One Direction Imagines

Imagines, please comment your name, the boy, your age, description of yourself(looks, personality, hobbies), and the story you want, and type dirty, romantic, horror, clean, anything you wish. Note, you can do more then one boy and more then one type. To request a imagine please submit the information above, and please give feed back on the other imagines, also some of these imagines are not mine, so i will not be taking the credit for them, but the ones that are mine you'll know. *it also doesn't have to be realistic, if you want vampires or werewolf's or something like that just let me know.


7. Carolina and Niam (Dirty)

imagine request for Irishlover1,  thanks for sending the request and sorry for the wait, enjoy!


     Carolina's POV

You lived with all the boys during the summer and today started out like any other day, you took your morning run, but when you got home you walked into the house to hear shouting coming from the kitchen. You decided to go check it out and found Niall and Liam both yelling at each other, about YOU!!! "She likes me, Liam, I will get her to be my princess!" "You can't even keep her safe, she will be mine, I can take better care of her!" "Then lets let Carolina decide!!" OMG, are they seriously fighting over me, you couldn't stand the thought of this fight being about or because of you, so you walked in and yelled "why can I just be shared instead?!" They both stopped and looked at you with shocked and embarrassed faces, "I hate seeing you fighting because of me...... so don't, can't you both just come to an agreement or something?" they both looked at you then at each other, then back at you, "Sorry Carolina... I guess you have a point" Niall then got a smirk and looked at Liam who looked at him just as confused as you were, Niall started whispering in Liam's ear, and Liam started to grin too. Then they both looked at each other with sly grins and then walked over to you, "since were sharing you, you don't mind sharing with us do you?" Liam asked in a seductive tone, you realized they wanted to have a threesome when they both grabbed one of your hands and walked you towards the bed room. They pulled you in to the room shutting and locking the door behind you, and pushing you down on the bed, they both grabbed a condom and started to strip in front of your very eyes, you couldn't believe what you just got your self into, you liked them both like brothers or did you like them both more then like? twenty million questions rushed through your head until your focus was brought back to the boys who were starting to strip you down, you felt hands everywhere and you couldn't make out whose hands were whose. Then out of no where, a warm wet tongue started to flick your clit around, and when you looked down you saw two beautiful blue eyes staring at you from between your legs, just then you realized you were moaning like crazy, and getting even louder by the second, you felt hands massing your breast and saw it was Niall, then you realized that Liam was not here until you looked over and saw him jacking off at the sight of you two, you reached over and grabbed him pulling him towards you without warning you grabbed his length and started sucking and bobbing your head taking more and more in, Niall suddenly put his tongue inside of you, moving it in ways you never knew a tongue could move, you moaned on Liams dick causing him to grunt and push farther into your mouth hitting your gag reflex causing him to grunt again. Out of no where your legs clamped around Nialls head as you pulled away from Liams dick and started to scream out in completely pleasure feeling a knot build in the pit of your stomach, Liam reached his hand down and started to rub your clit like crazy while Niall kept pumping his tongue, you finally went over the edge and came in Nialls mouth, "Niall, does she taste good?" Liam asked completely turned on "Amazing, shes so sweet and juicy, you gotta try" Liam walked down in between my legs and helped me stand up, Niall laid right where i was before and then I was put right on top, my back was laying against Nialls chest and i could feel his breathing chest rising and falling with mine, Liam came and got right on top of both of us and they both looked at me for approval, I nodded and they both at the same time and pace, entered me, anal and oral, I felt like i was going to be ripped open, but the pleasure was so much more then the pain, i felt them both start thrusting and within second felt myself cumming once more, my legs wrapped tightly around Liams waist while my head rested on Nialls shoulder, all of us panting and moaning,then Nialls hand flew to my center and rub viciously and Liams hands gripped my breast, so much pleasure flew threw my body and  I felt my walls tighten around them and knew i was close, closer then i thought, i screamed out and arched my back, I came and the boys came seconds after, we all fell and laid next to each other on the sweaty and sticky bed and cuddle together and fell asleep.


*I hope you enjoy this, thanks

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