True Happiness

The year is 2027 and David is 28 years old. He lives in a 2 story flat with his girlfriend Rachel. They have the ideal life with each other. David works for a company where he helps create videogames. Then, he gets to bring the game home and test it. Rachel just finished college majoring in musical theory and has a minor in music technique. Until she can get a job teaching a band class, she works at the local Starbucks. Our story starts in their apartment while they are having their friends over.


1. Chapter one

*David's P.O.V.*

I was sitting in the living room testing the newest Pokémon game on DS. I could hear Rachel talking to Caitlyn in the kitchen. Those girls just love to talk. I was in the middle of a battle when I heard a knock on the door. Figuring Rachel didn't hear it, I got up to answer it. I opened the door to reveal Kaylah, Collin, Connor, and Myron. "Hey guys. Rach and Caitlyn are in the kitchen doing who knows what." Connor and Collin both laughed at that. Kaylah and Myron went towards the kitchen. Connor sat on one couch, I sat of the other, and Collin sat in the armchair. "So what's up with you guys?" Connor asked. We looked at Collin to start. We were about t0o continue the conversation until we heard a scream come from the kitchen.


*Rachel's P.O.V.*

"OMG! Kaylah it's beautiful!" Caitlyn exclaimed. Kaylah smiled right as the guys came crashing through the door. Connor spoke first. "What?! What happened?" We all laughed while the guys looked VERY confused. Kaylah looked at Collin and he instantly knew what was going on.  "Showed them the ring?" Kaylah nodded, Collin chuckled. "Guys they're fine. Kaylah just showed them her engagement ring." David and Connor congratulated Collin while us girls looked at the ring again. I saw what time it was and decided to start dinner.


*David's P.O.V.*

I glanced over at Rach and noticed she was making dinner. Her back was to me so I went up behind her and put my arms around her waist. She jumped a little and I couldn't help but laugh. " Scare ya?" Rach turned around and tried to hide her smile. "I can never have my back to you, can I?" I smiled and she turned back around. With my head resting on hers I asked,"Whatcha making? I'm starved." "Pasta. Simple but yummy." The others had gone into the living room, so it was just us. "Need help babe?" She looked like she was thinking. "You could cook the meat and sauce?" I kissed her head and started cooking.

*At dinner*

We all sat around eating, talking, laughing, and just having a good time. Collin told us how he proposed. I guess that snapped Caitlyn to attention. "Oh gosh! I need to get home to Austin! Bye guys." Connor and Myron left next, then Kaylah and Collin. Rachel and I cleaned up before going to watch a movie.





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