About a girl who realizes that she has more than she ever thought she had. She thought she was just an ordinary girl, but she's way more than that


4. The Mystery Begins

Alin got out of her coffin and wondered where Jasper was. She looked up and down the place and no sign of Jasper was found. She went to Kim and questioned her about Jaspers disappearance. But Kim, she had no answers to give to her. She then went to her mom and questioned her about the same thing. But as he same with Kim, Anne didn’t have a clue where he went off to. This worried Alin was anything precious to her fading away and getting captured or something. Alin started to weep. She had finally started a relationship with someone, and now he is gone.

            Anne came to comfort her. She kept telling her that it was okay and that she would find someone new it the future. Alin didn’t think that was correct, so she ran out the room and went to the hidden room. She stayed there and wailed. “Why, when I find someone who I really like, they have to disappear. That’s not fair. I really loved him.” When she looked up she saw something sweet and at the same time awkward. It read, don’t cry; I will come back soon my little angel. And if you can’t wait; you can come to Vladimir’s Castle and find me there. Alin found this strange. Why would he be in Vladimir’s castle? She didn’t care, it was her lover getting put in danger, and she also figured that’s where Alex is being held.

            She went up out of the hidden room. She went to her mom and told her about what she saw. Anne, at first thought she was being delusional, but she thought about it and it made sense. She informed Kim about the news. Kim head out to Vladimir’s Castle and went to see if it was true. Alin looked depressed. She didn’t think that Kim would make it back alive. Would she be right or wrong? Anne sat down beside her and said, “Don’t worry. There is a good reason why Kim’s going. She is a rare type of vampire. When she was born she was raised by my mother. From then she learned and acted like a vampire. She wanted to become one so I granted her wish. Now she is like a mysterious type vampire. That means Kim is able to sneak around vampires without getting noticed.” Alin’s face lit up a little. She was relieved that she didn’t have to worry about that much. But still she was ready to fight her father if he had taken Jasper and Alex.

            Kim had returned in the morning, her skin nearly getting burned off. She was in server pain. She slowly made her way to Anne’s coffin. She opened it and collapsed. Anne found her on her coffin. She saw her server rash on her arm. It was like paper getting burned by fire. Anne promptly used her spell and healed her. Kim gradually got up, still feeling a little dazed. Anne interrogated her about Jasper and Alex. She told her it was true. Well at least for Jasper. Alex was still missing. When Alin came into Anne’s room, she queried her about Alex and Jasper. Anne fibbed about Alex and Jasper and told her that they both were captured and being held at Vladimir’s Castle. Alin was instructed by Kim to go back to bed until the sun went down. Alin had no choice but to do as she pleased. With her head down, Alin walked out of the room. Kim recognized that Alin was upset. She walked with her and then interrogated her about why she was upset. She answered, “It’s just that I loved Jasper so much. The first time we kissed it was like sparks. I thought I could do it again, but now that he’s gone, there is no way that will happen.” Kim put her arms around her and told her it was going to be ok. Alin closed her eyes and began to dream. She dreamt about the same thing as before. She opened her eyes on the part when Vladimir was about to touch her. She knew something was up with this.

            Evening arrived, the three talked about their strategy. The plan was for Kim to check the premises to see if it was clear. Next Anne would walk in like it’s nothing. She would get caught and Vladimir would go straight for her. Afterwards Alin would release Jasper and Alex while Kim kept guard. Alin hoped the plan went just like that. But she was wrong. Anne and Kim had gotten captured by Vladimir. It was just like her dream. The walls covered on blood and everything was dark and terrifying. She kept walking, and just like her dream, she saw Vladimir. He had Alex held along with Jasper. “Let them go,” Alin yelled. Vladimir ignored her and walked to her. What would happen next, Alin had thought. Vladimir put his hand on her neck. His hands were very cold and almost freezing. Alin didn’t know what to do. She was awfully scared to defend herself.

            Alex woke up, he saw Vladimir putting his hands on Alin’s neck. He yelled, “Don’t touch her,” Vladimir looked back and shocked him. Alin saw him and got furious. Alex got up and used his Vampire Mark. He managed to get free from it. He dashed to Alin and grabbed her away from Vladimir’s cold and disgusting hands. As they made their way out the room Vladimir called for Jasper. Alin gasped, was Jasper working for him. Jasper came. His eyes were now deep purple. Alin walked to him and wondered why he didn’t have his midnight blue eyes. Jasper grabbed Alin’s arm and pulled her to him. He disappeared along with Alin. Alex didn’t know where they went. But he still knew he had to look for the others.

            Meanwhile, Kim was trying to find a way to get out of the anti-vampire ropes. It was no use she couldn’t get it untied. Anne noticed a lever. She didn’t know what it was for, but she decided to pull it anyways. The lever was used to drop anyone in that rope. They both fell on the ground, hard. The two got up and went to go look for Alin. Jasper still kept Alin hostage. Alin struggled to get out but she couldn’t. Jasper caressed her neck. He then slowly pulled down her collar. What was he thinking of doing? Alin began to sob. She didn’t want her lover to bite her. Jasper saw her and stopped. A while later, Jasper’s eyes turned back to normal.

            “Alin? What happened? Where are we?” questioned Jasper in so much confusion. Alin hugged him; she was glad that she could have him back. Just as the two were about to kiss Vladimir came and controlled Jasper. His midnight blue eyes became deep purple again. Was that the reason why Jasper was doing all the things that Vladimir told him to do? Alin backed up. She didn’t know what to expect. As soon as Jasper was about to make the first move Alex had came. Alin was happy that Alex had come to her rescue. If he hadn’t Alin could have been in trouble. Alex wanted in to use his Vampire Mark, but he knew that his mom wouldn’t want him to use it so he used hand-to-hand combat.

            Alex managed to get him to his knees. He was about to finish him off but Alin stood in front of him. If he wanted to kill Jasper, he would have to kill her as well. Of course, Alex cared too much for his sister to kill her, so he stopped. Vladimir came behind Alex and had released The Vampire Mark. Vladimir laughed as Alex suffered the pain. Alin kneeled down and touched Jasper’s face, “I know you still have some energy left in you, please help my brother, I don’t want to lose him again.” Alin began to snivel once again. Jasper slowly got up, scratches on his face. He got up and was about to fight.

            “No, Jasper, don’t stay where you are. Kim and I will handle this,” Anne said walking behind Kim. The two were like different people. They looked alike, yet different. Anne took Jasper to a safe place and took care of him. A while later she managed to get him to talk. He told her that there is one way to stop Vladimir. But that way was very risky. You would have to be very sly to do it. Alin instantly thought of Kim. But would Kim really risk her life for it? Alin looked at Jasper worried that she might not get him healed on time.

            Jasper grabbed Alin’s hand and smiled. Alin glared into his eyes. All of a sudden her necklace started to glow. She took it off and placed it on Jasper. The glow grew bigger and became powerful. It began to heal him. When the light from the necklace stopped, Alin put it back around her neck. She caressed his face with her other hand. Did this help? Alin didn’t know but she thought it did the trick.

            Jasper felt stronger and better. He hugged Alin. Jasper knew that Alin would unlock her full powers. Her necklace was given to her by Anne. She sealed the power of light inside of it. The light could be used for good or evil. The good one is used to heal others that need it, and the evil is used to kill vampires. The evil one contains holy light which can burn a vampire and kill him or her. But the only one she knew how to use was the one for good.

            Jasper then kissed Alin on the lip. He was glad that she saved him. Alin was glad she could help. The two rushed to Kim and Anne still fighting Vladimir. Alin spotted Alex on the ground. She was about to run to him until Vladimir called out to one of his minion. It was a girl who was about Alex’s age. She had white hair and had red eyes. She wore a mini tight dress that was black. She looked gorgeous. As she appeared, lilies left a trail of her every movement.

              She picked up Alex and disappeared. Vladimir left as well. The four looked around. Alin noticed a passage way that led to another room. They followed that way and found the girl with Alex.

In a soft, innocent voice, the girl said, “I see this boy means so much to you four. As order from Lord Vladimir, I can’t let you take him back.” The girl touched Alex’s neck, her fangs stuck out, “I can never let you take him away from me.” Alex slowly opened his eyes. He looked around and saw the girl holding him.

In confusion Alex said, “Crina, what are you doing? Did you really go to my dad just to get more power?” The four gasped. They had no idea that Alex had known this girl.

Crina looked down and said, “I’m sorry Alex, I just couldn’t be the only one.” Alex got up; he grabbed Crina and pulled her to him. He gently kissed her on the lip. Alex told Crina, she didn’t have to be strong to be with him. She smiled. Crina looked sad; she didn’t want to disobey Lord Vladimir. If he found out that she left with them, he would kill her in a second.

Alex finally persuaded her to lead them out. When they got back to the palace Anne told Alex to explain her. Alex told his mom that Crina was his ex-girlfriend. They dated secretly because of her parents. The reason Anne never knew about it was because Crina didn’t want people to know. Anne didn’t fully trust Crina yet. Alin looked at Crina and got jealous. She wanted to look just like her.

Alin questioned Alex about the secret door in his room. He told her that was where he and Crina use to stay and have their moments. Crina caught Alin staring at her. Alin ran to her room. Crina went with her. Crina opened the door to Alin’s room. She found Alin weeping there.

“Are you okay? If you don’t want me dating your brother. Then I won’t” Crina said sitting next to Alin. Alin told her she was jealous of her looks. She wanted to look just like her. Crina told Alin she looked beautiful and she should keep her look. Alex came in and saw the two girls talking. Crina quickly got up and ran to Alex. She told him she missed him already. Alex laughed and told her the same thing. Alin was kind of happy that Alex had someone to be with. Meanwhile, Jasper was talking to Anne about Crina. He told her that if she finds her full powers and goes back to Vladimir, we would never be able to defeat Vladimir again.

This was indeed good news for Anne to hear. Now they had to make sure that Crina stayed on their side at all times. Anne told Jasper to keep an eye on Crina to make sure that she isn’t using Alex for Vladimir’s plan. Jasper then left.

As he walked in the room, he noticed Alin, Alex, and Crina sitting down and talking. Jasper sat next to Alin and asked her to fill him in. They were talking about how Crina and Alex met and started dating. Jasper told Alin about Crina. Alin and Jasper walked out the room.

Alin said, “What are you talking about? How would you know things like that? You haven’t even met her yet and you’re already judging.”

“No listen. The only reason why Crina came to Vladimir was to gain more power. Since Vladimir doesn’t like to fight, he trained Crina and made her powerful. Ever since I came, Vladimir has only used me to lure people into his trap. The point is that Crina is destruction, and I don’t want you to get hurt.” Jasper persuaded.

“Look it’s really sweet that you’re trying to protect me, but I know more about Crina and she isn’t at all how you described her.” Alin said walking back into the room. Alin made her way to Alex’s room. Before she could open the door, she heard Crina and Alex talking to each other.

“Alex, when you look at me, do you see me or me as a demon?” Crina asked.

“What do you mean? Of course I see you, and only you.” Alex said, leaning towards Crina. Crina looked at Alex, blushing. She didn’t know if Alex was going to bite her. Alex caressed Crina’s neck. He leaned towards her neck, his fangs sticking out. Crina was paralyzed. She was confused. One side of her is saying let him bite and the other side was telling her not to.

As Alex got closer, Alin was leaning against the door. Alex licked Crina’s soft, dry neck. Crina held Alex’s hand as he took a bite out of her. Alin’s eye widen as she saw her brother sucking the blood out of Crina. Crina tightened her hands as she grasp onto Alex. Alin wondered if the pain hurt or not. Alex slowly rose he head from her neck, the tips of his fangs still filled with blood.

Alex looked down and said, “Crina, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do it. It’s just that…” Alex stopped. Crina could tell that he was really sorry and never wanted to do it. The voice came and said your work is almost complete. You just need to bite the neck of the queen and the king. Alin had finally heard it clearly. She found this voice very strange.

Alin wondered why the voice would tell Alex to do such thing. As she leaned closer to the door, she fell. The couple stared at Alin and questioned her reason for being here. Alin had tears in her eyes. The two saw her and didn’t feel like they could punish her for snooping. Crina came over to comfort her. In a soft tender voice, Crina said, “Alin, what’s wrong? We’re not going to punish you. We just want to know why you’re crying.”

No matter what the words that Crina said, Alin kept crying. Alin finally got the courage to say, “What is that voice! Why does it keep telling you all these cruel things? Alex don’t lie to me just tell me the truth. Why…I’m so confused.” Alex didn’t say anything. He just continued to stare into Alin’s eye.

Alin quickly ran out the room and bump into Jasper. Jasper saw her tears and asked what was wrong. Alin told her about the voice that she heard. Jasper remembered that the voice came from Vladimir. He can send little messages to people. He wanted Alex to gain his full powers and kill anyone who gets in his way. Alin thought, that’s probably the reason why he left. It was to get Alex to kill Anne instead of him. This all made more sense to Alin.

Crina wondered why would those voices tell Alex to do such cruel things. She looked at Alex, she wanted answers from him. Alex told her not to worry about anything and that it didn't matter. Crina knew what she was going to do was wrong, but ahead wanted to get stronger. She knew one day she will return to her master.

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