Every story has a happy ending

Little sophia-rose has a horrific past and her life is still pretty bad, but things take a real turn for the good when someone new enters her life...


1. Dear mommy...

*A/N I hope you like it and BTW i am really bad at spelling!!*


Dear mommy angel

I really miss you mommy. It's your birthday today so i got you a special pink flower for you! I know they are your favrouite so I asked daddy to get it for me.He wasnt very nice though! He picked it and pulled it all apart so i had to stick it with sticky tape. Why did you go to live up in the cloudes. I don't like staying with daddy he hurts me really bad! I really wish you were hear! sometimes i sit and cry in my room all alone while daddy hurts me saying...

"Go cry to your little mummy, YOU DEVIL CHILD"

what is a 'devil child' ? mommy i have to go now as daddy says hes gonna do something real bad if i don't get going! I will write soon!!

Love you lots like jelly tots



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