"I'll see you, tomorrow." He called as he walked out of the driveway and into his. I lay on my bed. Hoping he was right. I walked out on to the balcony. He looked up from his laptop and waved. I smiled and he came out to his window. "Miss me already?" He laughed. "If only you knew." --


14. Next day

     ** Rae's pov**

    I woke up the next morning still next to Harry. I looked up at his sleeping figure, and smiled. He stirred a little bit and opened his eyes. " good morning beautiful." He said. "Good morning." I replied. I started to try to get out of bed but Harry held me tighter," where are you going?" He asked. "FOOOD, I need It!" I told him. He chuckled and got out of bed with me and walked down stairs. We were the only ones up and decised to make everyone breakfast. We made pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and hash browns. There was so much food that Niall could eat all he wanted and thre would still be enough for everyone else. Niall came down first with Demi close behind, Demi eats almost as much as Niall. They got there food and then Liam Louis and Jake came down. The only one we were missing was Zayn. Louis went to go wake him up and all we heard was a splash and a loud scream. He through water on Zayn! Zany s gonna be sooo mad.

     Louis ran down stairs followed by a mad, wet Zayn.  " Louis I'm gonna get you back for this! " Zayn said angrily and went to go change. " yeah, sure mate." Louis said. 

     " let's do something today."jake said. " Yeah least go to the laser tag place!" Harry said. I thought it was a good idea and nodded. "Ok yeah" everyone said. We all went and got ready and off we went.




   Hey guys, sorry if its not that great today, I ha to wright on my phone and only had a little time to right, sorry also that I dident update a few days ago, I was really busy. Ill try to update more and better next time :) 

       <3<3 Emylie

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