23. Justin bieber




Justin tries to notice all his fans, but it’s hard for him and he said that he doesn’t like being spammed for it. Justin is flattered that guys copied his hairstyle Justin likes to talk on a first date because he likes to get to know a girl Justin gets nervous on dates, especially if he really likes a girl. When Justin was little, his mom banned him from eating chocolate, but he was caught eating it in the closet! Justin loves slow dancing with girls and if it goes well, he makes the first move! Although Justin has a driver’s license, he doesn’t drive himself around a lot because he has a personal driver! Justin doesn’t like Twilight or HSM Justin loves the show Friends and grew up watching it because his mom loved it too! Justin is NOT a morning person Justin wishes there was a follow all button so he could follow all his fans Justin admitted being a very last minute person! Justin said that Selena Gomez is cute but he doesn’t have any feeling for her Justin has to change his cell phone number a lot, because it always gets leaked! Justin’s twitter was hacked once and caused him to lose many followers When Justin gets scared he wishes he had a girlfriend to cuddle and hold, to make him feel safe During Justin’s concert in Ohio, it became dark and he said, “Wait, wait, wait guys! I’m stuck in a curtain!” Justin likes ketchup, mustard, relish and onions on his hot dogs. Justin’s Beliebers have their own dictionary, so when haters say something mean, they translate it  It took Scooter 48 hours to track Justin down after seeing his youtube videos! Justin brushes his teeth in the shower to save time! Justin checks out almost every girl he meets! The purple headphones Justin wears in the “Somebody to Love” music video are worth a little over $500! Justin’s mom doesn’t like it when people talk about Justin inappropriately. Justin dislikes girls who can’t dance. Justin has never had a crush during the holidays. That’s why he wishes to have “summer love”. Justin admitted that when he was younger, he used to watch Scooby Doo and have nightmares! Justin hates peas Justin says that if you love to sing, you should be confident and post videos online! Justin and Ryan have been friends since they were 7! Justin can’t date a girl with a bad attitude! Justin likes green apples more than red ones! Justin thinks that his fans’ tweets are entertaining to read when they are not tweeting about him Sometimes during the water fights, Justin takes off his shirt and hat and throws them into the crowd! Justin once said, “It will be hard to find a girl I know for sure isn’t just using me, but I’m sure I will find that girl.” Justin’s first night in NYC, he and Scooter went ding-dong ditching hotel rooms! Once a paparazzi came out from behind a bush and made Justin scream and trip over a plant! Justin felt sick at the beginning of the “Baby” video because he was spinning around. When Justin was asked who he wanted to go on tour with, he said, “Michael Jackson, but that can’t happen!” Justin’s mom was once tackled down and she lost conscience! Justin likes kissing girls on their cheeks Within one minute of Justin tweeting where he will be, there will be loads of fans waiting for him! Justin said that he will fight for his love and even give his girl time if she needs to think about their relationship. Justin is dedicated to his career even when his life isn’t always glamorous. Growing up without a lot of money taught Justin that material things don’t mean much! Justin practiced dance moves and what he call “vocal acrobatics in his bedroom When Justin puts on a silly face, he looks younger and when he puts on a serious face he looks older Justin once drew on his own face in a poster and said: “I’m making myself better looking!” Justin’s favorite song from My World 2.0 is Up! Justin claims he can easily grow a mustache without problem Justin hates it when guys judge girls based on appearance! Justin once got asked in an interview who he liked and he said Beyonce always, even when they told him to pick someone else! Justin dislikes the Animal Abuse commercials because he gets sad when he sees them Justin says his world is being a regular kid: hanging out with girls and friends and going to movies and playing sports! A woman actually shaved her head so her daughters could have bac kstage passes, soundcheck and tickets to Justin’s concert! Justin was born at 12:56 am on a Tuesday! 
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