True Happiness

The year is 2027 and David is 28 years old. He lives in a 2 story flat with his girlfriend Rachel. They have the ideal life with each other. David works for a company where he helps create videogames. Then, he gets to bring the game home and test it. Rachel just finished college majoring in musical theory and has a minor in music technique. Until she can get a job teaching a band class, she works at the local Starbucks. Our story starts in their apartment while they are having their friends over.


3. Chapter three

*Rachel's P.O.V.*

We walked around for about 3 hours before the twins got hungry. We all stopped at Panda Express to eat. The conversations were mostly about Collin and Kaylah's wedding. "So," Caitlyn asked, "When do you guys plan to get married?" Kaylah answered. "In about 6 months. That'll give us enough time to plan and the honeymoon won't be too hot. Late fall in the Caribbean will be SO nice." They smiled at each other and Collin put his arm around her. After lunch, we headed towards the penguins. David and I were in the back of the group talking. "You know, I have the whole week off. We should do something, just the two of us." I smiled and rested my head against his shoulder. "I would love that. "Once we were done at the zoo, David drove us home. On the way there, I fell asleep. I woke up to David carrying me upstairs. We got ready for bed and both soon fell asleep.

*David's P.O.V.*

I woke up when I heard my phone ringing; It was Connor. "Yeah?" "Hey. Just wake up?" "Yeah. Shoot! I was supposed to meet you guys there soon." He laughed. "Don't worry. Collin overslept too. We're bringing Kaylah, Myron, and the twins over to distract Rachel. We'll be there in 30 minutes." "Alright, sounds good." Rach came out of the bathroom, her hair still wet. "Who was that baby?" She climbed onto the bed next to me. "Just Connor. I'm gonna be heading out with him and Collin. Kaylah and Myron are coming over to keep you company. Oh and the twins are coming." "Yay! whatcha guys gonna do, hmmm?" I smirked at her. "Guy stuff." She pouted. "Haha don't worry babe. You'll know soon." I pecked her lips and went to take a shower. I got in and found out that she left no hot water. "Rachel! This is freezing!" I could hear her evil laugh. "Sorry babe."

*Rachel's P.O.V.*

The girls came about 30 minutes later. "Hey peoples! And little peoples." "Hey hey." David came downstairs shortly after. "Okay babe, I'm heading out. I'll be back in a couple of hours." He came and gave me a hug. "Don't miss me too much," he whispered in my ear. "I'll try." I kissed him before he left with the guys. "What time did Caitlyn say she was free?" I asked. "Umm around 12:30," Kaylah answered. I texted her, saying to head over when she could. We played with the twins for about 30 minutes when Caitlyn walked in. "Hey girly," I said. She half smiled and sat down. "What's wrong?" we all asked. "Well," Caitlyn said. "Austin's gonna be gone for 2 weeks. I'm gonna be ALL LONELY!" She frowned. "Well I'm not doing much except work and a couple interviews. We can hang out for awhile each day," I said. This made her a little bit happier. For the next couple hours, we talked, baked, and played with the twins.

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