The Uniform

This is a Poem... About my older and only brother...And how he went into he Military.


1. The Uniform

To hide all of my tears

I'm going to fight this war

Since you aren't here

To wish away my fears


Walking out of my life

You left me alone

And surprisingly

I haven't had the chance

To hate you for it yet.


You were always bold

Always there

When everything went cold

and when everyone left

You stayed and mended.


After all of the things I've done

You never judged me

But you left

In order to serve the.


In my dreams

You stayed

And fought off all the monsters,

all the things

that later would changed me


But in reality..

One year

Turned to several lost calls

numerous tears

and scars that cant be mended


My hopes..

of having a big brother

Got thrown away

Because instead you chose

The Uniform.


-Tasha Muaah

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