Every story has a happy ending

Little sophia-rose has a horrific past and her life is still pretty bad, but things take a real turn for the good when someone new enters her life...


2. A cry for help!

Dads POV

Sophias asking questions again. What have I told her about asking questions about her mom. She knows what happens when she asks questions. We reached the house and I gave her what she was asking for... a good beating!

"OUCH!!!" sophia cried.

"Oh boo hoo. you knew what would happen if you asked questions now GET UP THEM STAIRS!!!" I scream.

she zoomed up the stairs. to her room.

"time to crack open the bottle. I think earned that one" I say walking to the kitchen, Proud of myself. I gulp down the drink bottle after bottle until I get a knock at the door inturrupting me...

sophias POV

All I asked was how mommy died...

we got home and then daddy lashed out again this time was the worst. Im only five!? He punched my tummy real hard making me scream out in pain! He was yelling at me. Telling me to go up stairs. Iran up the stairs as fast as i could without falling. I am now laying on my bed wishing that someone would come and help me get away from my daddy...

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