I Can't Fall For Him!

I hate being the new girl! I wasn't exactly what people would call 'popular'. I wasn't good at fitting in at all! I'd hear laughing when I walked through the halls and to top it all of, my brother was a jock. You know, dating a cheerleader and being mean to everybody especially ones like me. My brother and I changed our last names so nobody knew that we were brother and sister. So your probably wondering who my brother is.....its the one and only Zayn Malik. Him and his friends Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry are the famous seniors. All of them are idiotic jocks. As for me, I'm just a freshman. But what happenes when my first real friend here falls for my my brother? And I start to fall for one of his friends?


2. Meeting a Friend amd finding my Locker

Mom came out and got in the drivers seat."I don't understand you and your brother, why don't you just have him drive you to school?" Mom just didn't understand. I would DIE if people found out I was related to Zayn. I'd get picked om even more and people would probably start saying things like'Why can't you be more like your brother?'.Instead of telling her that I just said"Mom, Zayn's a jock I'm just some weird new freshman that everybody hates." I saw her frown and look at me."Kila, your beautiful and young, your going to make tons of friends.  Remember it's your first day" We pulled into the schools parking lot. I smiled " Thanks mom." I got out I walked into the school. It was so big. I didn't know anybody here. 

I noticed Zayn hanging with a bunch of other jocks.I wasn't going to talk to him or anything because like I said before I'd probably be hated on. Instead I walked right past them looking for my locker. Where was my locker? I walked up to a girl who was leaning up against some lockers. "Excuse me but can you help me find my locker?" I asked. She looked up and smiled. "Yeah sure, let me see your locker number." I handed her the peice of paper. She smiled and said"Your right next to me.But, our lockers are kinda being blocked by those jocks."I laughed."No wonder I couldn't find my locker" We both laughed."Im Cassie but you can call me Cass." I smiled" I'm Kila" I made my first friend.

We aproached our lockers and I noticed Zayn glare at me and gave me a look saying'What do you want?' I slowly moved closer and said."Umm...Can we get to our lockers?" One turned around and looked straight into my emerald green eyes and I looked into his blue eyes. He smiled and said "Go right ahead you two..Anything for you sis" Cass rolled her eyes.

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