One Direction Imagines

Imagines, please comment your name, the boy, your age, description of yourself(looks, personality, hobbies), and the story you want, and type dirty, romantic, horror, clean, anything you wish. Note, you can do more then one boy and more then one type. To request a imagine please submit the information above, and please give feed back on the other imagines, also some of these imagines are not mine, so i will not be taking the credit for them, but the ones that are mine you'll know. *it also doesn't have to be realistic, if you want vampires or werewolf's or something like that just let me know.


4. Andrea and Larry (Dirty)

Dirty imagine request for Loveniallhoran122, Enjoy


     Andrea's POV

Harry and Louis are my best friends, and have been for a really long time. Tonight the boys are hanging out and have invited me to join them, being bored as hell, i accepted and now im getting dressed. I left my long black hair flow down to my shoulders and im wearing a white tank top and short shorts, with my white toms that Louis got me for my 17th birthday. After getting ready, I left and started walking to Louis' house since he's right around the corner from me, I finally reach the front door, and i find a sticky note that reads "Come right on in, were waiting in the bed room", i walk through the door and up the stairs, but when i open the bedroom door, I find my two best friends sitting on the edge of the bed completely naked and smiling cheekily at me, "O.....MY.....GOD...." "What, like what you see?" I realize im staring at them, from head to toe, with wide eyes, they both stand up and are now standing in front and behind me checking me out and touching me,  I tense and feel my cheeks turn bright red, and my heart pounding, im so nervous but so excited and turned on. Harry firmly grips my waist from behind and starts kissing my neck, Louis starts running his hand up and down my thigh and chest, I moan in-spite of myself, they both smirk at each other, then both grab a hand and walk me to the bed, I'm pushed down on the bed, and feel them both kissing my bare skin and running there hands all over my tense and warm body. I start to moan like crazy, I then bit my lip to stop the moans, Louis looks at me, "MOAN!!!! Don't hold it back, you know your enjoying this" Its true, I am, but I can't or shouldn't, right? I feel Harry's hand travel up between my legs teasing me, Louis moves his hands slow under my shirt and starts to massage my breast with my bra, in one swift move my shirt is on the floor, and the boys are staring at my chest with hungry eyes, they both start to kiss all over my chest around my bra, Harry's hand travels under me and unclasp my bra, and slowly pulls it off, while kiss every inch where is was covering, avoiding my nipples. Harry and Louis look at each other, then dip there heads down wrapping there lips around  a nipple each, both of them start sucking, biting, licking, kissing and twisting my nipples with there teeth and tongues, I can't help but moan even louder and arch my chest more into the mouths, they both are holding a my wrist down while playing with my breast, when Harry pulls away and starts unbuttoning my shorts, then swiftly pulling them down with my red thong, he looks up at me with lust filled eyes, I feel so wet and turned on, Harry sits right in between my legs and looks at me right before dipping his head down and kiss my clit, he then starts to suck and lick up and down my slit in fast movements, completely eating me out, I arch my back and feel the pleasure roar in the pit of my belly, then out of no where, three long fingers are pumping in and out of me at a fast and hard rhythm, I feel myself coming closer to the edge of my high, "OMYGOD!!!! DON'T STOP, IM SO CLOSE, IM IM CUMMING!!!!!" "Let it go, Andrea, cum for us, baby girl" Louis says so turned on, you can't hold it back anymore and arch your back, and scream in complete bliss as you cum on Harry's fingers. He pulls his fingers out, looks at Louis and they both stand and strip right in front of you, you are getting hot again and feel your self getting wet again, they are both completely naked within seconds and are standing you up, they both start roaming your body, Harry behind you and is kissing your neck, Louis is in front of you, Louis leans in and starts a heated make out session with you, while your making out Louis sneaks his hand down to your center and rubs your clit applying as much pressure to make you cry out again, they both stop and look at each other, then nod, the next thing you know both boys are thrusting up into you at the same time, at a fast pace, and slamming into you, you scream out in pain and pleasure, they start pumping fast and hard, your all moaning. You wrap your legs around Louis as he is in front and Harry is gripping your waist holding you up, Louis then reaches up and starts knitting your breast together, causing you to moan, then out of no where Harry starts rubbing your clit, kissing your neck, while Louis is rubbing and massaging your breast, while both are pumping even faster and harder into, your riding them both feeling your walls tightening  and you know your getting closer to your high. "I'mmmmm....CLOSE!!" They both moan in response and then they both apply more pressure and are going faster and harder, but they are also both getting sloppier and you know they're getting close too, you all start moaning, you hear the boys cursing under the shaky breathes and pants, you feel so sweaty and sticky, both of the boys are pressing there bodies on yours, closing any space between all of you. You suddenly throw your head back onto Harry's shoulder, gripping at Louis shoulder and Harry's hair, you start screaming and shouting at the top of your lungs and you feel your self cum, you legs tighten around Louis, constricting his cock inside you and you hear him moan then feel him release into you, both boys are still thrusting into you, Harry still trying to reach his release, you release your grip around Louis as he pulls out, Harry still thrusting, he reaches around you and rubs your clit harder then ever before and suddenly your cumming again, screaming his name and you feel him twitch inside you as you both release, Louis is laying on the bed, his naked body shiny from the wet sweat, Harry pulls out and picks you up bridal style, cause your legs are shaky and are like jello, he sets you down on the bed next you Louis and then lays next to you on the other side, both boys look at each other over your head and high five each other, then look at you and Louis says "I told Harry, you'd be a good partner, so we wouldn't have to do it our selves." "Ooh, I see, so you to were horny and called me?" "YES!!!" they shouted in union. you all burst into laughter, and then feel the boys cuddle into your sides, and you all fall  asleep, you all have a lot of explaining the next morning to the rest of the boys who walked in to find you 3 all asleep and naked in the same bed, and why you couldn't walk, LOL, you all had a fun time telling that story.


*I hope you enjoyed, i definitely had fun writing it, sorry it took so long, had a lot to fix and write, this one most definitely turned me on while writing LOL!!

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