it started with a project



1. chapter one

Zoeys P.O.V

Mrs.coleman was talking about some project i didnt even bother listen to her so i stuck my earbuds in and turned on sleeping with the sirens after a few minutes i saw all the girls and boys line up in diffrent lines so i got up and got in line

Mrs.Colemans P.O.V

"The marriage project the girls will draw a boy out of the bowl and that will be their partner" every girl picked a boy it was zoeys turn but she wasnt paying attention "ZOEY" she took out her earbuds "coleman" it made me so angry so i whispered softly in her ear 'stop it with your attitude now' "oh jeez we got a bad ass over here" she said loudly  "zoey pick a card"

Zoeys P.O.V

i pick a card but i dont get why she doesnt like me 'its says jeydon now what about him' i say angrily 'hes your partner'  'partner for what'  'he'll explain' we sat down at a table and i was very upset 'so what are we doing'  'its some kind of marriage project'  'oh great' i sigh 'i dont wanna do this either' he says very upset 'whats wrong'  'nothing just nervous'  'why?' i was very interested  'its nothing you have to worry about'

Jeydons P.O.V

she seemed like she really cared but i just dont know her but if i did i would tell her its just hard and if we are "married" wont we have to be with each other alot yeah i cant do this i dont want her coming to my house not to be mean but i just cant have her coming to my house and start feeling bad for me its just to much or am i taking this to seriously i dont know 'sorry i didnt mean to mean about it' i say softly 'its okay you just sounded upset' shes nice, beautiful, smart, and funny shes already an awesome girl i just wish i knew her 'so tell me about yourself'  ' well i like sports, video games, music, art, my favorite color is red, i have 3 sisters and a stay at home mom, my favorite movie is probably Children of Men, and i like chicken' she laughed and i smiled i love her laugh 'who doesnt like chicken'  'good point' i think i like her but who wouldnt like ive never talked to her but i know who she is she isnt popular but she isnt a noone shes perfect i think im going crazy she probably thinks im a joke she handed me a peice of paper 'whats this' 'well i figured since we are "married" you should have my number' she smiled and it lit up the whole room so i wrote my number on a peice of paper and handed it to her 'yeah your exactly right' i smiled at her and ignored everything around me except her i have never felt so happy 'do you wanna come to my house later' she asked and of course i wasnt gonna say no 'yeah sure' first shes all attitude but the nexy thing you know shes the nicest person ever

Zoeys P.O.V

when i he said yes i got butterflies so bad i think i might like him but im just a plain girl he will never like me i wanna get to know him i cant wait till he comes over this is going to be the best day ever what am i saying i litterally just met him i dont know what i feel about him but it makes me happy

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