One Direction Imagines

Imagines, please comment your name, the boy, your age, description of yourself(looks, personality, hobbies), and the story you want, and type dirty, romantic, horror, clean, anything you wish. Note, you can do more then one boy and more then one type. To request a imagine please submit the information above, and please give feed back on the other imagines, also some of these imagines are not mine, so i will not be taking the credit for them, but the ones that are mine you'll know. *it also doesn't have to be realistic, if you want vampires or werewolf's or something like that just let me know.


5. Jessica and Harry (Dirty)

imagine request for One Direction 4eves, thanks and enjoy


          Jessica's POV

Tonight was your boyfriends birthday, and to make it special you set up a candle lit dinner and candles all in the bedroom with your Lingerie on under your dress. You were sitting at the table waiting patiently waiting for Harry to get home from work, about 15 minutes after Harry came walking through the door, and froze in his spot, a huge smirk grew on his face "Happy Birthday Harry, make a wish." you said as you carried a cupcake with a lit candle in the middle, he smiled the biggest smile you had ever seen, and blew out the candle "what did you wish for?" "I didn't wish for anything, cause I have everything I need right here in front of me." he responding looking at you up and down, you grabbed his hand and led him to the table and sat him down, he smiled gratefully and started to eat his dinner, you sat and ate as well. When you both finished eating, Harry looked at you with a cheeky smirk, you stood up, walked over to him, pulled his seat out and sat on his lap, you then reached behind him and pulled a bow out of the cabinet behind him and stuck the bow on the top of you head "you wanna open your present now?" you asked seductively "Where would this present be?" he asked in the same mocking tone, when you sat back on his lap, he finally noticed the bow on your head and his smirk grew into a huge smile that only kept growing, he smashed his lips into yours and started a make out session with you, when you finally pulled back for air you replied "your present would be making its way to the bedroom right about now" you stood up and walked quickly up the stairs, with a horny looking Harry following closely behind. Once your in the room with Harry, the door is shut and locked, you pushed Harry on the bed and took off the dress, all Harry could manage was a slight grunt at the sight of you. You walked over to him in the most sexiest way you could think of, you sat right on top of his lower abdomen, you could feel his boner and it was huge and hard. You started to take his shirt and pants of, with his shoes and socks, you kissed down his toned chest, you heard him moan under neath you, you smirked already knowing what you were doing to him, you started to grind on top of his boner, Harry grabbed you bra top and pulled it off, he grabbed your breast and started to massage and kiss them, playing with them, you moaned feeling his finger tips tug on your nipple, you pulled his boxers down making his dick fly free, his dick is stand tall and proud and you can't help but moan as you touch him, you wrap you hands around the shaft and ball sack of his dick and put the rest in your mouth, you start bobbing your head up and down taking more and more in your mouth, you gag a couple times but that only seem to turn him on even more, his hands on the back of your head pushing you down more, you look at him through you eye lashes and see his head is laying back and his eyes are shut and his lips are slightly parted as you hear him pant and moan, you see his toned abs glisten from the sweat, you keep going until you felt him twitch in your mouth, your swallowed all the sweet cum and pulled him out. You sat up and the next thing you know he's got you pinned under his body, and he's roughly kissing you, his hands run down your body and pull the thong off quickly, he then starts rubbing your clit making you arch up more into the kiss, he licks your bottom lip asking for entrance, and just to get him going to deny, then out of no where, he pounds his cock into you, making you gasp giving him enough time to start roaming your mouth with his tongue. You both battle for dominance,  Harry is still pumping hard in and out of you while rubbing your pussy. He pulls out of the kiss and grabs one of your breast with his free hand, and sucks on the other with his mouth, you start to feel your walls tighten, you legs stiffen, your back arches up, you throw your head back, squeezes your eyes hurt, your grip on to Harry for dear life, screaming and moan his name at the top of your lungs, Harry starts going harder and faster not losing focus, he's hitting your g-spot right on, you feel him twitch inside of you and you both started shaking and screaming together, as you were both releasing the biggest and bestest organism you both had ever had. He finally pulls out of you after five minutes "Best Birthday Present EVER!!!" Harry says as you both start laughing, he pulls you close and cuddle, as your both falling asleep you hear him say "thank you so much Jessica, I think I owe you now" and then start singing little things, and with that you both fell asleep.


* I really enjoy the request you guys send, so thanks for that

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