Let Him Go.

"It's time to let him go."


2. Introductions.

Ari's POV

I looked at the clock - 8 AM - I rolled over and sighed knowing Louis and his friends would be here soon.

I quickly showered, got dressed and dried my naturally curly hair before placing my favourite flower garland on my head and walking downstairs.

When I entered the kitchen I noticed El, Louis and four other guys who all sat around the kitchen counter patiently waiting for me.

"Hey El, Lou, random people.." I said as I put the kettle on.

"Hey Ari." El and Lou chorused.

The other guys mumbled hi's and hello's as I reached for the hot chocolate powder in the cupboard.

I heard a loud gulp coming from the counter and turned round quickly before politely asking Louis to get it for me.

"So, uh does anyone want anything to drink whilst the kettles boiled? Tea? Coffee? Hot chocolate? Water? Orange juice? etc?"

They all looked at me and smirked, pointing to their drinks.

"Oh, okay then." I mumbled before making my hot chocolate and taking a sip.

"So, Ariel this is Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall, boys meet Ariel." Eleanor introduced us and pointed to each of the boys.

"El, why must you insist on calling me Ariel? You know I prefer being called Ari!" I complained as I sent her a death glare.

"Because that's your name." She replied in a 'duh' tone and rolled her eyes at me.

I groaned at her in response before sitting inbetween her and Louis to stop them making out every minute or so.

After sitting in an awkward silence, staring at my cup to think of something to say I finally spoke up.

"Anybody want to play truth or dare?" I asked as they all nodded in response.

Well, this should be interesting...


Should I upload another chapter now or leave it till the morning?

~Linds x


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