messed up

clary is a normal 19 year old girl, she's an only child with a rich family, her best friend is ella, ella loves one direction with a strong passion, But Clary dosent really like one particular person in one direction. witch is Harry Styles, only ella knows why. they used to be best friends, and before he left for the x-factor he told clary he loved her and kissed her, he promised he would come and see her and message her everyday. what happens when ella drags clary to a one direction concert


1. outfits for tonight

**clarys pov** 

CLARY get your lazy butt up, my best friend Ella yelled at me. I could smell her making bacon and eggs, so i got up and showered, when i got out of the shower i brushed my light brown hair and decided today i was going to leave it natural witch is curly, i put on some mascara witch make my light blue eyes stand out. i also decided to wear high wasted shorts and a british flag cropped top to represent my county. as i walked down stairs i saw ella, has her blonde in a high bun and a light blue shorts and a cropped jean jacket, she was so pretty! she was they type of girl that had all the guys around her, she was flawless. 

i got my self a plate and put bacon and eggs on it, i am so thankful ella lives with me! i cant cook for my life.

Clary, ella said i looked at her, and she said please come with me to the one direction concert with me tonight i have front row seats and i dont want to go with anyone else only you please clary! i am a huge directioner please please please i watched ella go down to the floor and started holding my leg, i was just laughing at her and said fine, i swear she was crying in happy tears she ran and jumped on me saying thank you thank you! i love ella so much, she's great! im really scared harry will recognize me and talk to me. 


ellas pov.

thank you sooo much clary, your the best friend i could ever ask for!! love you so much! 

Clary we need to go to the mall, i want to wear something that louis will like! fine she agreed yes! 


*skip to the mall* 

when we got to the mall it was dead, witch was perfect we could get in and out of stores fast, the first store i wanted to go to was garage clary found the perfect shirts for me it was a belly top  it was tight and it has black and white stripes!! louis will love the stripes! after i bought that i went to pac sun and picked out a great shirt for clary it  was a crop top that was all tiedye! 


when we got back it was already 6 30, we had half an hour to get ready! we both put on the shirts we had and high wasted shorts, clary wore combat boots and i wore flats, i has my hair straight when clarys was curly. 

*skip to the concert**

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