The final power

There are those in the world who have powers however there are others out there intent on stealing those powers for themselves.


2. Chapter one

   Samantha or Sam Briggs was deep in thought. Sat on the worn wooden bench Sam went back to a time when she felt powerful, unstoppable. She didn’t see how it fuelled her arrogance and naïve at the time. Just one sentence brought the world crashing down.

   For you see Sam possessed powers both unnatural and impossible used them in her climb to popularity never did she realize what terrible consequences it carried.

Sam shivered in her purple coat, it was bitterly cold, the dark, grey clouds gathered overhead and the wind had picked up speed.

   I’ll best go home soon Sam thought.

   That was when she noticed him. A boy a few years older than her she guessed. His hands buried in the pockets of his black coat, his head was bowed down making his brown hair partially cover his face, he had a blue rucksack, and despite the weather he wore big, black sunglasses.        Sam watched him because something was strange about him there was a sort of shimmer around him that distinguished him from other people. Sam stared at him for a while before tearing her eyes away. She stood up, smoothed down her coat, and put her school bag on her shoulder.

   Sam stole a quick glance at the boy. Her heart skipped a beat. The boy was staring directly at her.No he was just looking in this general direction Sam thought although she couldn’t tell the boy’s expression didn’t indicate either.

   Sam hurried away avoiding any more eye contact.

   Whilst walking Sam felt someone was following her. She stopped they stopped as well. Sam stood there and let her mind travel to read the thoughts of whoever it was.

   She turned around and said “Hello Jake.”

   It was the boy, who replied “You can read minds very well.”

   There was a pause.

   “What is your name if you don’t mind me asking?” Jake asked.

   “Samantha but people call me Sam” Then she added “Why are you following me?” Although Sam knew that answer.

   “I know you have certain… powers I want to help you control them Sam, I know it can be a difficult.”

   Jake took a step closer to her.

   “How do I know you are telling the truth?” Sam said wary of Jake.

   “You don’t” Jake replied simply.

   Sam tried to read Jake’s thoughts more deeply, understand him, Sam sensed he was a good person.

   “I think I can trust you.”

   “How do you know I am not deceiving you?”

   “I just know.”

   “Do you want to get a coffee or something at the café over there” Jake gestured in that direction“So we can talk properly.”

   “Yes I would like that.”

   They walked together to the café and sat down in one of the red leather booths in the corner. Jake ordered a black coffee whilst Sam ordered an orange juice.

   “Who are you Jake? why do you want to help me?” Sam asked once the waitress had left the table.

   “How old are you Sam?”

   “Sixteen” Sam answered “Are you going to answer my…”

   “How long have you been sixteen?” Jake interrupted.

   “A few months and again why do you want to help me?” Sam said impatiently.

   Jake took a sip of his coffee before answering.

   “I know how horrible it can be getting your powers it is a confusing time. I happen to be passing through when I saw you I knew I had to help you or at least warn you.”

   “Warn me about what?”

   “When you have powers you carry around more energy than normal people. When you first start to develop powers it is even higher and unpredictable, that’s why you can pretty much do anything. It is only when this energy dies down you have a set power or powers.”

   Jake took another sip of his coffee.

   “You were sat alone were you meant to be in school Sam?”

   “So what if I was meant to be in school it’s none of your business” Sam snapped.

   “I know that look Sam something happened today and it made you question everything about yourself, about your powers.”

   Sam sat there knowing he was right.

   “When developing powers you have this special ability to see people with powers because of the excess energy that was why you were watching me right?”

   Sam nodded. “Do you have powers?”

   Jake didn’t answer her question.

   “This is the only time this power is possible otherwise you can only sense someone’s powers. There are these things we call shadows which look like people, they want to have this power and use it to hunt down others with powers.”

   Sam noticed Jake looking over her shoulder.

   What do you mean?” asked Sam, she quickly glanced behind her.

   “Shadows want to steal other people’s powers at the moment they can’t do that it takes too long. If they get this power they will use it and put everyone in danger. I had to warn you before it’s too late.”

   “I don’t know what to say this is crazy” Sam said and saw Jake’s attention was somewhere else.

   “What is it?” Sam demanded her heart rate increasing.

   “Everything has stopped” Jake said.

   Sam looked around the café. It was true everything had frozen, time was still, people were locked into position apart from Sam and Jake.

   A huge crash sounded as a door was thrown open. They were not the only ones who were not frozen in time.

   “Get your head down” Jake instructed just as Sam bobbed her head down a bullet whizzed past.

   “Keep low and follow me” Jake said.

    They ran crouched down, more bullets screamed past.

   One hit Sam’s leg, she cried out in pain and fell forward. Except this was no ordinary bullet only disguised as one, as soon as it hit the flesh it morphed into a hand which grabbed hold of Sam’s leg. The nails bit into her calf, dragging her down, pulling her closer to the shadows.

   Sam reached out for something to hang onto. Jake whipped his body round, a small knife in his left hand, he grabbed Sam and pulled her close enough to swing his knife down in one swoop severing the hand.

   The shadow howled in anguish and retract its arm.

   “Quickly” Jake said and helped Sam up. Jake directed her through a door. It was a storage cupboard. Jake barricaded the door and turned to Sam who was sat on the floor her face contorted in pain.

   “I need you to focus” Jake said and crouched down beside her, taking her hands into his own.

   “Think of a place and imagine you are there Sam.”

   “I can’t” Sam said her voice strained.

   “Yes you can focus.”

   Sam closed her eyes trying to ignore the throbbing pain in her leg and think of a place.

   The stomp of feet on the tiled floor became louder, closer.

   “Focus” Jake kept repeating keeping his voice calm.

   The more she imagined the place the more weightless Sam began to feel. Next she was hit by the cold which made her take a deep breath , her eyes snapped open. Sam saw she was no longer in a storage cupboard but outside, the rain pounded the ground and she was soaked. It was night time.

   “Jake” Sam called out. Silence followed. Sam was about to call out again when she heard “I’m here.”

   Sam saw Jake getting up slowly, he walked towards her.

   “You need help getting up?”

   “Yes” Sam said the pain in her leg flaring up. Jake took her hand and pulled her up. Sam stumbled a bit before getting her balance.

   “What the hell happened back there?” Sam said shaking.

   “The shadows they must have been following one of us and had use some power to stop time temporarily to find us.”

   “I thought things were bad then you turn up and it gets worse” Sam said angrily her hands balled into fists. “I mean who are you really why do you wear those ridiculous sunglasses all the time? What are you hiding?”

   Sam couldn't look at Jake, her cheeks felt hot and tears were welling up in her eyes.

   Jake waited until Sam had calmed down. Eventually she faced Jake.

   “I’m sorry I didn't mean that I’m angry that’s all.”

   “We should get out of this rain, come” Jake said and he started to walk.


   They went to a hotel and booked a room with two single beds.

   Sat on the edge of a bed Sam asked “Where are we?”

   “I don't know, what place did you think of?”

   Jake had a small first aid kit opened beside him and was carefully rolling up the jean leg exposing the wound. Sam gritted her teeth as the fibres tugged at the broken skin.

   “I thought of my grandparent’s place we live far away from them” Sam thought for a moment. “Are we in my Grandparent’s town?”

   “Yeah if you were thinking of that. You transported us here it was the only way I could think of us escaping. This is going to sting.”

   Jake got some alcohol wipes and gently cleaned the wound with them. Sam gritted her teeth the alcohol stinging her.

   “What are the shadows?”

   “They are shapes made to look human if you look closely you can see they are not quite real, they are made from the ashes of the dead.” Jake answered.

   This is crazy thought Sam. She asked a normal question.

   “How old are you Jake?”

   “Nineteen” he replied and he got some bandages and wrapped them around the wound.

   “Why were you sat all alone today?” Jake asked still tying the bandage.

   Sam didn't want to answer but she had to confine in someone.

   “I used my powers to become more popular I wanted respect from people for once and I influenced people’s minds so they liked me. I was in love with this guy at school and I made him split up with his girlfriend to go out with me. She wasn't happy and I told her to go away because nobody wants her and disappear. Next thing I know she was suffering with depression and suicidal thoughts because of me. I didn't know she was influenced by me I would never do it on purpose. I couldn't face everyone at school even though they didn‘t know what I had done.”

   Sam stopped feeling the heavy weight of guilt.

   Jake finished with the bandage and tidied away the first aid kit.

   “I think you should live we will keep an eye on it hopefully it should heal nicely and it is not your fault it happens trust me.”

   “Thank you, this may sound silly but I don’t have any clothes and I’m soaking wet.”

   “Oh yeah I think I have something you can wear for now” Jake rummaged through his rucksack and took out a t-shirt. “Is this ok?”

   “Yes thank you” Sam took it and went to the bathroom. She discarded her wet clothes and put on the t-shirt.

   Sam went to the sink and splashed water on her face. She saw her reflection in the mirror she looked tired and her blonde hair clung to the sides of her face. Whilst trying to tidy her hair Sam wondered what the future would hold.  

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