because it was getting to be around dinner time. Harry was making our dinner, so we kew it would be good.

He made Spaghetti and Meatballs with his homemade pasta sauce.HE also made some garlicbread and it was delicious!

Niall and Luna were like eating and eating im glad Harry made alot because otherwise i wouldnt have gotten any.

"You eat just like Niall." Zayn said to Luna.

"Well he is my twin isnt he" she said after swallowing another bite of food.

"She's right" Niall mumbled, his mouth still full of food.

"Ni really your mouth ful, dont talk." i scolded him.

"Ok DAD!" he said.

I just rolled my eyes.

"alrighty im going to go outside and get some air for a bit ill be back in later" Louis said.

"Ok Lou!" we all yelled.

Louis' Pov.

I never realized home much shes like Niall. whatever i went out side for some air and i was sitting on a bench when i herd a small shreek.

FANS! i imediatly shot up and arted back ot the bus.

befor i could make it one of them grabed my arm and i was being pulle into a small dark cave.

"WHere am i?" i asked.

"Here." a girl with Curly black hair and dark brown eyes said.

"Your ours now." another girl, with straight blonde hair and blue eyes said.

"You have to let me out of here. I will get managment!" i yelled.

"No can do Lou." then i realized, they were the two girls who Luna always got picked on by, ad this was the place where they beat up lulu.

"can i atleast send a quick message to my sister, you can read it." i asked


I texted Lulu and it said. 'remember 5th grade?'

she had ben brought here every day in 5th grade to be beten up by these two.

"What a dumb message." the blonde said.

Luna's Pov

LOUS WAS GONE! then i got a text from him, 'Remember 5th grade?'


We ran to that small cave and found Louis and the two girls i hated, Miranda and Gabby.

We got Louis untied and ran out.

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