The final power

There are those in the world who have powers however there are others out there intent on stealing those powers for themselves.


4. Chapter three

   Sam and Jake kept travelling keeping one step ahead of the shadows.

   “I have to go and get us some food” Jake said “I will be back soon.”

   He kissed Sam making her heart flutter in her chest.

   “Wait can I come with you?”

   “You can’t they may be out there I can’t risk you running into them” Jake said.

   “I hate this being stuck in hotel rooms and hardly going out only to run from the shadows.”

   “I know it will be over soon” Jake said.

   “How will do you know?”

   “You will know you won’t be able to do certain things you use to do and when you have a power you will use it automatically it will feel like the most natural thing in the world.”

   Jake kissed Sam one last time before leaving.

   It was about half an hour later, the awful sensation of dread washed over Sam. Something was wrong.

   Unable to shake the feeling Sam got the emergency phone and called Jake. There was no answer. He should have answered straight away this is not a good sign.

   Sam was panicking a little and decided to go and find Jake. She knew which way he would have gone. Sam picked up her bag and the emergency phone, she wrote a note to Jake in case he came back. Sam left the room closing the door behind her.



   Jake was hauled from the ground and slammed against the brick wall. A shadow put it's face close to Jake's face and snarled where is she?

   “I don't know what you are talking about Jake said.

   The shadow delivered another blow to Jake's stomach cutting off his breathing. Jake crumpled to the floor he was dragged up by his coat and slammed against the wall again.

   “I know you are lying tell us where the girl is?

   “No Jake spat in it's face which was greeted by punches to his gut and rib cage. A couple of his ribs snapped and Jake grind his teeth in pain.

   The shadow held him in place and whispered in his ear you can stop this just tell us where the girl is.”


   The shadow lost it's temper and punched Jake in the face shattering the sunglasses, the glass tearing the skin as it travelled across his face landing in broken pieces on the floor. Jake cried out in agony; his blood blinding him.

   The shadow was readying itself to deliver another punch when it stiffened, it's eyes rolled back into it's head, it's grip loosened on Jake and it fell to the ground. Jake follow he dropped to the ground in a broken heap.


   Sam stood there astounded by what she had done. Following the path she heard signs of a struggle and upon seeing Jake unleashed some power that had stopped the form. Although for how long was unknown.

   Sam ran to Jake whose face was covered in blood and a bright, purple bruise blossomed on his cheekbone.

   “Jake Sam said kneeling down beside him.

   Jake was slow to respond. They came out of- nowhere they were after you- I thought I was careful I was- watching out for them Every word was a struggle for Jake.

   “I will get us out of here Sam said and took his hands. She thought of a place and imagined being there. Sam waited for the weightless feeling, there was nothing. Sam opened her eyes they were still in the same place. Sam tried again there was no change.

   “It's not working Sam said panic creeping into her voice.

   “Are you doing it right?

   “Yes but it's not working like I can't tap into it anymore.”

   Jake’s face scrunched up in thought.

   “Your energy doesn't seem as- strong as before I think your powers are specialising.”

   “This can’t happen now” Sam said.

   “Are you still seeing me in the same way?”

   “Yes there’s still the shimmer around you.”

   “You need to get out of here Sam- you are still in danger” Jake said urgently.

   “I am not leaving you Jake.”

   “Yes you are you still have a chance go.”

   Sam shook her head. “No.”

   Sam started to help Jake up. Seeing that Sam wouldn't listen Jake let her help him. He groaned his balance faltering when he stood up , there was a sharp pain in his side.

   “I think some of my ribs are broken” Jake said.

   “We will get you to the hospital and sort out a plan then” Sam said .

   Sam tried to sense where the shadows were and make her way through the maze of streets.

Jake was weakening, his breathing was shallow and a sheen of sweat glistened on his forehead.

The street split into two smaller streets Sam went to sense if the shadows were near. It came up blank so Sam tried again. Blank. She couldn't sense anything the power was gone along with being able to transport herself to other places. Sam stood there debating on what to do next.

   “What’s wrong?” Jake asked.

   “I’m sorry” Sam said her voice breaking “I think I have lost the power of being able to sense the shadows.”

   “Its ok you will have to look out for them use- your basic senses” Jake said and squeezed her hand to reassure her.

   Sam chose the street on the right. She kept her wits about her, constantly scanning her surroundings.

   As they walked down Sam had this feeling of heaviness strike her making her limbs feel like they were made of lead. The same was happening to Jake.

   Sam’s eyelids grew heavier and she couldn't stay awake, her vision blurred and the world disappeared.



   Sam woke up and tried to move but her hands and feet were bound and a gag was tied around her mouth.

   “You are both finally awake good.”

   Sam looked up and saw the form. The one Jake had feared so terribly with his smug smile and dark eyes.

   “We can get started now.”

   The shadow went to Jake first and untied the gag. Jake’s head hung low so it grabbed his chin and tipped Jake’s head back so it could look him in the eyes.

   “I knew you looked familiar your eyes they have the scars, you are Jake yes? someone interrupted me I never forgave them for that I tried to track you down the boss does not like half a power taken believe me.”

   It’s mouth curved up into a smile.

   “I can take the power but I don’t like to when they are too weak. Oh well a job’s a job” it said.

   The shadow stood up stretching to it’s full height towering over Jake. Sam struggled against her bonds desperately. Jake was too weak to even to lift his head.

   “Don't bother trying to get out of those bonds they are tied properly and a power restriction has been put on you both to prevent you escaping as well.”

   The room grew cold, the air was still, the shadow seem to suck the life out of everything.

Sam tried to get her hands free however the bonds were too masterfully tied biting into her wrists also her powers were not working.

   The shadow put it’s right hand out . It seem as though nothing was happening until Jake cried in agony which escalated into a blood-curdling scream. Sam saw the power streaming out of Jake as a silver light .Sam was helpless she tried with all her might to get out of the bonds or stop it with her powers. It didn't work.

   The last of the power left Jake. The form’s hand went into a fist as if to contain the power.

   Jake collapse to the ground and went still.

   “No!” Sam screamed against the gag tears running down her cheeks.

   “The power is contained shame about your friend he doesn't look like he will make it.” It said taking the gag off Sam.

   “you killed him! You…”

   “He's still alive but I can hear his heart failing he will die soon” It said. “Your turn.”

   The shadow took away the power restriction.

   Sam was numb to what was going to happen to her, Jake was gone. She felt an empty void in her heart and she couldn't take it. The loss was too much and the more that became apparent the more the air buzzed with electricity, energy built up in her expanding until it was ready to burst. Sam was swallowed up by it. The shadow knew something was wrong and quickly put it’s hand out.

   The shadow was too late the energy exploded hitting the shadow like a tidal wave. The shadow never had chance to scream it’s body was stripped of flesh leaving the skeleton, the skeleton dissolved into ashes.

   The energy died down leaving Sam tired and disorientated. The bonds had snapped and Sam move towards Jake. Her vision was swimming in and out of focus.

   Sam got to Jake and straight away began to untie his bonds. She turned him around.

   Check his pulse and breathing Sam thought.

   There was neither.

   CPR Sam thought pushing away all thoughts that it may be too late.

   Sam was determined to save Jake.

   After the eighth time Sam heard Jake breathe. He spluttered a bit but was alive.

   “Jake you are ok” Sam said tears cascaded down her cheeks.

   “Sam” Jake murmured and put his hand up to feel her face. “Are you really there?”

   Sam took his hand and put it on her cheek.

   “I’m here you are okay” Sam said.

   “I can't see you there’s only the dark” Jake said.

   Sam realised that because Jake’s power was taken away it had destroyed his vision, he was blind.

   “I’m still here” Sam said reassuring him.

   “That’s good” Jake smiled slightly.

   Sam lowered Jake’s hand but still kept hold of it.


   Kneeling there Sam felt a flow of power go down her arm to her free hand. Sam looked at her free hand and as if controlled by another person she place her hand above Jake’s eyes feeling the energy flow into him. It didn't hurt it felt completely natural. Once finished Sam moved her hand. Jake’s eyes were no longer scarred and discoloured, they were chocolate brown with flecks of gold in them.

   Jake looked stunned by what had just occurred.

   “You helped me” Jake said and sat up. “My eyes, my power they are normal how? That‘s impossible.”

   Sam hugged Jake.

   “I thought you were dead” Sam was crying again.

   “There’s no need to cry Sam” Jake said. He kissed her.

   “I have one of my powers I think I can restore thing to how they are meant to be like you with your power, the shadows to their ashes, and I know I have other powers although I’m not sure what they are yet.”

   “Do you realise how important your power is Sam? If you can restore my powers you can restore other peoples’ powers you can stop whoever is doing this.”

   “We can” Sam said.

   They sat there in that place wondering what the future would hold. This time knowing it wasn't so dark after all.




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