One Direction Imagines

Imagines, please comment your name, the boy, your age, description of yourself(looks, personality, hobbies), and the story you want, and type dirty, romantic, horror, clean, anything you wish. Note, you can do more then one boy and more then one type. To request a imagine please submit the information above, and please give feed back on the other imagines, also some of these imagines are not mine, so i will not be taking the credit for them, but the ones that are mine you'll know. *it also doesn't have to be realistic, if you want vampires or werewolf's or something like that just let me know.


3. Meredith and Niall (Dirty)

Dirty Imagine request for marrygrace31, Thanks for the request


Marry's POV

You and Niall were going out with the boys and there girlfriends tonight just to have some fun. You were getting ready when Niall walked in a froze as he stared at you from head to toe, your curly red hair was let loose falling down your shoulders, and you had light natural makeup on to pop out your hazel eyes, with a beautiful black elbow length sleeve and thigh length dress, with a pair of black low high heels. "Do I look okay?" "oh um gorgeous babe, really really beautiful my princess", he stuttered walking towards you, he leaned in to kiss you softly and in the moment it quickly turned into a make out session, a very heated make out session, Niall's hand started to travel up your thigh and under your tight short dress, he started rubbing you through your panties, you moaned into the kiss, but quickly stopped him before to got to much, remembering that you had to leave. He helped you up, you both fixed yourselves, you walked to the car in silence hand in hand. You had noticed on the way to the boys house, Niall kept taking glances at you. After awhile of talking and hanging out with the girls, the boys came back into the room you girls were in and Niall's eyes never left yours until he was sitting you in his lap. You were all having fun and thought you'd have a little fun with Niall and mess with him, so you started to readjust yourself in his lap on purpose grinding down on him, everyone else was too busy to notice but Niall noticed and he was very horny by this time, he stood up still holding you close and you both walked towards the small bathroom. He walked in and then you did and as you walked through the door, it shut and you were slammed up against the wall by Niall, he held you up against the wall with his hips. You felt him harden against you and started to grind him again. You wrapped you arms around his neck and start sucking and licking at his neck, you knew that it drove him crazy when you tease him, so he pushed you back and ripped you dress completely off you leaving you in your black strapless bra and thong. You watched as he stripped of his clothes, as soon as you were both in just your under garments he stepped towards you and started to kiss you roughly, his hands started to roam your body as your hands gripped his hair, his hand travel down towards your thong and move it to the side, his hand began to rub you slit up and down ever so gently and you sighed of relief feeling the pleasure from his touch. When all of a sudden his 3 long fingers thrusted up into you, causing you to moan very loud, his free hand covered your mouth to quiet your moans. He kept pumping his fingers faster and deeper in, he took his thumb and started to rub you clit, he started to get even more rougher, then you felt a knot in the pit of your stomach and knew you were close, and he knew too, "Hold it babe, I'm not done with you yet."  After about 5 more minutes you were about to cum when he pulled his fingers out, you groaned at the loss of your release, but soon he ripped off your thong and bra, his head dipped down and started to suck roughly on your tits, while giving you time to come back down from your almost high, as soon as you were, he threw his boxers to the pile of clothes near the toilet and picked you up, he set you down on the cold counter top next to the sink, and he pushed your legs apart, and thrusted deep and hard into you, you screamed out loud, as you did his hand flew to cover your mouth, he started thrusting faster and faster, you then felt the knot in the pit of your stomach again, he then lifted you leg with his free hand pushing your knee to your chest and thrusted deeper hitting your g-spot directly. With every thrust you both got closer and closer to your highs, when finally he rested your leg on his shoulder took the same hand  and started fiercely rubbing you clit trying to reach his organism. As soon as his hand started to rub your clit you crumbled under his touch, waves of electricity went through your whole body, your head flew back as your eyes shut tight, his hand that was over your mouth removed for a split second but long enough for Niall, to hear your shaky breath, as you began to shake and you legs tightened, he felt your walls tighten around him, and knew you were cumming, after your release, Niall was still thrusting to get his release, seconds after he came too, as his head flew back and his eyes shut, you heard him mumble under his shaky breath say "Marry, Shit!!!" and he released his sweet juices inside you, he finally pulled out and you both were panting trying to catch your breath when you heard a knock and Louis' voice say "now that you two are done are you going to come back a join the rest of us again so we can have some fun?" "Yeah. In a minute dude." Niall replied, fully clothed and helping you get dressed, "O and Nialler there's food." "COMING!!!" and with that he flung the door wide open and walked past everyone who was listening through the door just waiting for you both to come out, you blushed a bright shade of red when they all looked at you and smirked, thank god i was finished getting dressed you thought to yourself, as you heard Niall shout "There NANDOS, Marry hurry!!" with that you ran towards the food and joined Niall in shoving shovels of food into your mouths, the rest of the group walked in and laughed at the sight of you and Niall eating, "Glad to see Niallers found a girl that eats just as much as him." Harry said in a jokingly voice, everyone laughed, even you and Niall. Then Niall reached over grabbed your hand and kissed your lips passionately, then said "I know I did, I found my princess, Marry!" And the rest is history


*Note, I hope you liked it, if its bad, sorry <3

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