"I'll see you, tomorrow." He called as he walked out of the driveway and into his. I lay on my bed. Hoping he was right. I walked out on to the balcony. He looked up from his laptop and waved. I smiled and he came out to his window. "Miss me already?" He laughed. "If only you knew." --


12. Niall POV





            ** Nialls POV **


         We were all on the bed laughing about our little sing along, i put my arm around Demi and whispered in her ear, " can i talk to you later?'' She nodded her head.

           A few minutes later we were finally all calmed down and decided to have a movie night. Harry, Rae, and Demi looked at each other and ran out of the room, "what are they doing?" Liam asked. "when every they used to have movie nights they'd all get into there matching pajamas and watch mean girls and The Woman in black, so i guess that there changing and then were gonna watch those." Jake answered. "oh." We all said. We all went and changed into our PJs, which were sweats and tank tops. we all sat down and Harry and the girls came out in matching Onsies, Harrys Was Blue And Said Hazza,Rae's Was Pink and Said RaeRae, and Demi's Was Teal and said Priness.

      "whos Ready For a Movie night?!?" Rae asked Excited. "I'll Go Get some snacks." Demi Said. "Ill Help." I Said Hopping up. we went to the kitchen and Demi Got Some Popcorn out of the cubbord and put it in the microwave, as we waited we started talking. "So Demi i wanted to ask you something." I told Her. "Yeah?" She ask smiling. "Would you do me the honors of Joining me on a date?" I asked hopefully. "Yes Niall i would love to!" She Said. I was so happy. we got the popcorn out of the microwave and took it into the Living room and she sat by Rae and Harry and i sat by Liam and Louis. The seats Went Liam, Me, Louis, and Zayn on the couch, Jake in the recliner, and Harry Rae and Demi on the floor. This is gonna be a fun movie night.

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