The final power

There are those in the world who have powers however there are others out there intent on stealing those powers for themselves.


1. Introduction

   There are some people in the world who have supernatural talents or powers as you may call them. These people display these powers at the age of sixteen however they don’t wake up sixteen years old and suddenly can read minds. No there are stages to developing a power or powers.


1) Firstly their senses will heighten. Sight, sound, smell, taste, feel will be more sensitive and sharper.

2) They will have an increasing detachment from normal life and will find it difficult to connect with other people and focus on tasks.

3) They will suffer from extreme emotions making them not think clearly and it can lead to changes in their personality.

4) They will actually start to have powers and will be able to use almost any power they want.

5) Finally they will specialise into one power or a set of powers. 

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