"I'll see you, tomorrow." He called as he walked out of the driveway and into his. I lay on my bed. Hoping he was right. I walked out on to the balcony. He looked up from his laptop and waved. I smiled and he came out to his window. "Miss me already?" He laughed. "If only you knew." --


17. Lazer taggen



     **Rae pov**

       Were in our way to play lazer tag and I'm so excited. I'm in a car with Harry, Louis, Demi and Niall. In the other car is Jake, Liam, and Zayn. Jake and I are driving because we know how to get there.

      We arrived and split into groups of four. Me, Harry, Louis, and Liam, agenst Demi, Niall, Zayn and Jake. We were blue team and they were red. Bwcause the boys are famous we were able to rent the whole place out. We got on out designated side and got our vests and guns. This will be fun, the doors opened and we all ran in to fid hiding places. I ran up into a tower and  perched myself at the top waiting for someone to come by. After a few minutes I saw someone running my way I soon recognized it to be Zayn and started shooting at him got got him three times before he finally found me and started shooting back. I backed up a little and saw someone else coming. It was Harry! He started shooting at Zayn and chased him away, after that encounter I decided to get down and find someone else. I stared running around and I ran right into jake. He caught me from falling being the great big bro he is, and as soon as I had my balance I began shooting him, he was caught off guard so when I was done I ran far and fast. I ran behind a wall to catch my breath and hide. I turned around to come face to face with Harry. I stated ini his beautiful emerald eyes and I couldn't help but be mesmerized. I noticed him leaning in and I did the same.  Our lips touched and there fireworks going off it was amazing. We soon pulled apart due to the sound of Harry's vest being shot. We turned around to find Niall smirking and Demi giggling. Harry and I both shot them and ran away laughing. We ran into Louis and he joins us and we found Liam and he joined us to. The four of us stayed together and shit everyone we saw. Our team ended up winning :). 





 hey guys sorry if this isent that good. I've been really busy and I don't know if its good or not. Leave comments if you liked it and sorry I haven't been able to do my updates lately. I've been really busy the past few days and haven't had time. Sorry :(. 

    <3 <3 Emylie

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