"I'll see you, tomorrow." He called as he walked out of the driveway and into his. I lay on my bed. Hoping he was right. I walked out on to the balcony. He looked up from his laptop and waved. I smiled and he came out to his window. "Miss me already?" He laughed. "If only you knew." --


1. Meeting Him ~Cheyenne~

Rae's point Of View

 "Sweetheart come down here." My mother called from downstairs. Tonight she was having Harry's family over for dinner. Jake and Harry were best friends. I hugged Anne and shook Robin and Harry's hand. I started for the stairs. "Don't be rude, Rae." my mom scolded. I sat down at a seat across form Harry. "So Rae, what do you do for fun?" Anne asked. I sat up. "Read, play instruments and defiantly mess around in the recording booth." I said chuckling. "I'm sure Rae would love to show Harry the instruments." My mom said volunteering me. "Of course." I said getting up. Harry got up too. I grabbed his hand and lead him upstairs. "That's the booth, my instruments, and my thinking area." I said pointing to each one. "Thinking area?" Harry chuckled. "For writing music. I picked up my faded purple notebook and flipped through it. I heard terrible strumming coming from where my guitar, Leah was. "Don't touch that." I said walking over to Harry. He put it down. "play for me." He said. I picked up Lilly and strummed. Up. Down. Up. Up. Up. Down. I counted each beat. I strummed once when I got to Dmj indicating i was done. He clapped. "Where's jake?" He asked confused. "Out shopping with Samantha." I said putting Lilly on the stand. Samantha is my little sister. She's fourteen. "Wanna go for a walk?" He asked. I nodded and grabbed my coat. We walked downstairs. "We're going for a walk." I called to my mom. Harry and I walked out the door. 

`10 minutes later` 


 "Harry. Stop. Put. Me. Down." I screamed in-between laughs. He ran faster. "Ah." I screamed. The cold air hit my face. He placed me down on the grass, and crawled next to me. "Your beautiful." He spoke. I could see his breath. I blushed. And I was more than grateful that he couldn't see. His thumb caressed my cheek. He leaned in. Was he really about to do this? Well I'm not going to stop him, right? A million thoughts raced through my head. He pressed his lips against mine. It was a quick kind of thing. Not too long. Not too short. Just perfect. He smiled. I got up. I ran into the house. And up to my bedroom. He knocked on the door frame. "Yes." I said. He entered the room. He was smirking. "Best night of my life." He fell onto the bed. I cuddled into his chest. "There you are-" Jake started. "What the hell is this?" He said smirking. Harry looked up and laughed. "Jake." He smiled. He got up and they did their stupid bro-shake as they like to call it. I laughed. "Your dating Rae-Rae now?" Jake asked. "I don't know." 


 Soon enough it was time for Harry to leave. I slipped a note into his jacket pocket. "One day I'll collapse into my bed and you'll be lying next to me, and it will be our bed, and everything will be, okay." I whispered in his ear. He smiled, kissed my cheek and left with his parents. 

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