About a girl who realizes that she has more than she ever thought she had. She thought she was just an ordinary girl, but she's way more than that


3. Alex's Gone Missing

Alex stared at his dad, afraid that he might try to hurt Alin. Alex told Alin to run and don’t come back unless you have Queen Anne. Alin did what Alex had instructed her to do and ran.

            “It’s has been a while son,” King Vladimir said with a grin on his face. Alex got prepare to fight. He grew his fangs out, his eyes changed colors. Instead of his eyes being red, it was half black and red. His hair started to change to black. And his vampire tattoo started to appear off his skin. This was Alex’s special power. He and his sister were the strongest vampires known to vampires. His powers were very deadly. It can kill a vampire.

            “Now Alex, look, I just want to talk to you. But if you want a fight, I would be gladly happy to give it to you,” Vladimir said. Alex was about to strike a blow until Anne came and stopped him. Alex looked at his mom and stopped. As soon as he stopped he felt a burn in his neck. Was it because of the vampire tattoo? As Anne cast a vampire spell on Alex, Vladimir vanished into the air.

            “Videca acest copil. Videca-I  de la Marca Vampir,” Anne said, which translate to, “Heal this child. Cure him from The Vampire Mark.” Alex was healed. He thanked his mom for healing him. She told him not to use The Vampire Mark a lot because, as he continues to use it, his body won’t be able to take all the pressure and will soon burn to ashes. Alin looked at Alex and thought, what amazing powers he has, but the consequences are very deadly. Alin went down the long shiny stairs and into the main hall. She looked around and found a note lying on the floor. The note read: Dear Alex, I want you to know I’ve always had you on my mind. When you ever do meet your sister again, I want you to turn her into a vampire and bring her to me. Also I wanted to tell you about your mark. The mark you have on your neck is called The Vampire Mark. It contains a massive amount of power. You need to control how many times you use it. The reason you have this mark is because your father sealed the strongest vampire known to vampires into you and put in on your neck. I wanted to stop him but he threatened to kill your sister. This is why you are so special and can never be in the hands of your father. Alin ran upstairs and gave the note to her mom. Anne read the note. Alex wondered what the note was. In curiosity, Alex took the note out of Anne and read it. When Alex got through reading the note, he crumpled the note and through it in the trash.

            “Alex, look I’m sorry, I would have sent it to you but-“Anne was interrupted.

            “I don’t want to hear it. I’m stuck with this curse all because you couldn’t protect both Alin and I. If you did I wouldn’t be like this. I could be like any other vampires, but no, you just let him seal this beast in me,” Alex said, his eyes turning red and black again. Anne looked at him. Alex hair began to turn black and his vampire mark began to appear off his skin again.  Alin tried to run to him, but Kim pulled her back and told her, “Don’t go near him when he is like this. You could get seriously hurt. It’s best if you let your mom handle this.” Alin looked at Kim and trusted her. Alex began to grow his fangs and wings. He was ready to attack, until Anne cast a spell and he wasn’t able to move. Alex didn’t see this coming. Anne wasn’t happy about the way Alex had acted.

            “Alex, you need to calm down. You don’t know the full story to it. Please turn back to normal and I’ll explain everything. Please I want my son back.” Anne cried. Alex then began to turn back to normal. His eyes turned back to red, his hair turned back to brown, and his Vampire Mark went into his skin. He looked at his mom and waited for the full story.

            “The full story is that your father held you both hostages. I didn’t know which one to save. If I chose your sister, he would give you The Vampire Mark. But if I chose you, your sister would not be here. It was a tough decision for me to make. I couldn’t let Alin turn to the evil side. So I chose her instead. If you want, I could take the mark off I would be happy. But it would cost my life to do it,” Anne said her eyes full of tears. She wanted to cry but held it in. Alex came next to her and gave her a hug. He didn’t want her to die just because of some curse that his dad gave him. He would rather have the mark for the rest of his eternal life then to lose his only mother.

            The sun was almost up. Kim got her own room with her coffin in it. Her coffin was big and long. It was sky blue and had pictures of little vampires on it. Alex got his own room with his coffin in it. His was the same. It was a medium size coffin and had a skull on it. Alin also got her own coffin, but shared a room with her mom. Alin’s coffin was small and was pink. On the top part of the coffin, it had little red roses. And on the sides and bottom, it had the “blood” written on it. Anne coffin was really big and warm. It was cozy to. Anne coffin was a mixture of colors, but on the top of the coffin, it had a picture of her when she was young. All of the vampires rested in peace until the sun went down.

            As soon as the sun set, Alin woke up and went into Alex’s room. She was very curious about his mark and wanted to learn more about it. She walked across the hall and went inside Alex’s room. She pushed the top off. As soon as the she got it off she noticed that Alex wasn’t in there. Alin was scared, she didn’t know if it was her dads doing or was it something else. She wanted answers so she searched his room for any clues. She looked in his cabinet, nothing. She looked in his dresser, nothing. She looked in his bed, nothing. This started to worry Alin. She didn’t know what to do if her father had taken Alex away. She almost forgot that her father was a vampire. So if he was a vampire how could he walk in the sunlight and not get burned. This made no sense to her.

            She went to her real mom and told her the news. Anne freaked out about this. If her husband got a hold of Alex and made Alex use The Vampire Mark, great danger would soon come upon them all. Anne called Kim to tell her to search the whole palace to see if she could find Alex. As for Alin, she went back into his room and looked so more. As she was looking, she came across a strange wall that was hidden with his cabinet. She slowly opened the door and walked inside. She figured she should have told her mom about her leaving, but it was a little too late for that. She kept walking down the creaking stairs until she saw a light. She walked down even further, thinking she would see someone, but she was wrong, she didn’t see anyone. All she saw was a bunch of desk and cobwebs lying everywhere. When she got to the last step, she started to examine the place before going any further.

            She first checked the desks. She looked on top of one desk and found a letter that was not finished. The letter read: It has been a long time since we’ve sent our children away. I don’t know why you were so afraid. You knew this was going to happen. You should stop protecting them and let them join me. It will be a new start of the Vampire family. Bigger and stronger, yes that is what we will be. Better than any other vampire families. If you ever change your mind and want to join me, don’t hesitate, just reply. You will find your eternal life better knowing that you’re with me. P.S- The rest wasn’t finished. Alin wondered why it was sent, but never finished. This bothered Alin. She wanted to find out what was going on in this family and the truth. She scattered around the desk for anymore letters or signs. It was no use, she didn’t find any.

            As Alin looked up she saw something she didn’t realize when she got here. She saw this is no place for a girl like you to be, written in blood. Alin stared at the written words. This didn’t make sense to Alin. Was someone with her? Is she not alone? Alin quickly dashed up the stairs and went to her room. But any wall she saw, she saw the same words on the wall, written with blood. Alin started to cry. She didn’t know what to do. She was confused and lost; and had nobody to go to.

            Anne walked in the room and saw Alin crying. Anne questioned Alin why she was crying, but as stubborn as she was, she didn’t want to tell her. Anne questioned her again, but this time Alin decided to tell her. Anne told her it was a spell her father put long ago. That is why it was kept in that hidden room and never was seen. Anne showed her another note and by doing that, all the words written in blood were gone. Alin didn’t know how her mom did it, but she was glad that it was off.

            Kim walked in the room. She looked a lot younger than she normally did. Alin looked at Kim funny and of course, being persistent and always wanted her answers, she questioned Kim about her look. Kim answered, “Well it’s just that I was supposed to look like this. I had a spell on to make me look older so you can think I was your mom. I’m really not twenty or thirty something years old. I’m a lot younger than that.” Again Alin questioned her about her age. But knowing all women, they don’t like to tell people how old they no matter what. It’s basically what Kim does. She could be nine years old and not tell people that she is nine. It may seem strange, but that’s how Kim likes to act.

            Later that evening, Alin snuck back into the hidden room. She slowly walked down the creaking stairs. She notices that the words written in blood were gone. She wondered why the hidden room was in Alex’s room and not anyone else’s. She saw a figure in front of her. She couldn’t see who it was. Could it be Vladimir, her dad, or could it be Alex. Either way, Alin was on her guard. She couldn’t be so quick to judge anything. Especially when she knows half of what’s going on.

            The figure appeared to get closer to her. Alin slowly backed away from the figure. Before the figure could say a word, Anne came and saw Alin down there. Anne saw the figure with her vampire eyes. She saw that it was someone else. It wasn’t Vladimir or Alex, but someone else. Anne walked down the stairs and got a better look at the figure. Anne told the figure to tell her what was his name, and why did he come. The boy didn’t speak. The boy had golden hair and had midnight blue eyes. He seemed to have a fang mark on the side of his neck. The boy was about thirteen, the same age as Alin. The boy finally spoke.

            “My name is Jasper and my purpose here is to protect Alin Vampire from any danger,” Jasper said. Anne looked at him. She didn’t know whether to believe the boy or not. After all long period of thinking, she decided to trust the boy. She then took the boy to teach him what he should protect her from, who she could be around, and if she goes out, what time to be back. She also mentioned to him that he is like her guardian. Whatever a guardian did, he would do the same thing. He watched Alin 24/7. Even though Anne knew Alin needed protected, she didn’t quite trust Jasper.

            Morning came, and all of the vampires slept in their lovely decorated coffins while Jasper stayed awake and did his job as a guardian. Alin woke up in the middle of the day and found Jasper still standing by her coffin like a solider. Alin found this very strange. There was no explanation to this coming boy. How did he even get in the room without using the door? Or was he there the whole time? Then if so was he the person who wrote the sign in blood? So many questions wondered around in Alin’s hand as she tried to figure out this mysterious boy.

            It was finally afternoon, and Alin decided to get up. As she opened her coffin, Jasper had stopped her and told her to go back to bed. Alin didn’t like the way she couldn’t get up anytime she wants or go anywhere without Jasper following her like a pet. Alin laid back in her coffin but didn’t go to sleep. As she got tried and couldn’t keep her eyes open, she fell asleep. She dreamt about her finding Alex and Jasper with his Vladimir. They were in trouble, needed her help but anytime they had called for help, they would get shocked. As Alin made her way in Vladimir’s castle, she noticed that everything was covered in blood. She walked through his castle some more until she approached Vladimir. Her heart started to race, beating faster and faster. Alin instantly woke up before Vladimir had a chance to touch her.

            “Is there something wrong Ms. Vampire?” Jasper questioned while lifting the coffin top of Alin’s coffin. Alin stared into Jasper’s midnight blue eyes and didn’t say a word. Jasper questioned Alin again. Alin replied saying, “It’s nothing, just a nightmare that’s all.” Jasper looked at her. Afterwards Jasper took Alin to wherever place she desired. When they returned it was dark. Alin started to watch her favorite show, Blood Life. After watching a couple of minutes of it, she lost interest in watching it. She mostly thought because she was a vampire, they were making fun of her and not getting things right. Jasper came in and went to her desk. Alin questioned on his being here, but as he said before he was her guardian.

            As days went by, Anne started to trust Jasper more and more. Also Alin started to grow affections for Jasper. One night Alin put on her most beautiful punk up dress to wear to impress Jasper. When Jasper walked in he saw Alin’s clothes. He asked her why she changed so suddenly. Alin didn’t respond, she continued to slowly walk towards him.

            “I see you haven’t noticed, Jasper, you haven’t realized why I’m doing all of this.” Alin said. Jasper didn’t really get what Alin was trying to hint out. Alin sat next to Jasper and leaned on him. She thought maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing having Jasper around. It actually kept her from thinking too much about Alex. Alin began to caress his face. Jasper didn’t really find that bothering, so he left her to do as she pleased. Alin thought, why isn’t he noticing, does he not know I have feelings for her? Not really thinking, Alin thought that since he let her caress his face, he didn’t mind her kissing him on the cheek. She slowly leaned towards him. As Alin got closer to Jasper’s cheek, Jasper turned around and stared at Alin.

            “What are you doing Ms. Vampire?” Jasper probed. Alin paused as she blushed. She didn’t think he would make a big deal. Alin stared at Jasper, it was like that was the only thing she could do. Jasper questioned her again. Yet Alin, she still didn’t reply. Jasper paused for a moment. Alin got worried; she thought Jasper was getting hurt. He finally started to move. He held Alin’s chin up and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t notice what you were doing earlier, but I finally realized that you were trying to get my attention the whole time.” Alin was excited yet afraid. She didn’t know what got into Jasper. From one person to another, just like that.

            Jasper slowly leaned into Alin. He then kisses her on the lip. Alin gasped, did Jasper do what she just experienced. Jasper smiled, as his lips came off of Alin’s. Alin rapidly hugged him in so much joy. Anne came in and saw the two. She smiled; she knew that the two would eventually get along. She closed the door quietly, hoping they didn’t notice her come in, and left.

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