About a girl who realizes that she has more than she ever thought she had. She thought she was just an ordinary girl, but she's way more than that


1. The Beginning

It all started when little twelve years old Amy was at home, watching her favorite show, Blood Life. She had black and red hair; she always tends to wear thorn clothes. She had beautiful green eyes and had a necklace the shape of fangs. She tends to wear it anywhere she goes not matter what. All she did was act like she was a vampire.  The one thing she wished for was to become one of the blood suckers. One day she found one, she had actually found what she came here for, all her hard work going all over Romania paid off.

            The moment she laid eyes on that gruesome blood-sucker, she knew she wanted to meet him. So when she went to her mom and told her the news, her mom, of course, didn’t believe such thing. Her mom had luscious blond hair and had deep red eyes, almost the color of blood. She looked as if she was in her late twenties. Amy went on and on about the vampire she had seen late at night.

            When it was late at night, Amy began her search for the vampire she had seen. She searched the place where she had last seen him. At last, she found him. He was just waking up and getting out of his coffin. He had dark brown hair, red eyes, and had on a vampire tattoo on his neck. She was afraid, yet excited to go near him, thinking he might run away, or in her case, fly away. When he got out the coffin, he went into his kitchen and got out something that was red. Blood was the first thing that came to Amy’s mind. She wanted to get a better look at him, but slipped and fell out of her hiding spot while attempting to do it. The vampire slowly turned around, his dark red eyes covered by his insanely hot hair, his fangs sticking out, and his pale face, like any other vampires face would be. Amy was so frightened, but still in a way excited.

“What are you doing here?” The vampire asked as he licked his fangs. Amy stared at the vampire, not knowing what to say. Amy tried to make her words clear, she finally got it out.

              “Um…well I was just looking around,” Amy lied. He looked at her, his eyes becoming brighter than they were. Amy began to feel woozy; she had no idea what just hit her.

            When she woke up, she was in a house, a random house that she had never been in before. She then got up and looked around the big mysterious looking house to see if anyone was home. When she got to the door upstairs, it was cracked open. She thought what would happen if I went in, but I needed answers. As she slowly walked in, she came across a figure.

            “Um can you help me? I’m a little lost at the moment,” Amy said softly. The figure came out of the shadow, it was the vampire. Amy was shocked, for the first time in her life; she had finally seen a vampire close up in person. She gazed into his deep dark eyes and almost fainted.

            “Where am I?” questioned Amy.

The vampire answered, “You’re in my house.” Amy looked at his room, it was dark but had candles to light some places. Amy noticed that there was a painting that looked just like her, only looked like a younger version of her.

            “Can I ask you a question?”

            “Sure, what is it?”

“Your name, what’s you name. Oh by the way, my name is Amy Stone.” The vampire looked at her, and then his eyes went to her neck.

            “My name is Alex Vampire.” Alex then leaned to her a touched her neck. Just one bite, Amy thought. He licked her neck, Alex was about to bite Amy, but he stopped and slowly looked up towards Amy’s eyes. Amy began to wonder why he didn’t just bite her. He was so close. Alex backed away from Amy and sat in his couch.

            “Alex, if it makes you feel better,” Amy began, walking towards Alex and kneeling down, “You can take a small bite out of me,” Amy then pulled her collar down below her neck. Alex gasped, he had desperately wanted to feast on the living, but for some reason he couldn’t. Amy began to tell Alex, how she didn’t care if she got turned into a vampire or any of the negative things. Like her not being able to see her reflection, going into the sun and smelling garlic. For a minute, Alex’s eyes turned yellow, and then turned back to normal. The reason why his eyes turned yellow ways to signify that he needs to bite someone. Amy had questioned Alex about his eyes, but Alex didn’t respond. A low voice came in and said, “Do it, bite the girl. You don’t want to be a half blood vampire forever,” Alex looked down and when he looked up, Amy was leaving.

            “I’m sorry to bother you, I’ll just go,” Amy said. As soon as Amy opened the door, Alex grabbed her arm and pulled her in. He then pulled down her collar and took a long drink out of her. Amy had felt all of her blood getting drained out of her, and small parts of his blood coming in her. She began to feel light-headed and wanted to collapse, but she held strong. When Alex finally stopped he looked at Amy and the marks in her neck. Amy turned around and gazed at him, seeing the left over blood hanging from his fangs and the side of his lip.

            “Does is hurt?” questioned Alex, “I didn’t mean to, but I just-”

            “It’s ok, I have always wanted this day to happen, me turning into a vampire is a dream come true.” Amy said with a smile. “Oh and it hurts a little, but not as near as most people would say.

            “You should get home it’s pretty late and the sun is soon to rise.”

            “Does it hurt?”

            “Of course, but I never seen the sun,” Alex said leading Amy home, “It’s kind of what I’m missing, seeing all the other kids having fun in the sun,”

When they arrived at Amy’s house, she told Alex to come by her house after sunset to pick her up. He agreed, they hugged, and Alex was on his way. Amy had a smile on her face, holding her neck, thinking that was the best day ever. She was looking forward to tomorrow’s adventures.

            When Amy woke up, she was sad, she had already missed Alex. Amy said to herself, “Well I can’t stay in bed forever,” as she got off her bed. When she looked in the mirror she noticed something strange, she could faintly see her reflection. Amy stepped back and felt her neck, the bite marks were still there. She didn’t want her mom finding out, so she just put her hair to cover it.

            Amy walked to her friend’s house and rang the doorbell. As she waited for her friend to open the door, she looked up at the sun. She felt a burning sensation in her skin. Amy was freaked out, was she really turning into a vampire. Before the door could open all the way, Amy ran to a tree to keep her skin out of the sun. Since she learned all about vampires, she knew everything that can hurt her. She quickly ran to her house, still trying to avoid the sunlight. As Amy walked in the house, her mother was coming out of her room and saw her coming in.

            “Leave some where honey,” Mom said.

            “Um just for a jog, that’s it, nothing more,” Amy quickly said hiding her fang mark.

            “Is there something wrong with your neck?” Amy didn’t say a word, instead she quickly ran across her mom and into her room. Her heart pounded fast, and then faintly stops. It was gone. Amy had no heart, but still living, Amy had become immortal.  Amy looked on the mirror again, her reflection slowly faded away. Amy sat on her bed until sunset. When Amy ate her dinner, she sat outside and waited until Alex had come.

            “Alex, you remembered,” Amy said in joy.

            “Of course, why would I forget,” Alex said. So Alex took Amy to his house. As they walked, Amy tried to figure out a way to memorize the way. As they walked inside the candles lit up. The two slowly walked upstairs and into Alex’s room. Alex slowly opened his door and walked inside.

            “Alex, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you,” Amy mumbled. Alex looked at her, “Um…I…never mind, it’s not that important anyways.” Alex looked at her confused thinking, why is she acting so strange.

            “Amy, if there’s anything you want to tell me, just say so. I won’t get mad I promise.”

            “Well ok then, I’m a vampire,” Alex glanced at Amy, worried about what will happen if her parents were to find out.

            “But don’t worry; it’s not your fault. It’s mine, I told you to do this,” Amy said about to cry, “It’s not like my parents would find out.” Amy began to cry, thinking her parents would burn her to ashes or something. Alex wrapped his arm around her, trying to comfort her.

            “I’m sorry; it’s all because I wanted to become a full blood vampire.”

            “Full blood vampire?” Alex tried to explain how being a full blood vampire works. After a while of explaining, Amy had finally understood what it meant. Time past, while Alex was working on his blood bank, Amy looked at her phone and tried to see if her reflection appeared. Alex glanced over to her and saw her looking at her phone.

            “You know it’s not coming back anytime soon,” Alex joked. Amy smiled.

            “I know, but what will happen to me?”

            “Well you will turn into a half blood vampire, until you drink the blood of a human. That’s when you will become a full blood vampire just like me. It’s kind of what I did with you.” Amy looked at Alex in a scared way, as if there was something wrong with his face. Alex then heard a strange noise again saying, drink her blood, you won’t regret it. Drink it, and you will be powerful. Alex felt confused, his mother use to tell him to always listen to “the voice,” when it tells you to do something. Alex thought, but what “the voice” is telling me may hurt Amy. Alex decided to listen to “the voice” and see how it goes from there. Alex got up and sat close to Amy; he then put his hand on her neck and caressed it.

            “Alex, what are you doing?” questioned frightened Amy.

            “Hold still, this will only hurt a little,” Alex said; his fangs about to pierce Amy’s neck. Amy thought, why is Alex acting so strange, is it because he thinks I enjoy getting bitten, or is it something else. Amy was really confused; she didn’t know whether to pull or not. Before she had a time to make her decision, Alex had bit her. In confusion, Amy began to talk, unknowing that she was talking.

            “How come I’m still alive, aren’t I suppose to be dead? Isn’t it when a vampire bites a human, he or she sucks all of his or her blood out? And when you have no blood, don’t you die?” Alex slowly came off of Amy’s neck.

“You’re special and unique,” Amy looked at him strangely and questioned him about her being special. Alex told her about his past and how his family wasn’t like most other families. His family wasn’t cursed with devil fangs, but with ordinary fangs.

            “So what you’re saying is there are two types of fangs?” Amy questioned.


            “And the devil fangs kill, and the ordinary ones do nothing.”

            “Yup,” Amy had more questions to ask, but she knew Alex didn’t want to stay up until dawn answering her questions. Alex and Amy sat on his couch and watch the sun go down. Amy felt really dizzy and sleepy, and fell asleep. When Amy woke up, she found herself inside a coffin. She tried to open it, but she couldn’t open it. How do vampires open their coffins, Amy wondered. After many times, she finally got it open. As she rose from the coffin, she got hit by the sun and fell back.

            “Ouch, the sun is way too bright. Amy complained. She crawled out of the coffin and went to go find Alex’s coffin. She searched every place in the house and no sign of Alex was there. Amy finally remembered she didn’t check the attic. She quickly ran up to the attic and found a black coffin, with a skull on it. With all her might, she opened the coffin. She saw Alex resting in peace in his coffin.

            “Aww, he looks so cute when he’s asleep.” Amy whispered. Amy touched his face; Alex instantly woke up and stared at Amy.

            “Amy what are you doing?” questioned Alex.

            “Um…I just wanted to know...why I was in a coffin when I woke up.”

            “Your body would have burned up if I would have left you on the bed.”

            “Because of me being a vampire?”

            “Yeah, and I couldn’t just let that happen to you.” Amy blushed, could this have be a new story of a relationship. Afterwards Amy called her mom and lied to her about her staying over at her friends’ house, but she was really with her vampire friend, Alex.

            Finally it was afternoon, and Amy was still with Alex. They talked, laughed, and had a good time, until Amy thought of something.

            “Hey, how come you have two houses?”

            “Well one really belongs to my parents, but they moved to the eastern part of Transylvania.”

            “Oh, so you live by yourself?”

            “I’m old enough to live by myself. So they thought they can leave me by myself,” Amy looked at him a little confused, but she knew what he meant.

            A while later Amy had grown fangs, her eyes darkened to red. Amy was kind of excited that she was finally turning into a vampire.

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