Not Alone

A girl who thinks she is the only hybrid in the world but finds out she is not alone and she meets vampires and wearwolfs and one hybrid the only other one and now knows she is not alone

1. Alone

Hi my name is Sofia Ortiz I am 19 years old and I live with my mother because I have to take care of her I still go to school but its not working out for me. You see am not like normal kids and way different and probably the only one like me well let me just tell you I am a hybrid witch is a mix of both vampire or wearwolf. I know there is no such thing as vampires or wearwolves well it's because they are all gone or dead am the only one. Well let me start from the beginning when I was small because it all started from there. 

SOFIA- mommy can I I go play with my friend outside" ok sweetie but be careful"" ok mommy bye love you"" love you to honey" I was on my to my friends house it was a boy but I can't remember what his name was all I remember was we had little curls and green eye. Well when I got there we both hugged each other and let's say we where pretty good friend we acted like we were older and we were only about 8 to 10 I think. But when we got there we played for what seems like ages until we both just laid down flat like we were dead but I remember he told me something it was " Sofia no matter what happens if we ever got separated I will find you, do u believe me "" yes I believe you and I would do the same " that when everything gets blurry I don't remember much but I remember screaming and a lot of pain. My mom told me that something hurt me but not to worry and I remember pain in my neck but no scars were left behind and that was the last time I ever saw him- the end     Its weird but I miss him so much and it's like I need to see him again I don't know. But all I know is am alone and I know why. It the reason why I left my boy friend and I will forever hate him.

A/N  hey this is my first what do u think well I hope u like it it's not much but yeah   


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