The Streets Of London ~ A Harry Styles Love Story

Sofia have rented an apartment in London with her bestie, Emilie. They both have to work on each of their career. After packing out they are really tired and want some energy. By coincidence they ended in Starbucks, and that is were they meet Niall and Harry. What happens next? Only time will tell.

(This story is dedicated for my lovely friend Sofia and are based on our hopes and dreams ♥)


19. Dinner

 One by one we had all settled down at table eating dinner. The people at the dinner where Juliet (the sweet brunette I met at Ed’s party), Ed, Emilie and Niall (apparently none of the other 1D mates could be here) and no one else. We figured it would be greater with few people and a more intimate cosy dinner. We were sitting in Harry’s dining room. The room was simple but elegant and even the table and chairs where kept in simple white, there was a chandelier over the table to break the white. There was a stove at one side and a big old fashioned carpet with a pattern.  The plates were full of grilled chicken, potatoes, garlic bread and fresh salad existing of blueberries, mango, iceberg and roasted pine nuts.

“This is so delicious.” Emilie said and smiled. Everyone around the table simple nodded or agreed with “Mhhm” and “Yes really.”. “Thanks” Harry said and smiled at me. “Sooo.” Ed said and continued when he had finish chewing: “I’ve you got some news for us.” He said it with a cunning smirk. The rest of the table now all looked suspicious in our direction. “Ehmm…” I started and Harry quickly took over: “We are headed to Hawaii tomorrow.” I could tell by Emilie’s facial expression she didn’t like the idea. “But only for a few days.” I quickly said before Emilie could get to nervous about the whole “I am leaving you”-thing. Her facial expression got better and her smile widened. I look for her for confirmation. Would this be okay? She took the clue and smiled and nodded. “How wonderful and spontaneous!” Juliet said cheerful. “But we would like if you could keep it as a secret.” Harry said and grabbed my hand under the table. “I hope you understand.” Everyone looked very understanding and sympathetic especially Ed, would always said  “Of course.”. He was always a famous musician and knew all about how easily people could figure out where you were, and the paparazzi would never leave you alone.

The night slowly went by. I was so glad they all took the Hawaii-thing so nice. Emilie was totally okay with it, when I talked to her afterwards. Yes, everything went just fine until Niall asked a question and we came to a certain subject; “Do you know how Josh is?” Josh was their previously drummer and the friend Harry talked about who had cancer. He stopped as their drummer a month after he got diagnosed. That was two months ago. I am sure Niall was just being curious and never meant to hurt Harry. But I could tell it affected him, when he answered: “The doctor said he is getting better”. His voice was hoarse and his hands were shaking. He couldn’t even keep an eye contract with Niall, because Niall would knew Harry was lying then. Harry didn’t knew Josh was getting better. He hoped he was getting better. “That sounds wonderful! I’m so glad to hear that” Niall said enthusiastic.
“Harry will you help me with the dessert?” I asked and left the table. I couldn’t stand watching Harry sad and I knew he could need a break. He nodded, took his glass of wine and followed me into the kitchen. I closed the door behind him.
“Are you okay?” I whispered even if I already knew the answer. He put his glass down and put his head in his hands. I rubbed his neck. “It’s going to be okay”. I whispered in his ear.


It was late before the last guest left, and I was sure Harry was just as tired as me or even more. I glanced at him. Yes. He looked completely exhausted with his eyes only half open.

“Do you have a t-shirt or something, I can sleep in?” I asked Harry while he was taking his clothes of, getting ready for bed. He turned his head and with his sleepy eyes, he looked at me.

“I left all my clothes at the laundry machines.” I pointed out. Harry was standing next to the big window with the amazing view over London. His bedroom was in black and white, with a big bed in the middle of the room and a huge TV opposite the bed. In one side was a white door to the rest of the house. In the other side was a white door to his walk-in-closet.  Harry slowly walked across his huge modern bedroom to his walk-in-closet. He went quickly inside and came out with a black t-shirt. “I used once and I forgot to wash it afterwards..” He gave it to me and then added “I hope you don’t mind it dirty.” he said it with a twinkle in his eyes and a cheeky smile, so I couldn’t hold my smile back.


The next morning had arrived. I all of sudden woke up when could feel the eiderdown was being pulled away from me and the colder air from the window hit me. “Sof, are you awake?” a husky man voice asked me from the other side of the bed. “Yees..” I goaded and tried to pull the eiderdown back on. I could feel Harry moved closer and sooner or later he spooned me. “Just five more minutes” I mumbled and closed my eyes again. I could feel his kisses all the way from my spine all the way up to my neck and of course it tickled, so I couldn’t help laughing and half tried to escape. He snuggled up next to me holding my body in his with his arms around my waist.I snuggled close to my pillow avoiding the light from the window. “Noo, Sof.” Harry said with his sexy morning voice and continued: “Don’t go back to sleep. Wake up and entertain me.”.

“But Harry..” I started and quickly got interrupted. “But babe.. We are going to Hawaii!” He shook my body of excitement. “Start packing. Ready. Set. Go!” he said and lifted my body. I was much more awake now. “Harreeeh!” I yelled but I was too lazy to make any more resistance. He dragged me to his dinner room and I could smell the sweet taste of pancakes. He placed me on a chair and pulled a blanket around me and then serving a plate full of pancakes. I smiled by the thought of I was going to have this guy all by myself the next few days.  

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