Let Him Go.

"It's time to let him go."


3. Truth Or Dare?

Ari's POV

"I'll start.. Louis, truth or dare?" I asked.

"SUPERMAN CHOOSES DARE!" He screamed as I grinned at him wickedly.

"Hmm, I dare you to.. Let us do the salt and ice challenge.. On whatever parts of your body we choose.. And we have to hold the ice cubes down on you for 1 minute." I grinned and stood up, to get the salt out of the carousel cupboard.

"Lou, on the counter." I commanded as he followed instructions and lay down on the counter.

We made him remove his clothes and began pouring the salt ALL over his body.

We then put ice cubes on the salt and Harry decided someone should lie down on top of him to add more pressure.

That person ended up being Harry as no one else was willing to get cold or wet.

After the minute was up we wiped what was left of the salt and ice off him and noticed that some parts of his skin had frozen..

Oops, my bad.

Louis quickly got his clothes back on and grabbed one of mine and El's thick and fluffy blankets.

He gave me the evils before turning to Zayn and saying "Truth or dare?"

Zayn looked at me worried before deciding on truth.

"So Zayn, is it true you find Ariel attractive?" Louis asked as my eyes widened in shock.

Zayn smiled at the ground before looking up at me and replying "Yeah, she's beautiful."

I shook my head at him and glared at Louis, making Eleanor giggle.

Liam chose truth and admitted his house cleaner had caught him dancing round his house naked to 'Best Song Ever'

After Harry, Niall and Eleanor had all had their turns, all choosing dare.. Causing Harry to let me and Eleanor straighten his hair, which he was not happy about at all, Niall was dared to flush his food down the toilet and Eleanor was dared to remove an item of clothing.. She chose her socks.

Now it was my turn to pick truth or dare..

I think it's safe to say I chose truth.

Niall looked at me, blushed and said "Is it true that you're uh single?"

I nodded my head at him in response and was caught offguard when Harry asked me why..

"Don't Harry." El and Lou said, both shooting Harry daggers.

Harry held his hands up in defence as I placed my head in my hands.

"No, no it's okay, they need to know if we're going to be friends.." I started.

"Are you sure about this Ari?" El questioned me in disbelief.

"Yeah.. Well uh, my boyfriend.. He died.. So that's why I'm single.. I just haven't liked anyone since." I stated.

Niall quickly walked over to me as the tears formed in my eyes and gave me a hug.

He hugged me just like Nathan used to..

I wrapped my arms around him and cried into his shoulder as he kissed the top of my head telling me everything would be alright.

Somehow, I knew it would be.



I don't know..(:

~Linds x


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