Business Extravaganza

Poppy Laurence is a young twenty four year old woman. Looking for a job. There she gets sucked into the mighty coporation of Drazenders. Is everything perfect in Drazenders as Poppy hopes so.


1. Business Extravanganza

Poppy tied her long ebony black hair into a tight pony tail. She tied the grey and blue striped tie around her neck. Her sapphire blue eyes reflected at her, from the mirror. She pressed a light shade of lipstick, and then applied lip gloss over it. She smiled cheekily, when she was satisfied with her appearance. She walked outside of the bathroom. To be welcomed by her sleeping room mate Tasha. Poppy picked up a plump pillow, and threw it over Tasha head. Tasha woke up, and then threw the pillow on the floor. Tasha hazel eyes searched everywhere. Before it rested upon Poppy.

"New job?" Tasha asked curiously, rubbing the black lines under her eye lids.

"Yes. At Drazenders, and I think it's the one!" Poppy exclaimed smiling.

Poppy had worked at over thirty two businesses before. From McDonald to Boots. But none of it seemed like the ideal job. She had remained in each job for less then two weeks. Before, she quit. But Poppy believed this would be the ideal job for her.

"Whatever. Good luck!" Tasha wished her, kissing her cheek gently. Then closed her eyes, and dozed off onto the pillow.

Poppy wiped off the lipstick from her cheek swiftly. Then walked out of her apartment. She was staying an apartment with her best friend Tasha. Who had been Poppy's best friend from high school? They had their first kiss in the same week, went to the same prom. Had the same first boyfriends. Don't ask. But most of all. They shared the same hobby of drawing, and that was where Poppy was going to work now. At a famous cartoonist.

The wind blew fiercely at Poppy, causing tendrils of her ebony black hair to slip apart from her pony tail. Poppy cursed under her breath. Then tied her pony tail tightly. Her eyes looked at the tree's that danced like in a trance. Poppy eyes froze in amazement upon a clown right outside Drazenders. Poppy had always loved clowns. Even as a child. She had gone to a lot of circuses, not to watch the cruel animals that were made to do tricks. But the smiling clown that performed its own tricks.

The clown looked to be a guy in his late thirties. With fake red and blue striped hair, and a bright red fat nose. That Poppy knew wanted to be pinched. She walked over to the clown to where the clown was handing lollipops to young children. Poppy watched a little girl who looked to be about seven talking to the clown. The young girl eyes were drawn to the clown. Poppy smiled happily. The clown looked at Poppy curiously.

"What do you adult want?" the clown asked bored.

"Can I have a lollipop?" Poppy asked, and then licked her lips hungrily.

"You, an adult want a lollipop." the clown asked confused.

"Yes please. I love lollipops and I love clowns." Poppy replied.

"That's good. Well I wish you good luck in your new job." the clown told her, handing her a lollipop.

"How did you know?" Poppy went to ask the clown.

Suddenly the clown vanished. Poppy scratched her hair, and then widened her eyes around the streets. Nowhere. Where did that nice clown go? Poppy wondered. Poppy opened the lollipop and began sucking on it. She walked outside the big grand building of Drazenders. The tall massive building reached up near the skies, and loomed over her. Poppy tied a strand of her ebony black hair behind her ear, and then opened the door with a mighty push. She walked inside nervously. It was grand inside. A massive reception right in the middle. Poppy tightened the handbag around her shoulders. Then walked slowly to the reception. A posh middle aged woman who looked to be in her late forties. Had shiny grey hair that looked like it used to be a dark brown? The woman had clear grey eyes, and a wide frame of blue glasses that rested on her nose. The woman looked at Poppy. When she noticed someone eyes frozen on her.

"Can I help?" the receptionist asked.

"I'm Poppy Laurence. Mr." Poppy began to say.

"Mr. Richardson. Is in his room. Just go up the elevator. He's waiting for you" the receptionist answered, gesturing to the elevators.

"Thank you." Poppy replied politely, before walking to the elevators.

She pressed on the bright green button, and waited impatiently for the elevator. While she busily tapped on her watch. Suddenly, the elevators opened. Poppy walked in. Where she spotted a young man standing there. He looked very angry, and to be in his late twenties. He had a massive brown briefcase in his hands. When he spotted me looking at his briefcase, he held the briefcase tighter. I waited impatiently for the elevators to go up quickly. She looked at her clock 11.10. She was ten minute late, and on her first day. She sighed in frustration.

"I can't believe he fired me. Me. How dare he fire me?" the young man kept repeating angrily.

Poppy edged to the end of the elevator afraid. Was this man mad or what. When the elevator opened, revealing my destination. She ran as quickly as I can, out of the elevator. I ran right through Mr. Richardson office, and bumped into a man. Poppy looked up to see a handsome man, with brown wavy hair. His brown eyes looked at me curiously; he looked to be the same age as me.

"Mr. Richardson." She blabbed, and then realized the lollipop was in her mouth.

She took it off from my mouth, and looked at Mr. Richardson embarrassed. Praying for Mr. Richardson not to get mad. Instead he smiled friendly, like he was talking to a friend.

"Ms. Laurence." Mr. Richardson suggested.

"Poppy." Poppy corrected.

"Poppy Laurence. I welcome you on board. Please take a seat." Mr. Richardson replied, gesturing to a chair.

He himself, stomped to the great big chair, and sat on it. Poppy sat on the chair, and looked at Mr. Richardson, her boss. She couldn't believe it. That the first impression of her, was a little girl sucking a lollipop.  The shame, oh the shame. She blushed beetroot red. The massive wooden table in the middle of her and her boss. The name Mr. Richardson is bright gold on a sign.

"Poppy. I see you were sucking a lollipop from the clown outside." Mr. Richardson suggested.

"Yes sir. But." Poppy began to say.

"Don't worry. I know he vanished. But great lollipop right. Call me Peter" Mr. Richardson told me.

"Yes. Great lollipop and Peter. You’re my boss." Poppy told him.

"I think of my workers as a friend, and I'm sure you'll settle in." Mr. Richardson replied.

"Thanks sir." Poppy answered.

"But one rule." Mr. Richardson told her.

"What?" questioned Poppy, holding her breath, sweating like a pig.

 What was the rule? Could she do it? Poppy fidgeted nervously with her hands, then bit her lip.

"Everything said or heard in these building remains in this building. Understood." Mr. Richardson asked.

"Yes sir." Poppy replied, saluting.

"I'm sure if you follow by that one rule. You'll find working at Drazenders very pleasurable, and you will follow the rule. Right." Mr. Richardson asked.

"Yes sir." Poppy repeated, forcing a smile on her face.

"Welcome to the business extravaganza Poppy. I'm sure you'll fit just in easily!" Mr. Richardson exclaimed in his husky voice.

Business extravaganza. Just what had I got myself into.

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