True Happiness

The year is 2027 and David is 28 years old. He lives in a 2 story flat with his girlfriend Rachel. They have the ideal life with each other. David works for a company where he helps create videogames. Then, he gets to bring the game home and test it. Rachel just finished college majoring in musical theory and has a minor in music technique. Until she can get a job teaching a band class, she works at the local Starbucks. Our story starts in their apartment while they are having their friends over.



*No one's P.O.V.*

Collin and Kaylah got married in November and went on their honeymoon to the Caribbean. They had a baby girl named Darcy who was best friends with Myron and Connor's daughter. Rachel and David got married in February. They went on their honeymoon to Puerto Rico. Later, they had a baby boy named Will and adopted a little girl named Ally. Caitlyn and Austin got married in June and had 2 boys and a girl.


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