About a girl who realizes that she has more than she ever thought she had. She thought she was just an ordinary girl, but she's way more than that


2. The Truth

Amy looked out the window, it was dark. You could hardly see anything out there. Amy went downstairs. She notices something different. Her mom wasn’t there. She went inside her mom’s junky room and searched for her.

            “Mom, are you in here?” Amy questioned looking under her mom’s dresser. As she got off the floor, she bumped her head on her mom’s lamp and a note fell out of it. The note read: Please take care of my daughter, and don’t let her get into any danger. You are the only one that knows about my son and me. Keep her safe with your life and in return you will have eternal life. Amy read the note but didn’t know who wrote it. She stuck her hand in the lamp and found another note. This note read: It has been nine years since I left you with my daughter; I hope you are taking good care of her. I want you to do me a huge favor and never let her find out about her brother. It will cause great danger for both humans and vampires. P.S. Your wish to be immortal is near.

Amy looked puzzled. Why would her mom want to be immortal? Amy thought that her mom didn’t believe in such things. She stuck her hand back in there to see if she could find anymore letters, but it was no use. That was all that she had found in the rusty lamp. She walked out of her mom’s room and sat on the comfy couch and wondered. A knock came to the door. Amy got up and opened the door. It was Alex. In joy, Amy hugged Alex.

“What brings you here to my house?” Amy asked.

“Um is your mom home?” Alex questioned, looking around, trying to find Amy’s mom.

“Uh, I honestly don’t know. I was looking for her, but I couldn’t seem to find her.” Alex looked at Amy and saw the letters in her hand. He questioned her about the notes in her hand and why she had it. Amy told him that she found them in her mom’s rusty lamp. Also, she told him she wanted his to find her real mother and brother. Before Alex had a chance to say anything, the door slowly opened, it was Amy’s mom. She looked and saw Alex. She hesitated for a minute then grabbed Alex by the arm and took him to her junky room. Amy’s mom looked Alex in the eye.

“Do you know how much trouble you will bring if Amy finds out about who you really are,” Amy’s mom infuriated.

“Don’t worry, Kim, she won’t find out about my true identity,” Alex guaranteed. Kim looked at Alex, worried that something bad might happen because of his appearance. Kim shuffled her hands around her purse, getting a letter that Alex’s mom hand set her. Kim handed Alex the note and told him to read it. The note read: Alex, I’m sorry I haven’t been around for you when you needed me. You must hate me now. I’m sorry that you can’t see me. You must miss me a lot right now. Also I’m sorry that it has been hard, not getting to see your sister anymore. I really hope that one day you will be able to see your sister and me. Alex looked up at Kim.

“I’m sorry Alex; you must miss her a lot don’t you?” Kim questioned. Alex just stared. He sat on her messy bed and thought about his mom. Alex didn’t have that much memory of his mom. He only has memories of when he was twelve years old. Ever since that day when his mom left Alex had slowly forgot about his mom. And on that day, he had painted his sister, to remember her face. But, as he grew older, Kim had brought him letters that his mom had sent him. And now that he is eighteen, he remembers more than what he remembered seven years ago.

“Alex?” Kim said, “I know you’ve been through a lot, and the last thing I want to do is hurt you, but…”

“It’s ok. Don’t worry about it. Amy will find out soon enough. But the important thing right now is to make sure she doesn’t find out now, right?” Alex said. Kim looked into his red eyes.

“Have you bitten her yet?” Alex nodded, “That means the time is near.” Amy got tired of waiting and started pounding on the door. Kim opened the door and looked down at Amy. Amy ran to Alex and gave him a hug.

“What did she do to you? Tell me that she didn’t do anything violent.” Amy panicked. Alex shook his head.

"No, but I’m glad you care about my safety” Alex said with a smile, “Amy, do you want to go to the cemetery with me?” Amy nodded and they left. Kim followed to make sure nothing bad happens. Alex held Amy’s hand and led her in the foggy cemetery. He placed her in the position that he wanted her in and started saying some Romanian words.


Vă aduc acest copil al familiei Vampire. Ia-o în mâinile tale și să facă sfânt ei. De asemenea, o ia și să conducă ei la calea cea dreaptă. Îți dau vampir sora mea Alin. Asigurați-o una dintre noi, vampirii de lumina. Ne-ați făcut ceea ce suntem acum. Transforma-o într-un vampir plin de sange la fel ca mine. Vă dau Alin vampir.” Alex said. Amy tried to make out the words, in a second she knew what it meant. It meant, I bring you this child of the Vampire family. Take her in the hands and make her holy. Also take her and lead her in the right path. I give you my sister Alin Vampire. Make her one of us, the vampires of the light. You have made us what we are now. Turn her into a full blood vampire. I give you Alin Vampire. Amy had then past out.

            “There, now what?” Alex said.

            “Aren’t you happy, you are going to see your mom again,” Kim said with a smile. When Amy woke up, she was in the underworld along with Alex and Kim. The three walked to the palace that was named Palatul Vampire, which meant The Palace of Vampire. They walked inside the glass door. They saw a figure. It was a woman. It was Alex’s mom. She had on a black dress and wore a crown on her head. Her palace was big and had a lot of Romanian paintings and sculptures. As the stone on Alex’s mom crown glowed, Amy was changing ages. Amy was now thirteen years old.

            “Alin, Alex, I’m so glad I can see you two,” Queen Anne said, her eyes full of tears. Amy still didn’t realize that she was Alin. Alex slowly walked towards his mom.

            “Alex, you’ve grown so much. I’ve always missed you,” Queen Anne said.

            “Mom, I missed you too. I hope you’re not mad that I forgot about you when I was young,” Alex said. Queen Anne shook her head and signaled Amy to come. Amy walked towards her very slowly. When Amy got to Queen Anne she looked at her.

            “Are you…my real mom?” Amy questioned. Queen Anne nodded her head and hugged Amy. She had missed her so much. Queen Anne was disappointed at herself that she had sent her daughter away. Amy started to cry. She was excited that she finally got to see her real mom. Queen Anne told her that her birth name was Alin. She also told her the reason why she seprated her and Alex from the beginning. The main reason was because if she left the two with her from the beginning, the war between humans and vampires would have been stronger and deadlier than before.

            “So what you’re saying is that my name is really Alin and not Amy?” Alin asked. Queen Anne nodded her head, “And my last name, how did you come up with that?”

            “It is because of the stone in my crown. You use to always play with it and called it yours.” Queen Anne said with a smile on her face. Alin looked at her fake mom, and questioned her about her not ever telling her about any of this. Kim told her that if she had told her, she would have wanted to search for her brother. And if that happened it would cause great destruction. They all sat and talked about the past and memories that Alex and Alin had forgotten about.

            “Kim you have done a good job, now for your reward. Immortality.” Queen Anne said as she got up off her royal chair. Kim prepared herself. Queen Anne stuck her fangs into Kim’s neck. Kim felt the same thing as Alin felt. She felt her blood getting drained out and some of Queen Anne’s blood getting poured into her. Alin looked at Alex and thought, I wonder, is Alex thinking of biting me again? If so would he do it in front of our mom? Alin felt scared. She didn’t know what to do if Alex wanted to bite her or not. Alin wondered why she never saw her dad. And why her mom never mentioned anything about him. As impatient as she was, she went along and asked her mom anyways.

            “Um… how come I have never seen dad?” Alin asked. Queen Anne looked at her, her face getting upset. Alex looked at her as well. Not too long Kim started to stare at her too. Alin looked confused. She didn’t know why everyone was staring at her. Alex grabbed Alin the arm and brought her to a room. A room filled with almost everything.

            “What is the big deal? I want to know why I can’t see or talk about dad.” Alin questioned.

            “He’s isn’t like us.” Alex answered.

            “What do you mean?”

            “He is one of the devil vampires. He’s isn’t normal. All he lives for is to sink his fangs into humans without any regrets. That’s why mom separated me and you. If we had stayed, there would have been a great chance of me and you never getting to meet. What I mean is that our dad would have tried to kill you, since you were the only one in our family that was born a human.” Alin looked at Alex. Alin got frightened. Alex asked her what was wrong, but she didn’t answer. Alex walked over to Alin and put his hand on her and asked her what was wrong. Alin pointed behind Alex. Alex turned around. He saw his dad standing in front of him.

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