The Streets Of London ~ A Harry Styles Love Story

Sofia have rented an apartment in London with her bestie, Emilie. They both have to work on each of their career. After packing out they are really tired and want some energy. By coincidence they ended in Starbucks, and that is were they meet Niall and Harry. What happens next? Only time will tell.

(This story is dedicated for my lovely friend Sofia and are based on our hopes and dreams ♥)


13. Party

Emilie was more than happy, when I invited her to the party. Finding clothes to me was easy. We picked the black dress and decided it shouldn’t be full of sorrow and bad memories from when Harry turned me down. The dress should be full of happiness, and it should make me smile every time I saw it. Therefore we hoped it would be a great party tonight full of wonderful memories. The tricky part was finding a dress to Emilie. She had always got this thing for red dresses, so we went out shopping and found her a tight-fitting beautiful red dress.
The limo was right on time and had Harry in it. Harry wore black jeans and a black t-shirt. Sexy beast. We were now at the party. It was held at a fancy huge house with a swimming pool and everything. The music was really loud, I could barely hear myself thinking, and there were people everywhere. Mostly drunk of course.
“I’ll go find Ed. Be right back” Harry said and kissed me on my cheek. “Okay.” I whispered back before he busted into action. The party was at Ed. It was one of Harry’s really great friends, and he were also a musician? I had never met him, so it was a bit strange being here without knowing anyone.
“Heeeyy!” some girl said to me, as she almost tripped over her own feet. “Aren’t you Harry’s girlfriend?” Clearly the alcohol had gotten to her. Considering me as Harry’s girlfriend was weird. We weren’t really a couple.. but.. I think we were more than friends. Actually it was hard to say what kind of relationship we had. I didn’t knew what to answer the girl so I just kept my mouth shut. She wouldn’t remember me in her condition anyway, and slowly she toddled further.
“I need to pee...” Emilie whispered to me. Or well... Shouted since the music was so loud... “But we just arrived?” I yelled back. “Tiny bladder!” she said and started to search for a bathroom.
“I’ll wait for Harry meanwhile!” I yelled, but she was already gone. I took a look around. There were a bar in a corner near me, where some dudes played a drinking game. There where were a huge dance floor (with mostly girls dancing), chairs and table in the back and sofas in one side. This was just one floor. Holy moly! I couldn’t wait to see the rest of the house.
“Hiii.” Harry said as he came to  me. He returned with someone. “Hi! I’m Ed.Thanks for coming!” a ginger guy said and reached out for my hand. “Hii, I’m Sofia. Thank you for inviting me.” I said and smiled.
“My pleasure.” he said and smiled back.
“Eddyyy! Come here! It’s important.” some half wasted guy yelled four feet away. Ed looked in his direction and laughed.
 “It was really nice meeting you.” Ed said and left.
“Are you thirsty?” Harry asked with his head tilted. How sweet of him to care.
“A little bit.” I answered.
“There bar is here.” Harry said and pointed. He held his arm around my waist and started to walk. He smelled delightly.. Like a spicy Calvin Klein fragrance. The smell of a man. “Wonderful.” I thought and sighed.
“What do you want?” Harry asked and we sat down on the chairs. “You can get anything, you want.” He sat next to me, and I could feel his eyes on me. I looked at the big selection of alcohol and cocktails on the shelves.
“Can I get a tequila sunrise?”  I asked the bartender behind the desk. “Of course.” he answered and quickly began to mix something together. He threw some silver bottle up in the air and did so many cool tricks with it, before he poured what were inside it up in a glass. It was orange with some red in the top.
“There you are!” Emilie said as she came from behind. “Don’t sneak away again.” she said a slapped me gentle on my shoulder.
“Sorry..” I said and felt bad, because I had forgotten her. I took my drink and tasted it. Pretty good actually.
“Hii.” a guy voice said behind me. I turned around and saw Niall standing there. He wore a white t-shirt and jeans. “Hii.” me and Emilie said. .
“It’s nice to see you again.” Niall said. He looked at the drink in my hand, and then at Emilie’s empty hands.
“Can I get you something to drink?” he asked and looked at her.
“It would be wonderful.” she said smiling.
“Come with me.” Niall said and took her hand. They walked over to the other side of the bar.
I heard the beat of a new song and suddenly I felt like dancing.
“Do you want to dance with me?” I asked Harry. He just looked at me and laughed. He held his hands over his month to control his laugh. “I can’t dance.” he said and giggled. I drank up and took his hands. “It will be fun.” I swore and dragged him to the dance floor. His shoes had a smooth surface, which made it easier for me to pull him. “Noo!!” he yelled once in a while.
I finally got him at the dance floor, and then they changed the music. They now played a slowly quiet song. What the hell?. “Boooo!” the people around us screamed and some even began to leave. Me and Harry just stood really confused and awkward. “This one goes out to all the love birds in here!” the DJ yelled.
“Come here.” Harry said and moved closer. He held one hand around me and held the other hand in my hand. We moved slowly from side to side and followed the rhythm. It was like everything disappeared around us. I looked into Harry’s eyes, which were now really close. “I love you.” he whispered into my ear.
“I love you even more”. I whispered back. He held my hands in his hands.
“Impossible.” he whispered and kissed me passionately on my month.
“Fine. FINE! I’ll change it back.” the DJ growled and turned off the song. I smiled at Harry and we walked away from the dance floor.
The time went on and the party continued. I met so many people. Sadly I forgot many of their names right after. I had so much fun and danced a lot.  It was now 2 am. The sweet brunette I just talked with had to go, so I stood alone. Her name was Juliet and I got her number. We talked about meeting one day at a cafe or something. I stood at the bar once again. I glanced at Emilie who spoke with Niall. It looked like they had fun. Niall bent his head back and laughed uncontrolled with his mouth wide open.
Then he got serious and said something to Emilie, before he left. She caught my eye and walked in my direction.
“Are you having fun with Niall?” I asked her in a teasing voice as she arrived. “Yes.. But..” she said and shrug her shoulders. “But what?” I wanted to know. “It seems like he has go the entire time.. Like he’s trying to escape from me..” she said depressed. I was about to answer her, when a guy swung his arm around me. I hadn’t seen him before and clearly he was wasted. “Sup sweetie?” he asked and his breath smelled like vodka. I tried to push him away, but he held on tight. He had brown hair and were tanned from top to toe. “How about I take you home?”. I avoided the kiss he tried to plant on my cheek. I saw Harry from the other side of the room. He smashed a glass of anger and walked in my direction, before I had to scream for help.
“Stay away from my girl.” he said and looked at the drunken guy. His eyebrows were gone down of anger, and his firsts were clenched.
“Calm down big guy. I think we can share her.” he said and looked at Harry. Emilie slowly walked away. I think she was scared.
“Get of her.” Harry said strict and moved closer. The guy squeezed me tighter and shook his head. “No.” he said.
“I mean it. Move!” Harry said madly. “Never.” said the guy and suddenly he didn’t seemed as wasted as before. Harry quickly grabbed the guy and got me free. He looked into the guy’s eyes. “Don’t ever touch her.” They stood really close now.
“So you are playing it as the tough guy?” the guy asked. “Uhh I’m so scared!” he said ironic and ran around like a little girl.
“Stop it.” Harry said calm and stepped out in front of me.
“As soon as you are gone I’m gonna take your slutty girl with me home.” the guy said and laughed. People around started to move away and slowly built a circle around us. I think they could feel the atmosphere was wrong.
“Don’t call her that.” Harry said angry.
“Why? She looks like one.” the guy said and pushed Harry.
“That’s it.” Harry yelled and smacked the guys with his first. The guy walked a fear steps back after the punch. He looked surprised.
“Come here.” Harry said and took my hand. “Let’s get you safe.” I took Emilie’s arm, before we walked away from the crowd.

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