The Streets Of London ~ A Harry Styles Love Story

Sofia have rented an apartment in London with her bestie, Emilie. They both have to work on each of their career. After packing out they are really tired and want some energy. By coincidence they ended in Starbucks, and that is were they meet Niall and Harry. What happens next? Only time will tell.

(This story is dedicated for my lovely friend Sofia and are based on our hopes and dreams ♥)


4. Getting To Know You

So you are from Denmark.. But are you here to stay or just on vacation?” Niall asked  from the other of the side table, as we were getting to know each other. He took a big bite of his sandwich and waited for us to answer.

“Emmh we are both here to work and find jobs.” Emilie replied and I continued explaining: “I want to sing, and Emilie want to act”. I looked around. There were basically no one here. It was nice. Just me, Emilie, Harry and Niall.

“That sounds interesting.. So have you found anything so far?” Harry asked tardy and fixed his hair by running his hand through it. Damnn... It looked cute :3

“Well have just finished unpacking, so we haven’t really had the time for it.” I answered.

“Ohh okay” said Harry. “So have you had the time to check out London?” Niall asked with his mouth full of food.

“Ehmm... Well.. Not really..” said Emilie and then continued “But we have been here before. The last time we were here, were a couple of years ago..”

“But you know, there are some special places, that you will never forget.” I said smiling and thinking back at the times, I were London and all the great memories just crossed my mind. The boys just sat and smiled. I guess, they loved London, as much as we did.

“Yeaah talking about London..” Emilie started to get their attention again while they ate “ you know any great places to eat? We are to lazy to cook today...” she laughed a bit, but she was right. We were so tired. Unpacking were exhausting...

“Ask Niall..” Harry said with a grin and teased “... He have basically been to every restaurant in London”.

Niall looked a bit grumpy, but then he nodded and laughed.

“I love Nando’s, or that Chinese restaurant around the corner, or if you would like some Italian, then I know this place..” he kept talked, but I didn’t really heard him. I stared at Harry and at his beautiful green eyes, and honestly I could stare at them the entire day, if he let me.

“How about you Fia?” Emilie asked me. Uhh.. I missed the question.. I looked doomed at Emilie, and hoped she would understand, I didn’t payed attention. Luckily she picked up my signal, and said “You just want a china box like me right?”.

“Of course!” I replied. We both had this huge love for china boxes.

“Oh nooo! Niall have you looked at the time?!" Harry bursted out and stood up. Niall looked at it and freaked out. They started packing their stuff, while Harry explained: "We have to be back at the studio!". "On a Sunday?" Emilie asked and I was thinking the same."Yees it is easier sometimes... You know with less fans around the studio." Niall quickly replied. I didn't wanted them to leave. "That stupid card." Harry said to himself. But I loved the card. It was the card, that brought us all together.

"Can we own you coffee to the next time we meet?" Harry yelled on the way Next time? "So you just own us coffee, if we randomly meet again?" Emilie yelled back. "Yees exactly!" Harry replied. "Deal!" Emilie yelled.

"Bye bye! It was nice meeting you!" Niall yelled. "Yes bye!" Harry yelled right after. "Byeee!" We yelled at once, and then they were out of the doorand we could see them walk away.

I really hoped to meet them again but come on. What are the chances to meet them again? I met them this time, who said there would be a next? We could only hope.

"Do you also have this crazy weird feeling inside?" Emilie asked when they were out of sight.

"Yeaaah... This is... I don't even know how to describe it.." I answered, and I really didn't.

"I know, what you mean.." she said and put her legs on the chair, Harry had sat on. "Are you still a Harry girl?" she asked after a little while. I thought about it. Well I had been with guys, but none of them had really given me the feeling Harry did. That wonderful feeling you get, when you are in love. Harry was probably the hottest guy on earth and the way he smiled, so you could see his dimples was so attractive and cute. "Yees." I said, and I could feel my face turning red.

"Still a Niall girl?" I asked and looked at her. "Yeees, he is so sweet!" she said blushing. We sat there in some moments of silence just thinking about, what had just happen.

"Do you want to move on? Take a walk in London?" I asked her.

"Sure. What do you wanna see?" she asked with a smile.

"Hmmm... A lot of places have probably closed today.... So how about something that isn't closed? I said back to her. "You are so clever" she answered in a ironic tone, and a smile appeared on my lips.

"I know!" I said cheerful to irritate her. "I think London Bridge could be good." and as I said that, her smile widened.

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