The Streets Of London ~ A Harry Styles Love Story

Sofia have rented an apartment in London with her bestie, Emilie. They both have to work on each of their career. After packing out they are really tired and want some energy. By coincidence they ended in Starbucks, and that is were they meet Niall and Harry. What happens next? Only time will tell.

(This story is dedicated for my lovely friend Sofia and are based on our hopes and dreams ♥)


10. First Date

Seconds, minutes, hours and a few days went by until it was finally Thursday.

Doing the week I had received plenty of messages from Harry. Mostly of them were sweet texts like: "How are you?", "Can't wait to see you." and "I miss you". You all those messages, that makes you like someone even more. Just the thought of him carrying was lovely.

It was 4pm, and I really couldn't wait to see Harry again. Nothing could ruin the day.

"Let's get you ready!" Emilie said, and she dragged me to the bathroom, where she had put a chair in front of the mirror.

"How would you like your hair?" she stood behind me.

"Curls?" I asked. My hair was really thick, so I didn't knew if there were time for that. She ranked her fingers through my hair and considered the situation.

"I'll get the curler." she said and went after it. I looked at myself blankly in the mirror. The girl staring back at me was going on a date with Harry within 2 hours!

Emilie carefully wrapped the first wisp around the curler.

"I love your hair." she said. Well I hated it. I had natural blonde hair, and I was seriously considering coloring it brown.

"You are also very weird." I answered her.

One wisp by one Emilie managed to have curled all of my hair one hour later. Now it was makeup time! I preferred having it natural, so that was the look I went after. I added some brown eye shadow, some concealer (to cover the dark spots under my eyes I got last night, because I couldn't fall asleep thinking about this date ) powder, mascara and a little bit of rouge, Emilie had forced me to put on. I took the black dress on.

"You look beautiful." Emilie said as she admired the final result. I looked in the mirror smiling thankfully, that Emilie had the time to curl my hair and stay here with me.

"Thanks sweetie." I said and gave her a big hug. It was nearly 6, and I was feeling ready. I found some black ballerinas with a short heel. My outfit was now complete. I didn't wore any jewellery beside some earrings and my "wedding ring" I had with Emilie, from when we got "married" as teenagers. Even if the ring didn't looked as it used to, it was still a part of me, and I loved it.


I went in my room, so I could look out of the window after Harry. It was now 6.05 pm with no signs of Harry.
"He is probably just around the corner. Don't worry" Emilie said to calm me down.The time was passing by, but there were still no signs of him. I kept looking, and every time I saw car lights, I hoped it was Harry. But it wasn't. It was just cars driving by.

My bag vibrated and I checked my phone. One message from Harry: "Hi Kitten! I'm really sorry, but I can't pick u up... Can you take a cab to the restaurant? I'll pay of course. Love Harry xx". And I texted him back:"Yes of course! See u then! Love Sofia xx :)".

"Emilie? I'll take a cab instead! Have to go! Bye bye!" I yelled as I walked across our apartment.
"Okay! Take care of yourself and have a lovely evening!" she yelled, from wherever she was.

I had called after a cab right after, I had texted Harry. The cab arrived just as, I stepped out on the pavement.
"To this address." I said and gave the old grey haired driver a paper with the address, Harry had texted me. I leaned back in the black seat, and found a small mirror I had in my bag. I checked my hair and makeup. It still looked just fine.


"It's here!" the driver said after a little while and pointed to the right.
I stepped out and saw this lovely, expensive looking restaurant. It was called Petrus. "Hello ms." said a young waiter in a suit behind a desk. "What can I do for you?"
"I'm here on a date. There's a table reserved for two in the name: Harry Styles." I explained.
"Hold on a minute." he said and clicked on his computer. "Yes. Follow me" he said and I followed him into this beautiful restaurant. How did Harry get a table here? It looked like one of those restaurants you only see in movies, where the people are millionaires or even billionaires. And I felt underdressed? The waiter stopped and showed me a small table for two. Harry wasn't there.

"Would you like anything, while you wait?" the waiter asked kindly.
"No thanks." I wouldn't order anything until Harry came. He was probably here in a couple of minutes. I mean, it was 6.45, how late could he be?
More people came, but none of them were Harry. I was getting hungry and hoped he would be here soon.
I waited and waited. Still no Harry. I checked my phone, no text no call. Nothing. I was bored. I began to remove dust from the table and just sat and starred at all the other couples holding hands completely in love with each other. It just made me miss Harry even more. Where in the world was he? It was 7.30 pm.

"Would you like anything mrs?" a waiter asked. I was getting really hungry, and could barely stand the thought of waiting again for Harry.
"No thanks" I said and smiled, but I was actually really to eat anything they had to offer.

It was now 8.50. Harry c'mon! He hadn't even contacted me. I let head rest on my hand supported by the table. I was getting tired. I just sat and did nothing. So bored.

"Mrs? If you not ordering anything, we are going to ask you to leave.You are holding the table" the waiter said. It was 9.15 I guess, it was fair enough. It was just hard to think of, I was just burned off by Harry Styles.


I took a cab home. Didn't say one word to the waiter. I just left. Didn't say one word to the driver either. Just gave him the address. I didn't to talk, as I might started to sob and my voice might be really husky.


"Was it a great date?" Emilie asked, after I unlocked the door.
"He never came." I said and sobbed. She knew, what I needed, so she gave me a big hug. I said nothing could ruin the day? I guess, I was wrong.

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