Changes (16+)

"Ugh. Mercel is looking dont look"
"I dont know. Hes been diffrent lately"
"Well dont pay attention. He wont change. He'll always be a nerd"
"You never know"



1. Morning Sunshine

I felt a hand on my back, shaking me to wake me up. I groaned and pulled my covers over my hair.

"Ally, its 7:00 and you have to go to school" My mother said in her morning voice. It was raspy and low. "For what so my teachers can make me miserable like everyday" I said digging my face in my matress. "Ally, get up now" She demanded. I shook my head no. She sighed and ripped off my sheets.

I felt the cold air from my fan hit me and i immedietly curled up in a ball and hid my face in my knees. "I'll get up, just 5 more minutes. Damn" i said agrivated. She knows i hate when she does that. "Ally, you know i hate when you swear" My mom reminded me. As if she hasnt told me 100 times a week.

I finally got the strength to get out of my bed and head to the shower. I took a quick shower and tried to decide on a outfit. I pulled out and put back dozens of outfits until i got to a outift.

It was a Short cute dress with a brown silk sweater, blue nails, Golden bracelet, and some vintage shoes. After i was down, i grabbed my brown gucci purse and ran downstairs.

"Bye mom im off to school!" I waved at my mom and stepped into my red sports car i got for my 18th birthday, put the key in, and put it in drive, And was on my way to school


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