I Can't Fall For Him!

I hate being the new girl! I wasn't exactly what people would call 'popular'. I wasn't good at fitting in at all! I'd hear laughing when I walked through the halls and to top it all of, my brother was a jock. You know, dating a cheerleader and being mean to everybody especially ones like me. My brother and I changed our last names so nobody knew that we were brother and sister. So your probably wondering who my brother is.....its the one and only Zayn Malik. Him and his friends Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry are the famous seniors. All of them are idiotic jocks. As for me, I'm just a freshman. But what happenes when my first real friend here falls for my my brother? And I start to fall for one of his friends?


1. First day of High School

I slowly'opened my eyes then remembered that today was my first day of high-school. I didn't want to go and you wouldn't either if you were me. I'm the girl who's to shy to stand up for herself. Who always always in the back of the class and is never social. Back in middle-school, my best friend told me I should  be more social and go to parties and school dances, but I don't know I guess I'm just not really into any of that stuff. My dad doesn't seem to mind as long as I keep up my grades. Mom on they other hand worries and says I NEED to be more social. But I can't. It's t hard for me and I have no clue why I can't socialize. One reason my dad likes the way I am is because he won't have to worry about me bringing some boy home and sleeping with him. Just the thought of that sickens me.

I pull myself out of bed and stumble to the bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror. My dirty blonde hair slung over my shoulder. I sighed and looked at the shower. Slowly but surely I undressed and slid into the shower. I stood there for about 10 minutes just letting the warm water hit me. I massaged some shampoo into my hair and washed it out. After about 5 minutes of washing it out I messaged some coconut conditioner into my hair. I turned off the water and let it sit. I started day dreaming. I snapped out of it about 15 minutes later. I quickly rinsed out of the conditioner out of my hair. I slid out of the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. I opened the bathroom door and walked to my closet. I grabbed my under garments and put them on then a plain black cold-shoulder top and white ripped skinny jeans with black going down the sides.for shoes I grabbed a pair of DÇ high tops and put them on. I tossed a black zip up hoodie on to my bed before I leave. Now time for my hair. I walked back into the bathroom and turned on my blow dryer on blow dried my hair and pulled it into a neat side ponytail. I left my side-bangs. For a little make-up, I did all natural. Finally I was done. I slid on my hoodie and walked downstairs.

  "Mom! 'ready to go!" I yelled to her as I walked outside to the car dreading it so much.

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